Wholesale Scraping of “Public” Data May Be Trade Secret Misappropriation

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In what could be prove to be an important decision within the context of scraping of “public” data, in a recent case the Eleventh Circuit reversed a lower court’s dismissal of trade secret claims relating to the scraping of insurance quotes. However, the court disagreed with the lower court in finding that the use of automated techniques to scrape large portions of the database could constitute “improper means” under state trade secret law.

Defend Trade Secrets Act Claims Subject to CDA Section 230 Immunity

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In what is one of the most recent attempts to circumvent the immunity provided in Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (“CDA” or “CDA Section 230”), the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts made it clear that claims brought under the Defend Trade Secrets Act (18 U.S.C. §§ 1836, et seq.) (“DTSA”) are not exempt from the scope of CDA immunity. Defamation Online Content CDA immunity consumer review website DTSA federal trade secrets claim

Sandeen and Mylly on Trade Secrets and the Right to Information @SharonSandeen @UniTurku

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Sandeen, Mitchell Hamline School of Law, Hanken School of Economics, and Ulla-Maija Mylly, University of Turku, Faculty of Law, are publishing Trade Secrets and the Right to Information: A Comparative Analysis of EU and US Approaches to Freedom Sharon K.

Top Ten Lists: Patent, Trademark, Copyright, and Trade Secret Cases

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McJohn, Suffolk University Law School, is publishing Top Tens in 2013: Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Trade Secret Cases in the Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property. Stephen M. Here is the abstract. This paper discusses notable intellectual property law

Trade secret war over Hollywood set locations

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By Eriq Gardner A lot of people would love to see their home used as the set location for a big Hollywood movie. Sure, it's a nuisance, but property owners get a great story to tell their grandkids and, with.

Free Speech and Trade Secrets

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Rowe, University of Florida College of Law, has published "Trade Secret Litigation and Free Speech: Is it Time to Restrain the Plaintiffs?" Trade secret misappropriation litigation is Elizabeth A. in the Boston College Law Review (2009). Here is the abstract.

Talent Agency Defections Spark Trade Secrets Lawsuit

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Eriq Gardner Diverse Talent Group sues three of its former agents and rival, Function Talent Group, for stealing info and poaching clients. read more. THR, Esq. The Business Business

Rethinking Hot News and Trade Secrets As Property Rights

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Claeys, George Mason University, has published Intellectual Usufructs: Trade Secrets, Hot News, and the Usufructuary Paradigm at Common Law, in Intellectual Property and the Common Law (Shyam Balganesh ed., Eric R. Cambridge University Press, forthcoming). Here is the abstract. Contemporary

'Star Wars' Model-Maker Sues Ex-Employees For Stealing Trade Secrets

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Two long-time employees of iconic model-maker Grant McCune stole a key client and proprietary information before leaving to form a competing company, according to the lawsuit. read more. THR, Esq. Movies Movies THR Online

Movie research firm claims former head misappropriated trade secrets

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By Gregg Kilday Caught off-guard when Kevin Goetz resigned as president of its motion picture group in late February, entertainment research firm OTX has taken its case to court. On Tuesday, OTX filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against.

Hollywood Docket: Motley Crue's 'Drum Ring' Isn't Stolen Trade Secret

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A roundup of entertainment law news including a possible Terrence Malick settlement and "Y.M.C.A." in French. read more. The Business THR Online THR, Esq. Business

'Star Wars' Model-Maker Sues Ex-Employees For Stealing Trade Secrets

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

Two long-time employees of iconic model-maker Grant McCune stole a key client and proprietary information before leaving to form a competing company, according to the lawsuit. read more. THR Online THR, Esq. Movies Movies

Top Ten Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Trade Secret Cases of 2010

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McJohn, Suffolk University Law School, is publishing Top Tens in 2010: Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Trade Secret Cases in the Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property (January 2011). Stephen M. Here is the abstract. This piece discusses notable intellectual


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Common Software Licensing Language at Issue in IP Dispute

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In this case, a Michigan district court found that broad and general software ownership provisions extended to trade secrets embedded in the software at issue, but that a fairly expansive definition of “reverse engineering” might not be broad enough to cover certain activities associated with developing similar software. Ford sought a declaratory judgment seeking, among other things, a ruling that it had not infringed any trade secrets owned by Versata.


The Legal Satyricon

Hooters Restaurant (of bodacious tatas and BBQ wings fame) is suing some restaurant group called La Cima for theft of their trade secrets. misc trade secretMove over, Coca-Cola. La Cima wants to open up a bunch of boobie restaurants of their own called Twin Peaks. Source. Apparently, Hooters’ former Vice President of Ops bailed to go be the [.].

