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Analogies Between Samizdat and Piracy

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Balázs Bodó, University of Amsterdam - Institute for Information Law (IViR), has published The common pathways of samizdat and piracy in In V. Parisi (Ed.), Samizdat: Between Practices and Representations (V. Parisi, ed.Budapest: CEU Institute for Advanced Study, 2015).

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What’s next for anti-online-piracy?

Gordon P. Firemark

SOPA Dope: Where Does Online Piracy Reform Go From Here? I’m quoted in this piece on SOPA/PIPA on the Berkeley Law Blogs this week. The piece is quite good, and my quote appears near the end. Entertainment Law

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U.S. Authorities Shut Down Megaupload for Piracy

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The Business Movies Music Tech Business Piracy SOPAEriq Gardner Justice department drops the hammer on Megaupload, arresting its leaders, seizing hundreds of millions of dollars in property, and blasting the popular file-sharing website in a 72-page indictment. read more. THR, Esq.

4 Million DMCA Notices Don’t Stop the Google Piracy Machine: How Google Drives Traffic to Pirate Sites Through Google Alerts

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And remember–this was simply based on a search of “OK Go lyrics” There’s nothing in that search term that suggests an interest in piracy. And Facebook and Twitter promote this piracy through their indiscriminate links to Google Alert emails.

Three Bay Area Men Arrested for Widespread Piracy of Films and TV Shows

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California AG Kamala Harris says her office, acting with MPAA, has broken a major piracy ring that was streaming more than 1,000 copyrighted movies and shows on the Internet. Piracy


Porn Purveyors Post Piracy PSAs

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The porn industry has a serious piracy problem. The Free Speech Coalition has launched an " Anti-Piracy Action Program ," which includes use of automated content ID technology from Vobile. And its trade association is doing something about it.

Shocker: Ad Networks Profit from Piracy

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To wit: A big factor in play is that these categories [that is, the piracy categories] toward lead gen[eration] and other performance driven metrics. I see, massive world wide piracy is just some guys selling “high risk inventory” High risk of what , exactly? ” He highlighted how, in the past, ad networks and advertisers worked to keep their ads off of pornography sites, and noted that the same thing can be done on the piracy side. Ad Supported Piracy

Warner Bros. Sues Innovative Artists Over Screener Piracy

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Watermarks on the screeners traced pirated copies back to an Innovative Artists client, according to the suit. read more. THR, Esq. Movies Movies THR Online Warner Bros. Creed In the Heart of the Sea

Leading Online Ad Networks Agree to Voluntary Piracy Program

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MPAA AOL Google Tech Piracy Business MPAA chairman Chris Dodd says the plan "places a disproportionate amount of the burden on rights holders." read more. Yahoo Chris Dodd Microsoft THR, Esq.

World Cup kicks off piracy battles

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Of course, that gets us thinking about piracy. Tags: Copyright Piracy Sports Television By Eriq Gardner Ratings are strong for this year's World Cup extravaganza, with record or near-record amounts of viewers tuning in to the globe's biggest sports event. This year, the World Cup.

Where Did the Idea for Stopping Brand Sponsored Piracy Originate?

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I’ve had enough questions lately about why I started focusing on brand sponsored piracy that I thought it important enough to give credit where it’s due. Ergo, Google profits from piracy. Brand Supported Piracy

STTN Sues Over Piracy of Owen Wilson-Starrer 'She’s Funny That Way'

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The legal action, regarding the Peter Bogdanovish film, is the start of a planned international anti-piracy campaign. Movies Movies Business THR Online AFM AFM 2015 She's Funny That Way Piracyread more. THR, Esq.

Is 'Avatar' really immune from piracy?

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By Eriq Gardner and Matthew Belloni "Avatar" director James Cameron has frequently touted 3D filmmaking as the industry's best hope for combating piracy. Tags: Copyright Just Asking Piracy He's followed others in the industry, such as DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, who was one of.

Germany limits piracy penalties

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Germany has limited individual piracy penalties to about $1,300 a pop. source). On one side, I think that’s a reasonable penalty for stealing a song or a movie. On the other hand, it isn’t if there are procedural hurdles to actually being able to enforce even that low amount. I don’t know German civil procedure, […]. copyright

Thank you again @johnmellencamp: USC-Annenberg starts corporate responsibility study for brand-supported piracy

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MTP readers will recall our many posts about what we call “ brand-supported piracy “: The purchase of advertising inventory on pirate sites by major brands wishing to reach their target audience. Ad Supported Piracy ad-supported piracy Annenberg Innovation Lab Jonathan Taplin

TV piracy as easy as EZTV

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By Eriq Gardner What can the industry do to stop the surge of television piracy? Tags: Piracy According to data collected by TorrentFreak, traffic to the leading TV torrent distribution website has more than doubled in the past year. Pirated shows on.

More Evidence That Netflix and Amazon Have Joined a Legal War Against Piracy

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The streamers join the studios in a lawsuit against Dragon Media. read more. THR, Esq. Business Movies Television Tech Business THR Online

More Nondenial Denials from Google, the “Platform for Piracy”

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They way they use piracy to drive down music and movie industry revenue to weaken the only speed bumps on the Road to Commodity-dom. This is likely why Eric Schmidt fails to mention any of this, and particularly NewsCorp’s “platform for piracy” allegation.

EFF recruiting attorneys to fight piracy lawsuits

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Shocking revelation: Piracy hurts individuals!

