Actor’s Equity On Strike: What’s it all about?

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If you've been planning to develop your plays and musicals using professional actors in a “developmental” production environment, you may have to put your plans on hold.

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Article 13: Let the Investigations Begin

Music Technology Policy

It remains to be seen how the legislative process on Article 13 will play out but it’s very clear what the European Parliament’s next step is–investigate how American multinational corporations attacked a duly elected government.

Call For Nominations: Harry W. Stonecipher Award for Distinguished Research on Media Law and Policy

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Call For Nominations: Harry W. Stonecipher Award for Distinguished Research on Media Law and Policy The Law and Policy Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) seeks nominations for the 2018 Harry W. Stonecipher Award

‘Case Status,’ App that Automates Client Communications, Receives Venture Funding

Media Law

Case Status , a company whose product aims to improve the client experience by automating lawyer-client communications and case updates, has received venture capital funding from the Alabama Futures Fund. The amount of funding was not disclosed.

City Attorney of Los Angeles Sues Popular Weather App Claiming Deceptive Collection and Sharing of Geolocation Data

New Media and Technology Law

Elimination of Requirement that Broadcasters Post Their Licenses Becomes Effective

Broadcast Law Blog

As we wrote here , at the FCC’s December meeting, the FCC was scheduled to adopt an order eliminating the requirement that broadcasters post a physical copy of their licenses and other instruments of authorization at their control points or transmitter sites. In fact, the Commission adopted that order before the meeting, and it today published the order in the Federal Register , meaning that it is effective as of today.

Jazz as a model fora modern conceptof Democracy

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You Furnish Alexa, and He’ll Furnish the War

Music Technology Policy

When Hearst Artist Frederic Remington, cabled from Cuba in 1897 that “there will be no war,” William Randolph Hearst cabled back: “You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.” ” Time Magazine.

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Fair Pay, Fair Fight: Will the Circle Be Unbroken for Artist Airplay Royalties?

Music Technology Policy

The Music Modernization Act brought fairness to pre-72 artists who waited 20 years for the government to confirm what everyone knew—that non interactive digital music services like Pandora and Sirius should be paying them performance royalties like everyone else.

“Purchased Protest” Bombshell: Germany’s FAZ News Uncovers The Seamy Underbelly of Google’s Article 13 Lobbying

Music Technology Policy

The usual suspects got caught again. And you can’t have the usual suspects without Keyser Söze.

2019 – Off to a great start!

Gordon P. Firemark

The Latest episode of my Entertainment Law podcast, Entertainment Law Update, is now available for your enjoyment. Listen here, or subscribe and download in your favorite podcast listening app. Show notes are located at [link]. Here's what we talked about.

Spotify Can’t Find Songwriters Performing at Spotify High Roller Party in Cancun

Music Technology Policy

Ah, Cancun, where the elite meet and the US Consulate is located next to the jail, convenient and useful for the Tech Bros. But faster than bros can launch Tinder for some Spanish lessons, Spotify commits another faux pas.

@Europarl_EN Explains Article 13 and Google’s Fake “Lobbying”

Music Technology Policy

This week the European Parliament issued a scathing rejection of Google and Facebook’s massive lobbying campaign against Members of the European Parliament over what’s often called “Article 13”, or the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market. Article 13 is the first meaningful attempt to reverse the European safe harbor income transfer and close the value gap. . Yet Article 13 is a crucial step toward restoring creator rights both in and outside Europe.

Our God Is Marching On! Oration by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Music Technology Policy

March 25, 1965 at the conclusion of three marches from Selma to Montgomery Alabama from the steps of the Alabama State Capitol, near the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church from which MLK launched the Montgomery bus boycott.


Music Technology Policy

You may have never heard of Cloudflare and you may be wondering what the company has to do with music, technology or policy.

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@GTP_Updates Demonstrates Google’s European Influence Campaign

Music Technology Policy

@artistrights tweeted in reaction to the stalled Article 13 legislation in Europe “American multinational corporations impose their commercial imperialism over their vassal states. Not the Europe we love.” ” There probably has never been as revealing an insight into Google’s short, loathsome and treacherous lifespan as the Article 13 legislative process in the European Parliament.

