Mon.Jul 04, 2011

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Righthaven, Righthaven, Really?

The Legal Satyricon

Since my firm is engaged in quite a few cases against Righthaven, I want to limit my comments. But, fortunately, this blog post from Righthaven Victims seems to say it all. copyright

A New Book on the Music Business In Eighteenth Century England

Media Law Prof Blog

A new book on The Music Trade in Georgian England from Ashgate Publishing. It is edited by Michael Kessler. Here's a description from Ashgate's website. In contrast to today's music industry, whose principal products are recorded songs sold to customers

Doubting of Thomas

The Legal Satyricon

The Atlantic provides a good study into Clarence Thomas’ dubious claim that he is merely a faithful “originalist.&# (source) Filed under: Civil Liberties, First Amendment, imbeciles. Civil Liberties First Amendment imbeciles

A Baseball Team, and TV Rights

Media Law Prof Blog

From the New York Times, a discussion of how tv rights factor into the battle over ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers

ACLU Challenges “cyber bullying” ban in Tennessee

The Legal Satyricon

The international association of crybabies has had quite a lot of success getting “cyber bullying&# into the national lexicon, and following that, getting new laws passed in order to make sure that nobody’s feewings get hurt on the Internets. First Amendment