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LawNext Episode 11: Avvo Founder Mark Britton on Why He Started The Company, Why He Sold It, and Why He Left

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Earlier this year, Mark Britton left Avvo , the often-controversial company he founded in 2006 and led as CEO, after selling it to web behemoth Internet Brands. Explaining his departure in a memo to his staff , he wrote, “It’s time for me to go.”.

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Cram and Fenwick on Protecting Free Speech and Academic Freedom in Universities @law_leeds @DurhamLawSchool

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Ian Cram, University of Leeds, and Helen Fenwick, University of Durham, have published Protecting Free Speech and Academic Freedom in Universities at 81 Modern Law Review 825 (2018). Here is the abstract. Restrictions on speaking events in universities have been

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Do I Need to Blur Faces in my Videos – Entertainment Law Asked & Answered

Gordon P. Firemark

VIDEO: [link]. TRANSCRIPT: When do you have to blur the faces of people you capture in your videos shot in public places? Hi, I'm attorney Gordon Firemark, and this is Asked and Answered, where I answer your entertainment law questions, to help you take your career and business to the next level.

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A New Platform Launches for Global Legal News and Commentary

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I’ve written about a lot of websites over the years. But now I get to write about one that I had a hand in launching. This week, LexBlog formally launched a first-of-its-kind, global news and commentary network, delivering timely and targeted articles from legal bloggers throughout the world.

Using Forks and Knives to Eat Their Bacon: More Misdirection and Dodgeball from SiriusXM

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Right on cue, SiriusXM attacks the Music Modernization Act at the 11th hour with a frothy op-ed in Billboard that strings together what I would argue are a lot of half-truths and misrepresentations in a desperate effort to fool both artists and the Congress into preserving the Sirius crony insider deal on subsidized royalty rates.

Note for the Legal Satyricon Blog: Marc Randazza on Alex Jones’s defamation case

The Legal Satyricon

Marc Randazza is protecting the rights of Alex Jones, a host on InfoWars and a journalist. Alex Jones faces several defamation lawsuits in different states filed by the families of victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. Alex Jones at one point questioned the official narrative of the story, but now believes the shooting […]. censorship defamation First Amendment free speech misc freedom of expression

Do you need to clear music rights for your social media advertising campaigns? – Entertainment Law Asked & Answered

Gordon P. Firemark

VIDEO: [link]. TRANSCRIPT: Do you need to clear music rights for your social-media advertising campaigns? Hi, I'm attorney Gordon Firemark, and this is Asked and Answered, where I answer your entertainment law questions, to help you take your career and business to the next level.

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Bretagne’s Best Day: Last 9/11 Rescue Dog Comes Back to New York

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Krotoszynski on Whistleblowing Speech and the First Amendment @IndianaLJ

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Ronald J. Krotoszynski, Jr., has published Whistleblowing Speech and the First Amendment at 93 Indiana Law Journal 267 (2018). Here is the abstract. Alexander Meiklejohn, the iconic First Amendment scholar who expounded the democratic self-government theory of the freedom of

Rod Rosenstein to meet Trump Thursday - CNNPolitics

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"Washington (CNN) Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will meet with President Donald Trump Thursday amid questions about his fate in the administration after the New York Times reported he secretly suggested recording the President and weighed forcibly removing him from office.

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Is that THE big “O”? – Entertainment Law Update Episode 101

Gordon P. Firemark

The Latest episode of my Entertainment Law podcast, Entertainment Law Update, is now available for your enjoyment. Listen here, or subscribe and download in your favorite podcast listening app. Show notes are located at [link]. Here's what we talked about. Olivia DeHaviland Update – California Supreme Court refuses to revive, so she’s takin’ it to the USSC. JOHNNY DEPP WINS (AKA TERROR FROM THE DEPP). … AND A FLIP FROM GAME OF THRONES. ABS Entertainment Inc. CBS Corp.

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New Corpus Linguistics Platform Lets Legal Researchers Explore the Meanings of Words and Phrases

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A first-of-its-kind technology platform launching today allows legal researchers to examine large collections of historical texts to help determine the meanings of words and phrases in the contexts in which they historically were used.

