YouTube’s Animal Abuse Videos

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Like every other awful thing in the world, a search for “animal crush” on YouTube brings you a slew of horror, all of which is available to children as well as the deranged. And it’s not like YouTube doesn’t know these videos are there–here’s one that is “age-restricted” Someone had to make that decision–someone at YouTube. creepy youtube YouTube Kids Scam YouTube Meltdown Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act Rep.

Google Beats Lawsuit Accusing YouTube of Censoring Conservatives

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A judge holds that YouTube isn't a "public forum" run by a "state actor." Business Politics Tech Business THR Online Google YouTube Politicsread more. THR, Esq.

Man Bites Dog, Lyor Wants an Audit and YouTube is Good For You

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They say it’s news when man bites dog, but it is also news when Lyor Cohen invites YouTube audits–or maybe even an SEC investigation. But Lyor seems to think promoting how much YouTube has paid to artists is going to make people feel better.

@SusanWojcicki Thanks YouTube “Creators” for Making Her Rich

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Article 13 YouTube Meltdown

Must Read Guest Post by @kerrymuzzey: YouTube’s Latest Deceptive Tactic

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But like all indies, I have to make a choice—do I let YouTube and others just rip me off or do I try to stop it despite the burdens. Here’s a new YouTube tactic that I first thought was a mistake when it happened recently, but they tried it again today, so now I think it’s pretty much just “the new stall tactic.” . Back to my claim—the Music Department at YouTube confirmed that my metadata was fine and accurate after all, and deferred to YouTube Copyright.

Not Very Bright: Things are out of hand at YouTube, just they way they planned it

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Bloomberg’s Mark Bergen and Lucas Shaw have written one of the most revealing stories yet about just how out of control YouTube really is and just how incompetent YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki is to handle it all (“ Inside YouTube’s Year of Responsibility “). (How How Susan W came to have the YouTube job I’m sure has nothing to do with being the ex-sister-in-law of Google founder Sergei Brin.).

“YouTube for YouTube” @midem: @davidclowery and @theblakemorgan Review “YouTube For Artists”

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After doing that, YouTube’s attack on labels at MIDEM is triangulation of the first water particularly because I think that YouTube is simply a data profiling honeypot disguised as a video service. So here is the question: Is “YouTube for Artists” masking Google’s massive failure to innovate? I asked two working artists and artist rights advocates Blake Morgan and David Lowery what they thought about YouTube’s campaign.

@realrobcopeland: WSJ Reports Google Reveals YouTube Revenues of $15 billion of Value Gap, CEO Wants More–Where’s Ours?

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Very insightful reporting from Rob Copeland at WSJ on Google’s revenue that culls out YouTube’s share of Google’s revenue–and boy are we getting hosed. Alphabet said YouTube exceeded $15 billion in annual revenue in 2019.

Follow the Money: YouTube’s Failure to Pay Retroactively Gives “Conversion Rate” a Whole New Meaning

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YouTube, of course, has never been too terribly interested in anything that moves users away from advertising, hence the many failed efforts at launching a YouTube subscription service by a company that knows more about user behavior than anyone in history.

YouTube Will Drive Lyor Crazy

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Lyor Cohen is going to run YouTube Music. First, remember that YouTube has made a point of telling us how unimportant music is to their business. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall… But seriously, like any large organization, Google has competing bureaucracies and therefore its wholly-owned subsidiary YouTube does as well. ( Google is now the largest media company in the world.) Why it is that YouTube has such little clout internally is anyone’s guess.

Japanese Superhero Caught in Film, YouTube Rights Dispute

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Heat Vision Television Television Culture Tech THR Online YouTubeTwo Japanese companies duel over who owns Ultraman outside his country of origin. read more. THR, Esq.

The YouTube plot thickens…

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Further follow up to my post on Wednesday regarding YouTube’s automated audio-muting of user-generated videos containing unlicensed music… According to this piece at the Hollywood Reporter. YouTube is taking things a step further… allowing users to REPLACE offending music in video soundtracks with pre-cleared music… (automatically?). Tags: copyright Film youtube Entertainment law fair use Intellectual property First Amendment

Is YouTube The Lyor Show?

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You’ll hear a lot of trash talk about Lyor Cohen, but credit where it’s due–he gave an interview that interested me about how he sees his role at YouTube. So when Irving Azoff says of Google that YouTube doesn’t pay artists and songwriters adequately–even the top songwriters in the world who are members of Irving’s Global Music Rights–that’s entirely consistent with the predatory business model Jim DeLong identified.

Guest Post by @schneidermaria:What Do Whore Houses, Meth Labs, and YouTube Have in Common?

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[Editor Charlie sez: We’re pleased to publish this guest post on YouTube written by Maria Schneider , a five-time GRAMMY-winning composer and bandleader, a board member of the Council of Music Creators , and an active supporter of]. After all, it’s not fair to legal whorehouses that pay their share of taxes to lump them with meth labs and YouTube. Google and YouTube facilitate the theft of billions of dollars in stolen intellectual property.

