Why a 'Twilight' plagiarism lawsuit won't suck much blood

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That's our philosophical thought of the day after reading this cease-and-desist letter sent to Hachette Book Group's general counsel (and TMZ) by an attorney representing Jordan. Tags: Books Copyright By Eriq Gardner Vampires are obviously parasites. But what about authors of vampire novels?

Jury finds libel in fictional character

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Why is there a Google Books? Part 1: Machine Translations and Customer X

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It’s worth taking a longer look at exactly what Google Books is and who it may be meant to serve. A good way to accomplish this is with books in translation. In some cases, the delicate, rare and impossible to replace out of copyright books. A book on Peter F.

Entertainment Law Update Podcast, Epsiode 5 – of Hobbits, Lamps, Photographers & Google Books

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Episode 5 of my Entertainment Law Update podcast is now available. Visit the site to subscribe using iTunes or your favorite RSS Reader. Attorneys can get California MCLE (Continuing Legal Eduction) credit, too! Download audio file (EntertainmentLawUpdateEpisode005.mp3) Download Episode (right click) Approximate Running Time: 1:03 In this Episode: Annie Liebovitz mortgages her copyrights, gets sued. Ellen Degeneres doesn’t roll with licensing

John McCain settles Jackson Browne lawsuit, apologizes for use of song

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By Eriq Gardner We can finally close the book on the 2008 presidential election now. Singer Jackson Browne has announced he's settled a lawsuit against John McCain. Last year, Browne sued the Republican presidential candidate for using Browne's "Running on.

The Google Books Settlement and music publishers: EMI opts out.

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Chris Castle over at the Music Technology Policy blog has posted an insightful piece about EMI’s decision to opt-out of the Google Books Settlement. Here’s the link: [link] Did you know that music publishers would be affected by the Google Books Settlement? Did you know that publishers with large catalogs are supposed [.].

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Blawg Review #213

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31 - Norm Pattis is on a journey to “heaven&# , which for him is a Welsh festival devoted to the used and antique book trade. (Photo credit to Markbult under a Creative Commons license.). Welcome to the Towel Day edition of Blawg Review!

Controversy Still Surrounds Google Book Project


to move forward with its plan to scan millions of books and make them available on an online database. Most of the controversy surrounds so-called “orphan works,&# which refers to out-of-print books still under copyright.

Class Action Filed in Response to Amazon e-Book Deletions


The aptly named “Big Brother Class” in the complaint further alleges that not only did Amazon delete e-books without its customers’ knowledge or consent, but it also deleted any electronic notes made by those customers.

Book review: "Moral Panics and the Copyright Wars" by William Patry

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He says he’s in favor of “effective” copyright statutes, and I opened his book hoping to learn what those might look like, since the divergence of public behavior and existing copyright laws makes it clear that something has to change. Moreover, the book is larded with unnecessary block quotes, among them a half-page endnote analyzing the phrase “Tastes Like Chicken.” If you work in tech, check out my book How to Write LOIs and Term Sheets.

Washington Post: '© 2009? Wishful Thinking, Perhaps, as Backlog Mounts'

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The author was trying to copyright a children's book. The Washington Post has taken a look at the copyright registration process, and discovered a major backlog as the Copyright Office struggles to cope with the mountains of new registrations, both paper and electronic: A serious logjam in the U.S. Copyright Office has created a growing mountain of paper applications, more than the staff can process.

A Book on Detroit TV

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A new book of interest: Tim Kiska's A Newscast for the Masses: The History of Detroit Television News (Wayne State University Press, 2009). Mr. Kiska teaches journalism at the University of Michigan, Dearborn

The Google Book Settlement and Antitrust Concerns

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Picker, University of Chicago Law School, has published "Antitrust and Innovation: Framing Baselines in the Google Book Search Settlement," in GCP: The Antitrust Chronicle (October 2009). The Google Book Search Settlement has received a Randal C. Here is the abstract.