Article 13 Passes in European Parliament

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"This is a great day for Europe’s creators." " Music industry welcomes European Parliament vote for Article 13 and EU digital copyright reform. CopyrightDirective [link] — Music Week (@MusicWeek) September 12, 2018. In a major defeat for Google’s astroturf campaign, the European Parliament has passed the new European Copyright Directive. Big step forward for closing the greatest income transfer of all time, aka the value gap.

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Does the Tort of Defamation By Implication Exist in Idaho?

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The Idaho Supreme Court hears a case today that presents the issue of whether the tort of defamation by implication exists in Idaho law. The case is Verity v. USA Today and John/Jane Does. Here's a link to the Court's

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Opinion | Thomas, Kavanaugh and Race - The New York Times

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I had met Clarence Thomas at a speaking engagement at the Harvard Club in NYC in 1979 and had engaged in a lively question and answer bantering episode. I left knowing what kind of person he was and I had no problem believing Anita Hill. "By By Charles M.

AM Station Proposes to Test Silencing AM to Operate 100% From a Translator – What Does It Say About the AM Band?

Broadcast Law Blog

The broadcast trade press was abuzz this morning with a report that an Arizona AM station currently simulcasting its programming on an FM translator has asked the FCC for permission to conduct a test where it would shut down its AM for about a year and operate solely through the FM translator.

Clio Names Finalists for $100,000 Startup Contest

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In just two weeks, the sixth Clio Cloud Conference kicks off in New Orleans. I have attended all five of the prior Clio conferences and, as I wrote last year , I have uniformly praised each one.

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Vincent Joins CARA, EVA and Clerk as the Latest AI-Driven Research Assistant

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The international legal research platform vLex today introduced the beta version of Vincent, an AI-powered legal research assistant that analyzes legal documents you upload and finds relevant research results.

At ILTA Conference, Teen Proves How Easily Law Firm Networks Can Be Breached

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In July, CNBC reported that a Russian hacker is selling access to the data of a New York City law firm for $3,500 on the dark web. What’s even more alarming is that, according to Q6 Cyber, a cybersecurity company, the firm isn’t alone. Similar information is for sale from firms nationwide. The report said it was the work of “very sophisticated cybercriminals,” [1]. However, those cybercriminals may not need to be all that sophisticated.

Study Says Casetext Beats LexisNexis for Research, But LexisNexis Calls Foul

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A study released this week pitted two legal research platforms against each other, Casetext CARA and Lexis Advance from LexisNexis, and concluded that attorneys using Casetext CARA finished their research significantly more quickly and found more relevant cases than those who used Lexis Advance.

My Last Episode of Lawyer2Lawyer: What We’ve Learned About Podcasting

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? ?. Now available is the latest episode of the legal affairs podcast Lawyer2Lawyer , which, as I recently explained here , will be my last after 13 years, as I turn my attention to launching the new podcast, LawNext. In this episode, my (former) cohost J. Craig Williams and I talk about what we’ve learned about podcasting after 13 years, and we also just reminisce a bit. Also, Craig makes an announcement about the future of Lawyer2Lawyer. Are you ready to audition to be his cohost?


PracticePanther Rolls Out A Number Of New Features And Integrations

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When last I checked in with the practice management platform PracticePanther last March, it had just taken a “large” private equity investment. At the time, CEO David Bitton told me that the company had seen exponential growth over the prior year, doubling its customers.

LawNext Episode 9: Bill Henderson on Changing the Non-Lawyer Ownership Rules

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Should legal ethics rules be changed to allow non-lawyer ownership of legal services providers? So controversial is the question that it was major news in July when the State Bar of California voted to appoint a task force to study and make recommendations on the issue. What spurred the bar to take this action was the Legal Market Landscape Report it commissioned from William D. Henderson , professor at Indiana University Maurer School of Law.

