Video Game Playthrough Footage Should Be Fair Use

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Submitted for your consideration: the Madden “bullshot.&# Bullshots are promotional screen captures released by game companies that bear absolutely no resemblance to the final product. by Christopher Harbin It’s pretty easy to get duped into buying a crappy video game. A lot of video game marketing is pretty shady.

Way Past the Creepy Line: The Infringement for Profit DMCA License Meets the War on Terror

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” And you’ll notice from the screen capture above, one of those “reputable companies” is Google itself. The Daily Mail has a fascinating article today “ Google Cashes in on Hate Videos: Ads for Reputable Companies Featured Alongside Terror Videos.”

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You Can’t Find What You Don’t Look For: Spotify May Not be the Only Source for Aaliyah Bootlegs

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Sure enough, as you can see from the screen capture above, Google Amazon, Pandora and Spotify have all filed mass NOIs on Aaliyah, which means they are able to avoid paying royalties on Aaliyah’s songs.

Mellencamp Is Right, Brand-Supported Piracy Screws Songwriters AGAIN: Snakes in the Grass, @McDonalds, Google and Other Species of Vermin

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I then sent the following emails to this person after that call: Thanks for your interest, these are the screen shots we discussed. The attachments follow: Each of these screen captures shows a McDonald’s ad in a different page against different lyrics.

Capture Screenshots with Live Links with Kwout

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There are plenty of other screen capture tools out there, of course. But while most capture only a static image, Kwout creates an image map, retaining the active hyperlinks. Below is a screenshot I grabbed from the ABA Journal Blawg Directory.

Target Facebook: Is the Social Network Joining the “DMCA License” Group

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Americans are freedom loving people and nothing says freedom like getting away with it. From Long, Long Time by Guy Forsyth. Facebook is unlicensed. Let’s be clear about that.

Chiat Day’s Confusing Messaging in Times Square Continues

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But–take a look at this screen capture from the news section of Little Black Book (which is where all this started). So…another day brings more confusion in the world of “PIRACY IS PROGRESS” or “ARTISTS VS. ARTISTS” or whatever this thing is titled.

RESPECT Act: SoundExchange Takes Steps to Protect Artists from Sirius XM and Pandora

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Here’s a screen capture I took today from Pandora of The Beatles, pre-72 (Let It Be was released May 8, 1970): And a pie chart for Sirius showing the uses of Beatles music by channel, again from today: The Beatles on Sirius 5/26-5/29 2014.

There they go again: Google’s Hollow Promise to Edit Autocomplete

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But as you will see from the screen capture above, the search “buy oxycontin online no prescription” still brings back many handy Autocomplete terms, including “buy oxycontin online no prescription cheap” When I first arrived in New York as a 19 year old musician, I discovered the sax player in my band overdosing on heroin in the bathroom of our rehearsal hall.

Music Issues in the New Congress: PRO-IP Act “Reform”

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This screen capture will give you an idea. Glenn Peoples at Billboard has an excellent primer on some legislative items that are very likely to come up in the new Congress. We will discuss each, but let’s start with the PRO-IP Act.

Biometric Privacy Claims over Facial Recognition Feature in Videogame Dismissed for Lack of Concrete Harm

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If a user wants to use the MyPlayer function, he or she must agree to the following terms: Your face scan will be visible to you and others you play with and may be recorded or screen captured during gameplay. For the second time in the past six months, a district court has dismissed a lawsuit alleging procedural and technical violations of the Illinois biometric privacy statute for lack of Article III standing. In Vigil v. Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. , 15-8211 (S.D.N.Y.

Updated: A New Twist on Artist Consent Provisions: Protect Your Right to Say No to @mcdonalds ads on pirate sites

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As you can see from the screen captures on these lyric sites (and the same is true for many other pirate sites), advertisers are connecting their brands to the artist’s name and the title of the song the artist recorded and probably wrote or co-wrote.

Google’s Bonfire of the Vanities: The Human Drones of Google Glass Coming to a Venue Near You

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But also to capture more video and audio footage that Google will control and essentially own. And try taking a screen capture of that. “It’s possible to make forgetting impossible, because we can all wear our Google Glasses that will store everything we see.

YouTube “How to Inject Illegal Drugs” Videos and Advertisers

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A later screen capture shows advertising for. As MTP readers will recall, in 2011 Google was able to buy their way out of a criminal prosecution for violating the Controlled Substances Act. The price? Chump change for Google, but it sounds like a lot of money: $500,000,000.

New Site Protects Trademarks in Social Networks

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The next-level report, called an In-Use Report, shows this same information, but adds to the mix screen captures showing the actual use of the name on the site, generally by showing the profile associated with the name.

Jammie Thomas channels Bart Simpson: I didn't do it -- but it was fair use!

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11) and making "screen captures" (p. And remove that "Print Screen" button from your keyboard!) Jammie Thomas' counsel Kiwi Camara today denied that she downloaded any songs using Kazaa -- but said "that her infringement, if any, constitutes fair use." Or, as Bart Simpson might say , "I didn't do it. Nobody saw me do it. You can't prove anything." Humor aside, I don't see how Camara gets in any evidence or argument relating to fair use.

What the FTC Should Know About Brand Sponsored Piracy and Google’s “Pinto Problem”

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“Following the money” is a two step process, best illustrated by the screen captures readily available around the Internet. LG Served to Filestube. A Picture Speaks 1000 Words.