Thu.May 06, 2021

Vacca and Bartow on Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Copyright Jurisprudence @RyanVacca @profabartow

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Ryan G. Vacca, University of New Hampshire School of Law, and Ann Bartow, Franklin Pierce Center for IP at UNH Law, are published Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Copyright Jurisprudence in volume 22 of the Nevada Law Journal (2022). Here is the

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Wilson Sonsini’s Digital Hub Provides Free Resources for Founders and VCs


Are you a startup founder wondering what type of business entity to create? Or maybe you have a question about the best structure to raise seed capital.

Gomulkiewicz on The Supreme Court's Chief Justice of IP Law @NevLawJournal

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Robert W. Gomulkiewicz, University of Washington School of Law, is publishing The Supreme Court's Chief Justice of Intellectual Property Law in volume 22 of the Nevada Law Journal. Here is the abstract. Justice Clarence Thomas is one of the most

New Epiq Offering Jumpstarts AI Use in Discovery and Investigations


In e-discovery and investigations, time is often of the essence.

McConnell's Republican Senate posse picks up where Trump left off — in schools

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You haven’t highlighted anything yet When you select text while you’re reading, it'll appear here. Republicans want to defund schools that teach America's history of racism By Dean Obeidallah MSNBC First, the GOP declared its war on voting access after President Joe Biden's election victory.