Google Books Transcript Excerpt

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District Court for the Southern District of New York October 7, 2009 10:00 a.m. That is a deadline by which class members must claim their books in order to receive a cash payment for books that Google has already scanned. Tags: fairness hearing google books Mr. Green2 google books settlement FYI U.S. Before: HON. DENNY CHIN, District Judge THE COURT: Of course we are not proceeding with a fairness hearing today.

Buy This Book

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However, my little sister wrote a book called Go Tweet Yourself: 365 Reasons Why Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and Other Social Networking Sites Suck. I don’t plug products on this blawg very often. Flip Twitter the bird. Tell Facebook to f#@% off. Lose it on LinkedIn. Somewhere between the advent of Facebook and launching Twitter to the masses, the [.].

Kindle class action claims 'future of book banning' has arrived

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The company remotely deleted traces of books by George Orwell, Ayn Rand, and J.K. Tags: Books Copyright Litigation Web/Tech By Eriq Gardner Amazon ate a high school student's homework. That's according to a new class action lawsuit filed in Washington District Court. Rowling from its.

Google Books: Implications for Ex-US Rights Holders

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In one of the best summaries I've seen on the implications of the Google Books settlement for ex-US rights holders, the New Zealand Society of Authors told its members: “Unless New Zealand authors or publishers formally opt out of the settlement, or formally opt in but request Google not to digitize and/or display their books, Google will have the non-exclusive right to digitize any of their books that were published anywhere before 5 January 2009, whether it has digitized them already or not.”

Analyzing the Google Book Settlement

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Matthew Sag, DePaul University School of Law, has published "The Google Book Settlement and the Fair Use Counterfactual." Here is the abstract. This Article compares the pending settlement between Google and the representative author and publisher plaintiffs to the most

Man fingered in Roger Clemens steroids book sues for defamation

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Another View of the Google Books Settlement

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Einer Elhauge, Harvard Law School, has published "Why the Google Books Settlement is Procompetitive," as Harvard Law and Economics Discussion Paper No. Although the Google Books Settlement has been criticized as anticompetitive, I conclude that Here is the abstract.

Who Profits From the Google Book Settlement?

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Pamela Samuelson, UC Berkeley School of Law, has published "Legally Speaking: The Dead Souls of the Google Booksearch Settlement," in volume 52 of Communications of the ACM (July 2009). Here is the abstract. This short article argues that the proposed

Copyright Termination: 2009 and 2010 Cases of Interest

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The Second Circuit overturned a lower court’s decision and maintained copyrights assigned to Penguin Book Group from Steinbeck’s widow. denied 2009. . CV-04-8400-SGL (RZx), 2009 WL 2512842 ( C.D. 2009 ). Copyright terminations under sections 203 and 304 are hot topics in the news and at the courthouse the past 12 months. 2013 will be the first year that terminations can be effective under 17 USC Section 203… if notice of termination was proper.

Opposition Gathers To Google Book Settlement

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From yesterday's New York Times, an update on the forces opposing the Google Book Settlement plan. Among the opponents: librarians. That's never a good sign. As Spider Robinson has said, "Librarians are the secret masters of the universe. They control

The Book of “How Convenient”

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It seems that some of the hucksters who make gobs of money lying to MSZJ eaters have come up with an interpretation of the Bible that supports their decision to ignore that whole “meek shall inherit the earth&# thing — The Theory of the Wealthy Jesus. Posted in ass hat, imbeciles [.].


A New Book on Defamation and Celebrity

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Here is the introduction to the book. David Rolph, University of Sydney, Faculty of Law, has published Reputation, Celebrity, and Defamation Law (Ashgate: 2008). The concept of reputation is the central legal interest protected by the tort of defamation but

Former Illinois Governor Signs Book Deal

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Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich has landed a six-figure book deal with Phoenix Books, but some political rivals aren't happy about it. An Illinois legislator has already filed a "Son of Sam" bill aimed at prevented the former chief exec

More On the Google Book Search Settlement

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Not everyone thinks the Google Book Search settlement is a good idea. Pamela Samuelson at Boalt Hall Law School has pointed out the pros and cons of the settlement in a letter sent to Judge Denny Chin, who's overseeing the

Taking a book off the e-shelf

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By Eriq Gardner Popular literature has been around at least since the Greek ages, and printed books since Johannes Gutenberg figured out the mechanical printing press, but that doesn't mean the book industry is immune to some of the same.

