Universal Music Group Wins Appeal Against Grooveshark

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Music THR, Esq. Tech Universal Music Group In the closely watched digital copyright lawsuit, the New York State Supreme Court of Appeals reversed a lower state court decision. read more.

Universal Music Group West Coast Office Alleged to Be Drug Hotspot

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The Business Music Maroon 5 Earshot T.I. Adam Levine Universal Music Group Business An anonymous security guard files a labor lawsuit and seeking whistle-blower protection, dishes dirt about rampant drug use by musicians and executives. read more.

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Setback for Cher in Royalties Lawsuit Against Universal Music Group

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Music MusicEriq Gardner EXCLUSIVE read more. THR, Esq.

Hollywood Docket: Musicians Guild Sues Major Labels Over Streaming Revenue

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The Business Movies Music THR Online Sony Music The Walt Disney Company Universal Music Group Warner Music GroupForeign streaming and non-permanent downloads are the subject of the guild's latest big legal move. read more. THR, Esq.

Universal Music Says Artist Privacy at Stake in Digital Royalties Dispute

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The Business Music THR, Esq. Rob Zombie Universal Music Group Business Defending a class action lawsuit, the record giant wants to keep certain financial information secret. read more.

Appeals Court Hands Veoh Another Win in Important Copyright Ruling

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The Ninth Circuit rejects Universal Music Group's challenges on why the video-sharing site didn't qualify for safe harbor from copyright claims. The Business Music THR, Esq. Tech Universal Music Group Businessread more.

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Judge Blasts Universal in Key Eminem Royalties Case Ruling (Exclusive)

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A judge is allowing FBT to go forward with new allegations that Universal is shielding revenues overseas in a decision that slaps the music giant hard for "an attempt to dupe the Court." The Business Music Business Eminem Universal Music Group

Bob Marley Family Settles Royalty Dispute With Universal Music

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Music Music Business Universal Music GroupEriq Gardner Agreement puts an end to dispute over whether UMG underpaid by millions of dollars of revenue from the digital downloading of Marley's 1970s classics. read more. THR, Esq.

The Temptations Join Chorus of Lawsuits Over iTunes Royalties (Exclusive)

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Eriq Gardner In what might be the biggest legal action on this front yet -- 13 plaintiffs' lawyers! -- Universal Music is being sued for allegedly cheating musicians out of income generated from iTunes and elsewhere. The Business Music Tech Business Universal Music Group

UMG Reaches Settlement in Trendsetting Suit Over Digital Revenue from Eminem Songs

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A 2010 ruling in this case led dozens of big-name musicians to sue such corporations as Universal Music Group to collect more money from iTunes sales, ringtones and the like. The Business Music Eminem Earshot THR, Esq. Universal Music Group Business

Hollywood Docket: NBCU Wins Oksana Baiul Lawsuit

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A roundup of entertainment law news including a victory for Universal Music, a lawsuit against David Letterman''s production company and the resolution of USTA''s "Venus and Serena" litigation. Late Show with David Letterman Universal Music Group Business

Megaupload Drops Lawsuit Against Universal Music Over Viral Video (Exclusive)

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Tech Music Tech Business Universal Music GroupEriq Gardner Amid a criminal case that forced the shutdown of Megaupload, the company has dismissed UMG from a lawsuit over a video that showed many stars endorsing the site. But that doesn't mean the case is over.

Judge Gives Green Light to Grooveshark's Countersuit Against Universal Music

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Grooveshark, the popular music streaming service that is facing claims that it has infringed hundreds of thousands of songs, is battling back by saying UMG has illegally interfered with its business. The Business Music Business Universal Music Group

Court grants summary judgment for Veoh in Universal Music Group copyright suit; says web video site protected by DMCA safe harbor

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In a big win for web hosts, a federal court in Los Angeles has granted summary to Veoh in a copyright suit brought by several Universal Music Group entities, ruling that the web video host is protected by the safe harbor in Section 512(c) of the DMCA , and thus not liable for infringing uploads by its users.