Gotta Whole Lotta Likes: Social Media Oppo to Article 13 Continues

Music Technology Policy

Here’s a few examples of what the Twitter campaign against Article 13 looks like, draw your own conclusions: Article 13 Fake News

Predictions: Spotify To Incubate the No Records Label Group

Music Technology Policy

Streaming services like Spotify are faced with a squeeze–how can they be more like Facebook? That means how can they get really get into that Web 2.0 game by getting more people to work for them for free while retaining 100% of the revenue for selling their work product? Or better yet, get people to pay them real money in return for promo bucks? (Or Or in the Lefsetz world, Bitbob.).

The MTP Podcast: The Truth About Streaming Royalties

Music Technology Policy

Chris Castle on how the streaming royalty allocation guarantees a declining royalty for artists. SHOW NOTES. The Trichordist Streaming Price Bible for 2018 . Arithmetic on the Internet: The Ethical Pool Solution to Streaming Royalty Allocation . BBCtrending: The mystery tracks being ‘forced’ on Spotify users–another explanation . Laura Kobylecky, Making Fake Art: “1984”, The New Rembrandt, and The “Fake Artist” . MTP Podcasts Streaming Meltdown MTP Podcast streaming royalties

Guest Post by Iain Baker of @jesusjonesband on the PledgeMusic Situation

Music Technology Policy

[Used by permission of the artist. This post is from a series of tweets by Iain Baker of Jesus Jones regarding both their experience being cut off by PledgeMusic and also the implications for the larger music business.]. The music business is fond of winning battles, and losing wars. The best example I can think of is squashing Napster – that victory was anything but – it didn’t hold back the tide of downloads, it merely hastened the rise of streaming.

Goldenziel and Cheema on How U.S. Law Hampers the Fight Against Information Warfare @JillGoldenziel

Media Law Prof Blog

Jill I. Goldenziel, Marine Corps University-Command and Staff College; University of Pennsylvania; Harvard University, and Manal Cheema University of Virginia - School of Law, Alumnus or Degree Candidate Author, have published The New Fighting Words?: How U.S. Law Hampers the

Healy on Learned Hand and the Making of a Free Speech Dissent @SetonHallLaw

Media Law Prof Blog

Thomas Healy, Seton Hall University School of Law, has published Anxiety and Influence: Learned Hand and the Making of a Free Speech Dissent at 50 Arizona State Law Journal 803 (2019). Here is the abstract. In this essay marking the

MTP Podcast: Spotify’s Direct Public Offering

Music Technology Policy

Chris Castle explains Spotify’s direct public offering (compared to a traditional IPO) and commentary on how the stock is performing (NOT investment advice). Spotify Case Study: Structuring and Executing a Direct Listing . MusicTech Solutions: Why Will Spotify’s Price Tank?

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Guest Post by Iain Baker of @jesusjonesband: An update on the PledgeMusic Debacle

Music Technology Policy

[We’re pleased to provide a platform for Iain Baker of Jesus Jones to update MTP readers on the slow motion train wreck called Pledge Music. This has turned into a real financial crisis for artists and their vendors as well as the fans.]. We are still no nearer a resolution, it would seem. And it feels like they’re running down the clock. Artists are told to dial back any criticism of Pledge, in order to make it easier to sell the company.

