Tue.Oct 27, 2020

The Cost of Evil: How Facebook Ripped Off @zoecello’s Fans

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On Sunday I discovered a fake Facebook event advertising a non-existant livestream for one of my covid-canceled concerts. My fans and I reported the scam. Facebook replied that the event does not violate their community standards & suggested users change their news feed settings pic.twitter.com/7AMvWb0zvP — Zoe Keating (@zoecello) September 1, 2020.

Arbel on Slicing Defamation by Contract @ProfArbel

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Yonathan A. Arbel, University of Alabama School of Law, has published Slicing Defamation by Contract at Chicago Law Review Online (2020). Here is the abstract. In considering the problem of fake news, many debate the merits of expanding media liability

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United States v. Google: Public Access To First Status Conference

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The first hearing is scheduled for Friday 10/30/20 at 10 am ET. You can dial in to listen only (you will be muted) on the court’s public access line at (877) 848-7030, access code 321-8747. News from the Goolag US v. Google 2020 Antitrust Case Google Antitrust Investigation US v. Google Hearings

Jared Kushner Faces Backlash Over Comments Considered Racist | Morning J.

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Discovery Company EDDCloud Rebrands As PLUSnxt, Partners with RelativityOne

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EDDCloud, a Los Angeles e-discovery software and services company, is announcing today the change of its corporate name to PLUSnxt , a rebranding intended to reflect the company’s recent technology innovation and rapid growth.

Trump Won't Let Covid Stop His Campaign, Keeps Mike Pence On The Trail A.

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GOP former prosecutors blast Trump, endorse Biden - The Washington Post

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"President Trump is joined at a White House news conference by Attorney General William P. Twenty former U.S.

Opinion | Amy Coney Barrett and the Republican Party's Supreme Court - The New York Times

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"The quest to entrench political conservatism in the country’s highest court comes with a steep cost. By The Editorial Board Oct.