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How to Settle the Viacom iPad Lawsuits Now

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Back in April, Viacom and Time Warner Cable sued each other; then last month Viacom sued Cablevision. Interestingly, that came just a day after Viacom and TWC filed a standstill agreement so that they could negotiate without the pressure of ongoing court deadlines. In both sets of suits, the issue is the same: under license and distribution agreements, can cable companies allow their customers to add another screen to their home viewing options: an iPad?

News of the World: Why Hollywood Is Celebrating Its Demise

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Eriq Gardner The rise and fall of the newspaper reflects the changing legal treatment of tabloids. read more. THR, Esq. The Business Business Rupert Murdoch

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“Conservatives” — meet your reality. Bachmann signs pledge to wipe her ass with the Constitution

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Michelle Bachmann, someone unqualified to clean my toilets, has jumped out ahead of the pack as the new conservative darling. Anyone who thinks of themselves as a conservative should either change name tags or have their heads examined. Bachmann is in the news today for signing a pledge that she will fight homosexuality and pornography. [.]. politics censorship Civil Liberties First Amendment church and state ass hat

Hollywood Docket: Lindsay Lohan Escapes Lawsuit; NBA Players v. 'Basketball Wives'; 'Big Brother' Contract Leaked

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Eriq Gardner This entertainment law roundup is for the chimps. read more. THR, Esq. The Business Business

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Righthaven again amends Strategic Alliance Agreement with Stephens Media LLC

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DeVoy This new document, filed today, is here. This is Righthaven’s second attempt to amend its strategic alliance agreement with Stephens Media LLC. H/T: Kurt Opsahl, EFF Filed under: copyright. copyright

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And the inevitable happens…

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Some dipshit insists upon passing “Caylee’s Law.&# AUSTIN, Texas — Texas state Sen. Chris Harris says he will introduce a new law to make it a felony for a parent or guardian to not report a missing child.(source) source) You know, because there is just a rampant problem with parents finding their kids dead and then [.]. ass hat imbeciles

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