Dershowitz Asks Second Circuit To Limit Press and Public Access To Hearing

Media Law Prof Blog

Alan Dershowitz, through his attorney, is asking the Second Circuit to bar the media and public from at least some of next week's proceedings involving the unsealing of documents in the Jeffrey Epstein case because the information involved is "sensitive

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Chatterjee on IP, Independent Creation, and the Lockean Commons @nirrvala

Media Law Prof Blog

Mala Chatterjee, NYU School of Law; Stanford University; NYU Department of Philosophy, has published Intellectual Property, Independent Creation, and the Lockean Commons. Here is the abstract. Copyright and patent law – which grant exclusive rights in two very different kinds

Arbel and Mungan on the Case Against Strict Defamation Laws @ProfArbel

Media Law Prof Blog

Yonathan A. Arbel, University of Alabama School of Law, and Murat C. Mungan, George Mason Law School, have published The Case Against Strict Defamation Laws. Here is the abstract. It is axiomatic that defamation law protects reputation. This proposition—common sensical

The MTP Podcast: When is a Pledge Not a Pledge? The PledgeMusic crisis

Music Technology Policy

Chris Castle discusses the current crisis with PledgeMusic payments. PledgeMusic: Once a Crowdfunding Haven For Artists, Now Owes them Thousands of Dollars–Billboard www.billboard.com/articles/busines…ds-late-payments. Digital Aggregator Deals: Is the New Boss Worse Then the Old Boss? musictechpolicy.com/2012/02/01/read…n-the-old-boss/. What is the Difference Between Dischargeable and Nondischargeable Debts in Bankruptcy? . www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia…ts-bankruptcy.html.

Le Tatou’s Excellent Explainer on YouTube’s Role in Article 13 Lobbying–from @TatouProd

Music Technology Policy

“What no one tells you about Article 13” As we’ve read in recent reporting from Europe, Google’s Susan Wojcicki has been twisting arms among their “YouTubers” to put out videos not only opposing Article 13, but also using the Google party line.

Goldman on An Overview of the U.S.'s Section 230 Internet Immunity @ericgoldman

Media Law Prof Blog

Eric Goldman, Santa Clara University School of Law, is publishing An Overview of the United States’ Section 230 Internet Immunity in The Oxford Handbook of Online Intermediary Liability (Giancarlo Frosio, ed.) Forthcoming). Here is the abstract. 47 U.S.C. §

A Cautionary Tale for Congress: Big Tech Uses Fake Grassroots Interference Lobbying In Europe

Music Technology Policy

There’s a sound policymaking reason why the European Parliament should ignore the bombardment of email and social media messaging it has recently endured for copyright reform.

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Penney and Citron on When Law Frees Us To Speak @oiioxford @daniellecitron

Media Law Prof Blog

Jon Penney, University of Oxford, Oxford Internet Institute, and Danielle Keats Citron, University of Maryland School of Law, are publishing When Law Frees Us to Speak in the Fordham Law Review. Here is the abstract. A central aim of online

Hudson on Anti-Profanity Laws and the First Amendment

Media Law Prof Blog

David L. Hudson, Jr., has published Anti-Profanity Laws and the First Amendment at 42 T. Marshall L. 203 (2017). Here is the abstract. The essay first examines several current state laws that prohibit profanity under certain circumstances. It then

UNC Center For Media Law and Policy Prize Competition Now Open

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Competition now open: The UNC Center for Media Law and Policy awards annual prizes to students who write the best published scholarly articles on media law and policy related topics. The James R. Cleary Prize competition is open to all

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When it Comes to DC Lobbying, Google Outspends Big Tech Cohort–and the Peoples Republic of China

Music Technology Policy

As Susan Crawford tells us : I was brought up and trained in the Internet Age by people who really believed that nation states were on the verge of crumbling…and we could geek around it. We could avoid it. These people were irrelevant. It’s rather stark when you see it.

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Trimble on Copyright and Geoblocking @unlvlaw

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Marketa Trimble, UNLV School of Law, is publishing Copyright and Geoblocking: The Consequences of Eliminating Geoblocking in volume 25 of Boston University Journal of Science and Technology Law (2019). Here is the abstract. Geoblocking has become a common companion of

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Ramsey on Free Speech Challenges to Trademark Law After Matal v. Tam @LPRamsey

Media Law Prof Blog

Lisa P. Ramsey, University of San Diego School of Law, is publishing Free Speech Challenges to Trademark Law After Matal v. Tam in volume 56 of the Houston Law Review. Here is the abstract. Trademark laws and free speech are