Is the Google Books Settlement Good For Readers? Authors?

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Commentary on the Google books deal, from the New York Times

Radical lawsuit hits comic book powerhouse

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By Eriq Gardner In the comic book world, there are heroes and evil-doers. In the real world, it's sometimes hard to tell the difference. Just in time for Comic-Con comes allegations that Radical Comics owner Blatant Entertainment, the company behind.

Louisiana's Governor To Write Book About His Life, Policies

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Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has signed a publishing deal with Regnery Books to write a book about his experiences and political views. The book, to be co-written with Peter Schweizer, should be out next year

Open Book Alliance

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According to the AP , Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon and the Internet Archive are going full bore at opposing the Google Books Settlement. Justice Department that Google's broad settlement with authors and publishers could undermine competition in the digital book market."

U.S. Register of Copyright Marybeth Peters on Google Books

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Marybeth Peters gave her usual cogent analysis at a congressional hearing last week, this time on the Google Books case. A very quotable synopsis of the "de facto compulsory license" problem: [Register Peters explains] why allowing Google to continue to scan millions of books into the future, on a rolling schedule with no deadline, is tantamount to creating a private compulsory license through the judiciary.

William Morris Endeavor: Opt out of Google Books Settlement

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Not surprisingly, the William Morris Endeavor talent agency has advised its clients--twice--to opt out of the Google Books settlement: "There is an important right that is relinquished under the terms of the Settlement that the Authors Guild does not adequately address. Tags: creepy google books william morris endeavor google books settlement creepy eric schmidt

On the Google Book Search Settlement

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Picker, University of Chicago Law School, has published The Google Book Search Settlement: A New Orphan-Works Monopoly? Randal C. as U of Chicago Law & Economics, Olin Working Paper No. Here is the abstract. This paper considers the proposed

G-books and Googleopoly

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Scott Cleland has another illuminating post on Google's anticompetitive activities, this time in the context of the G-books settlement in the Google Books class action litigation. Note that the Google Books class action is the first time in history that a class action has been used for a future license not correcting a past harm.

Google Books: How bad is the metadata? Let me count the ways.

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Professor Nunberg provides some excellent slides illustrating his complaints about the abysmal quality of Google Book search and its metadata. Jean-Noël Jeanneney will be partcularly galled (no pun intended) by yet another variety of metadata screwup in Google Books--authorship attributed to the writer of a forward-- Madame Bovary by HENRY JAMES for example. Given the right machine, you could train a reasonably intelligent pet to scan books.

New Zealand Herald: Google Books is Cultural Imperialism

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An excellent article on Google Books from the New Zealand Herald: "'The deal is cultural imperialism on a par with the 1980s US flexing of military might over nuclear ship visits, says the Auckland branch secretary of the Society of Authors, Adrian Blackburn. ". Department of Justice, the Open Book Alliance, the Germans and the French in calling foul on the Leviathan of Mountain View.

Harkaway nails it: Google Books is the inverse of Gutenberg

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UK author Nick Harkaway nails the fundamental fallacy of Google's argument about the dissemination of information through Google Books: "Gutenberg’s invention led to a massive decentralisation of information, as the Church was no longer able to control what was written down and read. Google Books] is actually the opposite: broad access to a single resource through one entity – Google." Tags: creepy google books getting googled creepy eric schmidt

Lessig's bad advice redux: FT: "[Google Books] is cultural rape."

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Excellent reporting by Financial Times on the new twist in the Google Books fiasco. Tags: cultural rape google books settlement "French publishers say Google has never negotiated with them about its digitisation scheme even though the millions of works held in US libraries already scanned by the company include thousands of French titles." Welcome to France, Mr. Schmidt. Here's a tip: N'entendez aucun mal, ne voyez l'aucun mal, ne parlez aucun mal.