@tpoletti: Google’s YouTube ad controversy should scare investors

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via @tpoletti: Google’s YouTube ad controversy should scare investors — Artist Rights Watch. creepy youtube YouTube Meltdown YouTube ScandalWhen is an “ad credit” actually a refund? As Chris wrote on MusicTech.Solutions, Google advertisers should be entitled to refunds stretching back years for Google’s failure to live up to its promises to protect advertisers from their ads appearing in terror videos.

YouTube News

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From the Hollywood Reporter: Sarah Silverman and others announce new YouTube channels and content here. In addition, more than sixty (yup, 60) new channels will make their debuts on YouTube. New YouTube partners include Endemol and the BBC. More info

Taking the Worry Out of Moral Panic: Senators Tillis and Lee Call for Investigation into Google Favoring YouTube in Search

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We began noticing how Google started favoring YouTube in search results as well as it’s other products. Senators Tillis and Lee want to know if it’s the same with YouTube. In total, over the past three years YouTube received more than $34 billion in advertising revenue.4.

YouTube Revenues Explainer

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I had the good fortune to participate in a SXSW panel about the mechanics of YouTube revenues. YTP, YTPC= “ YouTube Partner “, “YouTube Partner Channel”. Music Tech Solutions. If I say so myself, it was a wonderful panel with some deep expertise (“ Stop Complaining and Start Monetizing “). There was a real interest in the audience about the mechanics of the rights involved and the revenues paid.

Le Tatou’s Excellent Explainer on YouTube’s Role in Article 13 Lobbying–from @TatouProd

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“What no one tells you about Article 13” As we’ve read in recent reporting from Europe, Google’s Susan Wojcicki has been twisting arms among their “YouTubers” to put out videos not only opposing Article 13, but also using the Google party line. Enter Le Tatou, who are significant YouTube stars in French. Their Article 13 explainer demonstrates how YouTube has tried to manipulate YouTubers and deceive the public.

The TAZ, Pirate Utopias and YouTube’s Obsession with Safe Harbors

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YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki is frantically wheeling around Europe this week in a despairing effort to establish a US-style safe harbor in Europe and undermine Article 13, the Copyright Directive for a Digital Single Market. Let’s understand that the very concept of a safe harbor for YouTube has its roots deep in the pirate utopias of Internet culture–a fact that may get overlooked if you aren’t a student of the Silicon Valley groundwater.

The Ennui of Learned Helplessness: Article 13 and the Five Lies in YouTube’s Content ID

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According to Wired (“ Don’t believe the hype: Article 13 is great news for YouTube “), YouTube is positioned to be a big winner due to the Article 13 requirement for “upload filters” If you’re keeping your brackets for “Most Googlely Journalist” in the post-Article 13 March Madness spin, Wired gets the three point play on this post–there are no upload filters in Article 13, so not quite sure what Wired is getting at here.

YouTube Creates Financial Incentive for Counternotices that Profit YouTube

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Now YouTube has announced that it will hold money on ContentID claims unless the YouTube account files a counternotification, including ones based on the poster’s interpretation of fair use. That’s the most likely meaning of “dispute process” in the little YouTube picture below. If the lawsuit isn’t filed, then YouTube releases the money. So YouTube will continue to monetize infringing content–stop right there.

YouTube Recruits Children to Lobby Against Article 13

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” Actually, you don’t have to go as high as God–Google, YouTube and Facebook know exactly what it’s doing to our children’s brains. And then YouTube uses its seeding accounts on other social media to praise the lobbying campaign and create spin. None of this should came as a surprise–YouTube has a long history of failing to protect children from a host of unsavory activities on YouTube.

YouTube Confirms It’s Worthless

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Imagine walking into a product manager’s office and telling them to forget putting the band’s videos on YouTube because it’s worthless. YouTube is a key part of our marketing plan, and so on. Yes, the dynamic and oh so very soulful Christophe Mueller, the latest in a long line of YouTube executives from Central Casting, tells us that music videos have next to nothing to do with this : No, Mr. Christophe gives out numbers that work out to 2.5%

Judge Denies Copyright Class Action Against YouTube

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YouTube Tech Business The plaintiffs sued in 2007 over alleged infringements on the video-sharing site. read more. The Business THR, Esq.

“ISIS is armed with butcher knives, captured weapons and YouTube…”

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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu laid it down today in his speech to a joint meeting of Congress: “ISIS is armed with butcher knives, captured weapons and YouTube…” This will come as no surprise to MTP readers as we have been hammering this issue for a long, long time. And of course YouTube has gotten away with it so far, just like Google has with so many of its bad acts. Ads before isis video on YouTube?

Guest Post by @schneidermaria: Open Letter to YouTube, “Pushers” of Piracy

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[We’re pleased to post this open letter to YouTube written by Maria Schneider , a five-time GRAMMY-winning composer and bandleader, a board member of the Council of Music Creators , and an active supporter of]. Open Letter to YouTube, “Pushers” of Piracy. Hank Green’s recent open letter in support of YouTube (that was in response to Irving Azoff’s open and scathing letter against YouTube ) deserves a strong response from musicians and other creators.

