Sat.Jun 27, 2020

I Say It Here: As Predicted, EFF and Durie Tangri to Defend Internet Archive To Keep the Massive Infringement Flowing

Music Technology Policy

According to Silicon Valley mouthpiece Torrentfreak , guess who is going to be defending the Internet Archive and the eponymous Mr. Kahle in their massive copyright infringement suit from publishers? The EFF has revealed it is teaming up with law firm Durie Tangri to defend the Internet Archive against a lawsuit targeting its Open Library.

Obamacare Faces Unprecedented Test as Economy Sinks - The New York Times

Communications And Entertainment Law Blog

The battles over the health law have played out during a decade of continuous economic growth. How it performs as a safety net now may help determine its future. By Abby Goodnough and Reed Abelson June 27, 2020, 3:00 a.m. ET The Affordable Care Act, the landmark health law that has been a subject of caustic debate for more than a decade, is being tested as never before, as millions of Americans lose their jobs and medical coverage in the midst of the nation’s gravest health crisis in a century.