Sun.Jul 17, 2011

Some Analysis of the Phone Hacking Fallout

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From today's New York Times, an article dissecting Scotland Yard's failure to investigate the phone hacking scandal at News of the World. On CNN's Reliable Sources, an excellent discussion led by host Howard Kurtz on the future of Rupert Murdoch's


Data Encryption and the Fifth Amendment

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DeVoy If you have encrypted data that is seized during an investigation, and law enforcement officers are incapable of decrypting it, can you be asked to provide the codes to remove encryption? The Electronic Frontier Foundation (“EFF&# ) believes so, and recently submitted an amicus brief to that effect in U.S. Fricosu, Case [.]. law practice tech news

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"Cash Cab" Involved In Deadly Accident In Vancouver

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The "Cash Cab" producers are apologizing for an accident that killed a pedestrian in Vancouver, V.C., in the late evening hours of July 15, Canadian and U.S. media are reporting. Police are still investigating, and have not yet filed charges


Rebekah Brooks Arrested

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Rebekah Brooks, who stepped down from her position in the Murdoch organization on Friday, was arrested today in London. Since she is scheduled to appear before a House of Commons committee later this week, it will be interesting to see