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copyright piracyDeVoy In a stunning revelation sure to be devastating to freetards everywhere, not everyone who creates copyrightable work is Lars Ulrich or some ponytailed douchebag driving a BMW 7-series while demanding that the RIAA sue more people so his fat, dumb and entitled daughter can have a pony. The common plea from the [.].


BitTorrent Profits from Piracy By Serving Ads To UTorrent Client

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Ben Johnson of NPR’s Marketplace has an excellent podcast interview with the best music tech reporter in the business, Greg Sandoval and sets up Bit Torrent’s problem quite well in “ Big Ad Sales on High Seas of Online Piracy “: Most businesses would be pretty excited if they could boast advertisements on their webiste could be viewed five billion times each month. sfmusictech Bit Torrent Bram Cohen Bram Stoker brand sponsored piracy

Can Hollywood get Google to support new anti-piracy bill?

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By Eriq Gardner Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee introduced a new anti-piracy bill that would enable the government to essentially blacklist websites accused of copyright theft. Tags: Copyright Government Piracy Since then, many in Hollywood have voiced strong support of the measure.

Russians crack down on BitTorrent piracy

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Filed under: copyright, piracy. copyright piracyDeVoy Russian authorities have shut down, one of the largest adult BitTorrent websites in the world. The full story is available at XBIZ.

Sony Hack Results in Lawsuit Over Failure to Prevent Movie Piracy

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to take any anti-piracy measures whatsoever" with regards to the film, "To Write Love on Her Arms." According to the complaint, Sony contends it had "no obligation. read more. THR, Esq. The Business Movies Tech Business THR Online

MPAA Chief Chris Dodd 'Hurt,' Defends His Piracy Strategy, Slams Obama and Google (Q&A)

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Movies Movies Chris Dodd MPAA Piracy PoliticsAlex Ben Block As the SOPA legislation hangs by a thread, Hollywood's top lobbyist says he's not to blame for the backlash. read more. THR, Esq. THR, Esq.


Are cellphones such a big piracy threat?

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'Game of Thrones' Finale Breaks Piracy Record

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The HBO series clocks in a massive 170,000 simultaneous shares on BitTorrent in the hours after the HBO premiere. read more. Game of Thrones THR, Esq. Television Live Feed

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Oscar screener piracy: The good and the bad news

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On Wednesday, he released his latest piracy figures showing historical trends from 2003 to. Tags: Piracy By Eriq Gardner Andy Baio is an enterprising journalist and technologist who has done some fascinating work over the years tracking how Oscar films are pirated.

White House: Obama Won't Support Piracy Bill That 'Undermines' Online Freedom

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The Business Business Barack Obama PiracyMatthew Belloni UPDATED: A White House blog says the Administration “will not support legislation that reduces freedom of expression, increases cybersecurity risk, or undermines the dynamic, innovative global Internet.” read more. THR, Esq. THR, Esq.

WME's Ari Emanuel Calls for Hollywood, Silicon Valley to Come Together Over Piracy

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The Business Business Ari Emanuel PiracyThe superagent is urging Northern and Southern California players to "get in a room with all parties to figure" out the issue of content theft. read more. THR, Esq. THR, Esq.

Adult film industry decries piracy in new video

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DeVoy This surprisingly sober (and thoroughly work-safe) video from the Free Speech Coalition addresses the problems piracy causes in the adult entertainment industry. Tags: Adult Entertainment Law piracy For several years, “Tube&# sites such as YouPorn, which feature content uploaded by amateurs and pirated from professionals, have taken a significant bite out of the industry’s earnings. The video’s [.].

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Paramount: piracy has advanced from 'geek to sleek'

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By Eriq Gardner Last month, we wrote about Paramount COO Frederick Huntsberry's effort to keep his presentation to the FCC off the internet for fear of promoting piracy. Tags: Piracy The speech was promptly pirated and posted online. Now, Paramount has sent.

Judge Upholds $25 Million Judgment Against ISP Over User Piracy

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BMG gets another win in a landmark copyright case, but won't be given the benefit of a permanent injunction. read more. THR, Esq. The Business Movies Music Tech Business THR Online

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Ventriloquist Superstar Jeff Dunham Sues Over Dummy Piracy

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Tony Horn, the defendant, responds that Dunham is the one who ripped off the dummy from an earlier ventriloquist. read more. THR, Esq. Television Television Business THR Online

Warner Bros. Ramps Up War on Piracy

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Through agents, the studio tells accused pirates to pay $20 per infringed title or face up to $150,000 per infringement in civil penalties. read more. The Business Movies THR, Esq. Tech Business

Nina Simone's Heirs Allege Sony Music Operates a Piracy Ring

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Eighty albums of recorded Nina Simone performances are said in new court papers to have been put on iTunes and other digital venues without authorization. read more. THR, Esq. Music Music Business THR Online

MPAA Targets MovieTube Websites in New Piracy Lawsuit

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Legal action calls for ad service providers, social media services and others to stop facilitating websites streaming movies still in theaters. read more. THR, Esq. The Business Movies Tech Business THR Online


Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Joel Tenenbaum Appeal in Music Piracy Case

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Music Music PiracyMatthew Belloni In 2009, a jury ruled that the Boston student must pay $22,500 for each of 31 songs that he downloaded and shared on the Internet. read more. THR, Esq. THR, Esq.

Judge orders cooperation in massive BitTorrent piracy case

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