Universal Music Sues Grooveshark in Big Copyright Case

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Music Music Tech Business Universal Music GroupEriq Gardner Grooveshark employees, up to the CEO, are alleged to have uploaded copyrighted songs; potential statutory damages could be in the billions of dollars. read more. THR, Esq.

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Makes Landmark Ruling In Copyright Case

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The Business Music Tech Business Universal Music GroupEriq Gardner In an important victory to website owners, appellate circuit affirms that UGC site is eligible for statutory safe harbor from copyright liability. read more. THR, Esq.

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Will Supreme Court Hear Eminem Royalties Case?

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Eriq Gardner Record labels ask the Supremes to take a case concerning how royalties are calculated on digital music downloads. Music Music Eminem Universal Music Groupread more. THR, Esq.

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YouTube and the music industry might have finally found a way to work together. Google, YouTube’s owner, and Universal Music Group (UMG) announced the upcoming launch of their new site, VEVO. An offline YouTube ad. YouTube has had difficulty raising ad revenue.

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MySpace Universal Music Group has sued MySpace for copyright infringement. Tags: universal music group scrabble wsop world series of poker copyright law copyright infringement scrabble.com trademark infringement andy griffith myspace I hope that everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. Here are some short items right now. Other Law Blogs You can read the New York Small Business Law blog of Imke Ratschko at [link].

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Megaupload's Viral Music Video Is Back on YouTube as Dispute Raises New Issues

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Eriq Gardner Universal Music Group says it doesn't need takedown notices to remove videos from YouTube, pointing to its contract with the video-sharing service as the method by which a controversial video starring recording artists and celebrities endorsing Megaupload was taken off the site.

Ninth Circuit: Downloads "Licensed" Under Eminem's Contract; Entitled To Fifty Percent Royalties

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The Ninth Circuit has decided that rapper Eminem's iTune downloads, according to his contract with Universal Music Group (UMG), fall under the definition of "license" and has determined that the artist and his company are entitled to 50 percent royalties

Veoh showdown with Universal Music could preview Viacom/YouTube appeal

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By Eriq Gardner EXCLUSIVE: Veoh has a warning for justices at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals who will consider overturning a lower court's ruling in Universal Music Group's big copyright infringement case. UMG's interpretation of the law would, if.

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Hollywood Docket: Labels settle with Project Playlist; Don Johnson in court; 'Star Wars' kid

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Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group have settled a lawsuit with Project Playlist over accusations of facilitating piracy. Terms of the settlement have not been released but Playlist.com will be able to now offer music from three of the.

Hollywood Docket: Polanski's last ditch effort; UMG's Veoh appeal; Absolute vs. Absolut

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Reuters] Universal Music Group has filed a 100-page appeal. Lawyers for Roman Polanski have filed a motion arguing that Swiss officials don't have all the information necessary to make an informed decision about whether to extradite him to the U.S.

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Universal Leads Royalty Deadbeat Facebook Out of the Cold With Precedent Setting Licensing Deal

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This is what happens when you stick to your property rights– Bloomberg reports that Facebook, aka royalty deadbeat, has signed a multiyear licensing deal with Universal Music Group: Facebook Inc. signed a multiyear licensing deal that lets the social network carry songs and artists from the world’s biggest record label, Universal Music Group , across its platforms. Facebook Meltdown Facebook Universal Music Publishing

Veoh seeks $3 mil in attorneys fees from Universal Music

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By Eriq Gardner In the past 15 months, Veoh has won important court rulings against Io Group and Universal Music Group defending copyright infringement charges based on its video-sharing website. Veoh's victories have upheld the legal theory that section 512(c).

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Veoh wins copyright case, YouTube's lawyers cheer

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By Eriq Gardner A California district court has given Veoh a big victory in defending claims by Universal Music Group that the video sharing website didn't do enough to police copyrighted content on its servers. Federal judge Howard Matz ruled.

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UMG resolves Nashville scammer lawsuit

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By Eriq Gardner Earlier this month, Universal Music Group sued a Nashville individual named Robert Metzgar who allegedly had tricked many musicians into believing he was part of the music conglom. In the lawsuit, UMG said that these artists had.