Vevo Shows YouTube Advertisers How You Do It

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If you’ve been following the YouTube advertising debacle, you may have seen reports that YouTube is planning on offering discounts (aka refunds) to the advertising accounts it burned by showing ads on terror, hate and other videos in violation of Google’s promises (aka contracts) with those advertisers. So why is YouTube having this problem? That’s why YouTube promised not to serve ads in those places in the first place.

Google’s Uncertain Trumpet: Why is YouTube still hidden in the search alphabet?

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What Google is essentially accomplishing is moving its riskier business lines under separate managers under the new Alphabet holding company but is leaving search, Android and YouTube in Google. (It One also can’t help noticing that the European Commission is currently prosecuting Google for antitrust violations in search, investigating Android and has a complaint against YouTube pending from IMPALA (the European indie label association). What About YouTube?

Studios back Viacom in YouTube litigation

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By Matthew Belloni Three of the major Hollywood studios have joined performing rights associations in supporting Viacom’s $1 billion copyright lawsuit against YouTube. Tags: Copyright Fair Use IP/Tech Web/Tech YouTube An amicus brief was filed Friday in New York by a coalition including Warner Bros., NBC Universal.

Universal Music May Have Inadvertently Exposed a Flaw in the YouTube Takedown Process

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Eriq Gardner One rap artist speaks out against UMG, YouTube, and SOPA. Music Music Tech Business Universal Music Group YouTube SOPAread more. THR, Esq.

Hotfile Slams MPAA's Interpretation of YouTube Ruling

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The Business Tech Business Google MPAA Viacom YouTubeEriq Gardner What did the Second Circuit really say in its recent verdict on Viacom's appeal? Hollywood studios offer a reading. The cyberlocker has its own interpretation. There's no peace in ongoing copyright wars. read more. THR, Esq.


Read Viacom's motion for summary judgment in YouTube case

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Tags: Copyright IP/Tech Litigation YouTube

Viacom, Google Settle Long-Running YouTube Copyright Lawsuit

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Television YouTube Google Tech Viacom Business The resolution ends a nearly seven-year-old case that was closely followed in both the entertainment and tech sectors. read more. The Business THR Online THR, Esq.

Viacom Demands New Judge in YouTube Copyright Fight

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Television YouTube Tech Viacom Business An appeals court is primed to review the long-running dispute a second time. read more. The Business THR, Esq.

Must Read by @jamesbridle: Something is wrong on the internet [With YouTube Kids]

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Another YouTube fish story. The Values Gap redux: Must read post by James Bridle on the truly bizarre goings on at YouTube Kids. I’ve also been aware for some time of the increasingly symbiotic relationship between younger children and YouTube. Uncategorized YouTube Kids Scam YouTube Meltdown Child Abuse Susan Wojcicki

Gamers Beware – YouTube Takedowns on “Let’s Play” Videos

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Gamers beware – YouTube will take you down for “Let’s Play” videos. A flurry of activity occurred in early December as YouTube users posting “Let’s Play” videos, which generally feature recorded gameplay with running commentary by the user, were hit with Content ID takedown claims resulting in thousands of blocked videos. What’s more interesting is YouTube activated this round of Content ID matches without the support of the game developers.

EBay, Facebook, Yahoo back YouTube in Viacom case

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In the wake of three Hollywood studios standing behind Viacom in its $1 billion copyright fight with Google's YouTube, four new media powerhouses have now joined Team YouTube. EBay, Facebook, Tags: Copyright Litigation YouTube By Matthew Belloni So the battle lines are being drawn.

Yahoo 87

Takedown 'victims' must wait for YouTube decision

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The tactic has been irksome to many who have uploaded content onto YouTube only to see it taken. Tags: Copyright Litigation YouTube By Eriq Gardner We've written about the legal strategy dismissively known as "Send takedown request first, ask questions about the merits later."

YouTube’s “Femoral Fiesta”

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Here’s another monetized YouTube video about how to self-inject…what exactly? It’s from the playlist “ How to shoot dope “ #YTMA

Youtube gets Sirius

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This week I heard an ad for a new program on SiriusXM called "Youtube 15" which features the top 15 trending songs on Youtube and it made me think of the multiple layers of streaming at play here. Obviously, the artists of the top 15 will make much more money from their Youtube views than a weekly spin on the Youtube 15 program. SiriusXM represents the largest paid subscriber pool and Youtube represents the largest viewership. I am big fan of SiriusXM.

YouTube’s Five Lies Redux: Here is a Sixth

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Here’s what Tunecore said: “You cannot submit tracks to YouTube for revenue collection that. by Youtube.”. Audiam’s reply was not correct, however: YouTube does indeed allow artists to monetize tracks that include the type of non-exclusive legitimate samples I mention here, but content owners need to sign up with Content ID directly, as opposed to using a middle man, and most indies can’t do that so we’re back to square one.].

Viacom Replaces Superstar Lawyer on Eve of YouTube Appeal

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The Business Tech Business Viacom YouTubeEriq Gardner Former solicitor general Ted Olson doesn't attend a key appeal court hearing after Viacom chooses Paul Smith to handle oral arguments. read more. THR, Esq.