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Lemley on Fame, Parody, and Policing in Trademark Law @marklemley

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Mark A. Lemley, Stanford Law School, has published Fame, Parody, and Policing in Trademark Law as a Stanford Public Law Working Paper. Trademark owners regularly overreach. They often threaten or sue people they have no business suing, including satirists, parodists

Innovative Law Firm/Tech Company Atrium Raises $65 Million

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When it rains it pours for investment in legal technology. Just last week, I reported on a $50 million investment in artificial intelligence company Kira Systems. Now comes news that Atrium — the combination law firm and legal technology company — has raised $65 million in a round that includes some of the biggest names in venture capital, with Andreessen Horowitz leading the round and General Catalyst , YC Continuity Fund , and Sound Ventures as co-investors.

iManage Expands into Client Intake and Conflicts Checking with Acquisition of Elegrity

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Steinberg on Morphed Child Pornography and the First Amendment @sgsteinberg

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Stacey Steinberg, University of Florida College of Law, is publishing Changing Faces: Morphed Child Pornography and the First Amendment in the Emory Law Journal (2019). Here is the abstract. Technology has changed the face of child pornography. The Supreme Court

Clifford Chance Names Legal Industry Veteran To Lead Development of New Technology

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Aviel on Rule 8.4(g) and the First Amendment: Distinguishing Between Discrimination and Free Speech @SturmCOL

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Rebecca Aviel, University of Denver College of Law, is publishing Rule 8.4(g) g) and the First Amendment: Distinguishing between Discrimination and Free Speech in volume 31 of the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics (2018). Here is the abstract. The ABA’s recent

U.S. Prisons and Restriction of Freedom of Expression on Security Grounds @PENAmerican

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From the Guardian: reporting on surveillance, investigation, and censorship of inmate participants and some others (not inmates) in PEN America's Prison Writing Program, based on security concerns. The Guardian article begins: Did or did not the prisoner turn into a

LawNext Episode 10: Dr. Khalid Al-Kofahi, Head of Artificial Intelligence at Thomson Reuters

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In July, Thomson Reuters unveiled Westlaw Edge , the next generation of its legal research platform that uses artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to help legal professionals find answers and perform research more efficiently. The engineering of the AI that went into that was spearheaded by Dr. Khalid Al-Kofahi , vice president of research and development at Thomson Reuters and head of the company’s Center for Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing in Toronto.

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Vandenbussche on Rethinking Non-Pecuniary Remedies for Defamation @WVandenbussche

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Wannes Vandenbussche, Institute for the Law of Obligations, KU Leuven, has published Rethinking Non-Pecuniary Remedies for Defamation: The Case for Court-Ordered Apologies. Here is the abstract. Legal scholars have been encouraged to examine alternative remedies for defamation in response to

Snow on Denying Trademark for Scandalous Speech

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Ned Snow, University of South Carolina, is published Denying Trademark for Scandalous Speech in volume 51 of the UC Davis Law Review (2018). Here is the abstract. Recently in Matal v. Tam, the Supreme Court held that the disparagement clause

Shepard and Culver on Culture Wars on Campus: Academic Freedom, the First Amendment and Partisan Outrage in Polarized Times @jasonmshepard

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Jason M. Shepard, California State University, Fullerton, and Kathleen Bartzen Culver, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Center for Journalism Ethics, and University of Wisconsin, Madison, School of Journalism & Mass Communication, have published Culture Wars on Campus: Academic Freedom, the First

Wang on Whether IP is "Disrupted" By the Algorithm That Feeds You Information in an Era of Fake News

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Celeste Tien-hsin Wang, Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, has published Is Intellectual Property ‘Disrupted’ by the Algorithm That Feeds You Information in an Era of Fake News? at 15 The Sciencs Po Law Review / La Revue des

AI Company Kira Systems Gets $50 Million Series A Investment

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Kira Systems , a Toronto-based developer of machine-learning software for contract review and analysis, today announced a $50 million Series A minority investment from Insight Venture Partners in New York City. This is the first outside investment taken by the company, which was founded in 2011 by Noah Waisberg , a former corporate lawyer at Weil, Gotshal & Manges who is now CEO, and Dr. Alexander Hudek , a computer scientist who is now CTO.

LawNext Episode 8: Shruti Ajitsaria, Head of Fuse, Allen & Overy’s Legal Tech Incubator

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In September 2017, venerable Magic Circle law firm Allen & Overy launched Fuse , setting aside a portion of its London office for a collaborative innovation space to develop and test new legal technologies, and it named lawyer Shruti Ajitsaria to head the project. On the latest episode of LawNext , Ajitsaria joins me to discuss why Allen & Overy started Fuse, explain what it does, and describe its work to date.

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