That strange UMG lawsuit gets stranger

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By Eriq Gardner A quick update on the tale of the bizarre lawsuit brought by Universal Music Group against alleged scammer Robert Metzgar. Metzgar tells us that he's hired legal counsel and that he plans to file a countersuit against.

Who killed Veoh?

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UMG fingered as suspect: " Veoh Closing Down, UMG Lawsuit Blamed " Or maybe not: " Universal Music Group Didn’t Help Veoh, But it Didn’t Kill It " While Io Group is sipping margaritas on a Mexican beach, watching all the fun.

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Entertainment Law Update Podcast – Episode 47

Gordon P. Firemark

Universal Music Group (Jan. Obsidian Finance Group, LLC v. Universal Music Group (Jan. Bloggers Get First Amendment Protections in Defamation Suits Obsidian Finance Group, LLC v.

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Cher, Sonny Bono heirs sue Universal Music for $5 million

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By Matthew Belloni Cher has sued Universal Music Group, claiming that the label’s creative accounting has shortchanged her and the heirs of her late ex-husband Sonny Bono to the tune of $5 million. The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Eminem loses himself from big case against Universal Music

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By Eriq Gardner We noticed an interesting story posted on The Wrap website Monday about Eminem going to trial against Universal Music Group in a case that could help decide how much royalties are due to music artists from sales. Tags: Contracts & Riders IP/Tech Litigation Music Accounting

@luluyilun: Tencent Music Seeks Pre-IPO Funds at $10 Billion Value [for Music Streaming App]

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Tencent Music Entertainment Group , controlled by China’s biggest social network operator, is seeking new funding at a $10 billion valuation ahead of an initial public offering, people familiar with the matter said. percent of the music group at the end of last year. By forging an equity link with record labels, Tencent Music would be securing its right to hold on to vital streaming rights in China’s increasingly heated music market.

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@musictechpolicy: Facebook’s Music Licenses: What’s Not to Like?

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Facebook pays no royalties for the music that gives significant value to the platform. Why should a multibillion dollar multinational corporation that anchors a large piece of the Internet economy and whose founder is planning on running for President of the United States get to pay music makers in exposure bucks? Facebook Meltdown Facebook Shakedown News from the Goolag Facebook Music

#irespectmusic: House Judiciary Voting Today on HR 1695 the Register of Copyrights Selection and Accountability Act

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Administrators of Gospel Music. American Association of Independent Music. Association of Independent Music Publishers. Broadcast Music, Inc. Christian Music Trade Association. Church Music Publishers Association. Future of Music Coalition. Global Music Rights. Gospel Music Association. National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA). RELX Group. Sony Music Entertainment. Universal Music Group.

House Foreign Affairs takes junket to glamorous.Van Nuys

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Berman -- who has a deep interest in copyright issues and formerly chaired the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet and Intellectual Property -- has assembled a high-profile line-up that includes director Steven Soderbergh , Dick Cook , Chairman of The Walt Disney Studios, and Zach Horowitz, President and Chief Operating Officer, Universal Music Group. Join the Foreign Affairs Committee! Visit London, Paris, Rome.and Van Nuys ?

Just in time for Google’s Big Tent event, Grooveshark is Reinstated in the Android Market

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A tale of two scumbags: According to Digital Music News , Google has welcomed the pirate app Grooveshark back into the Android Market on the eve of Google’s Big Tent event in New York (featuring an “unveiling” from Cirque de Soleil). “The reinstatement is nothing short of a slap in Universal Music Group’s face, and will likely sour the relationship between the two companies.”

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Universal Music Group set to launch test altering CD pricing structure. In the news. Sony signs $200 million deal with Michael Jackson’s estate for ten projects over seven years. Rapper DMX violates probation and gets six-month jail term.

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Loose Lips Syncing Shifts


To many of us growing up back then, music videos were as much a part of the soundtrack to our lives as the music itself. A couple of kids from the University of Quebec, Montreal (UQAM) shot this video with 172 students in one take and one rehearsal.