We’re Friends, Right? Client List Misappropriation and Online Social Networking in the Workplace


3) of the Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment and Technology Law will contain the following Note regarding trade secret issues that have developed with the rise of company use of popular social networking websites. The upcoming Spring 2009 edition (Vol. 11, No.

Drones and Dead Rockers. Special guest: Enrico Schaefer – Episode 74

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7 Congress Passes Sweeping New Legislation To Protect Trade Secrets. The Latest episode of my Entertainment Law podcast, Entertainment Law Update , is now available for your enjoyment. Listen here, or subscribe and download in your favorite podcast listening app. Show notes are located at [link]. Here’s what we talked about… DRONE LAW. 2 Special Guest: Enrico Schaefer. 3 Prince’s death; Review of his legal influences.

SeaWorld Demands Probe of Investigator's 'Blackfish' Ties

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After being featured in an unflattering documentary, SeaWorld now says it has evidence tying a government investigator to a leak of company trade secrets. read more. The Business Movies THR Online Blackfish THR, Esq. Business

Judge Restrains Lindsay Lohan From Promoting Her Social Shopping App

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A $60 million trade secrets case targets the actress and her brother for surreptitiously working on a "clone" business and diverting celebrities read more. Culture Movies THR Online THR, Esq. Tech Business

Handling Disputes Over Access To Employee Social Network Accounts

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A Trade Secret Solution to Allocating Rights as Roger Williams University Legal Studies Paper No. Zoe Argento, Roger Williams University School of Law, has published Whose Social Network Account? 131 (to be published in Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review

CBS Allowed to Pursue 'Glass House' Producers in Arbitration (Exclusive)

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A judge has dismissed a demand that the network be enjoined from arbitrating claims that ex-'Big Brother' producers violated trade secrets by creating an alleged copycat show. read more. The Business THR, Esq. Big Brother Television CBS ABC Business

CBS Settles With 'Glass House' Producers

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After dropping a lawsuit against ABC, CBS continued to pursue executives for allegedly stealing "Big Brother" trade secrets to make another reality TV show. read more. The Business THR, Esq. Big Brother Television CBS ABC Business

Lawsuit says NBCU stole Hulu from Hulavision

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By Matthew Belloni EXCLUSIVE: Video-sharing sensation Hulu and founding investor NBC Universal were sued today by a Canadian company called Hulavision, which claims NBCU execs stole its trademark and trade secrets after meeting with its founder.

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Hollywood Docket: IMAX vs. Cinemark; ComcastNBCU or else; Pirate Bay plundered

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Entertainment law news this morning: IMAX is suing its former partner Cinemark in New York County Court, claiming the theater chain stole trade secrets and breached a contract by attempting to reproduce a "bootleg version of the IMAX Experience."

Asked and Answered: Protection for a game.

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Generally, speaking, Many types of games may be registered for copyright, patent, trade secret, and even trademark protection, depending on what’s being protected. Trade Secret protection covers non-public information (i.e., “secrets&# ). Copyright registration is relatively inexpensive, and trade secret protection costs nothing, except the effort to ensure secrecy.

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I’m Presenting at Podcast Movement 2016

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Trade Secrets. I’m coming to Chicago for Podcast Movement. Just a quick announcement that I’ll be speaking at the Podcast Movement conference in Chicago next week. Q & A session on legal and business issues for podcasters. As I predicted a few years ago, Podcasting is starting to come into its own as a medium, and podcasters are now becoming targets for lawsuits, regulation, etc.

Verizon Doesn't Get Christmas Wish For a TRO

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Verizon asked a federal judge for a restraining order against a former employee who now works for rival Allied Wireless Communication Corporation, citing trade secret concerns, but Judge James M. Moody noted that some of the information the company cited

How to Protect Your Ideas when Working in Hollywood – Entertainment Law Asked & Answered

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Ideas are NOT protected under copyright law, or any other law, unless they're also TRADE SECRETS. the key there is the word SECRET. If you share your idea with someone without a promise that they won't use it or tell it to others, it stops being a secret… and that's it. VIDEO: [link]. TRANSCRIPT: How to protect your intellectual property and other materials when working in Hollywood.

Entertainment Law Update Podcast – Episode 47

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Motley Crue’s “Drum Ring” Isn’t Stolen Trade Secret. Motley Crue’s “Drum Ring” Isn’t Stolen Trade Secret King v. Entertainment Law Update is brought to you by Clio, the best way to manage your practice online. Clio allows you to manage your matters, clients, time, bills, trust accounts and more all through a a secure, easy-to-use, web-based interface.

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Protecting against Cybersecurity Threats when Working from Home

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Employees working from home may be accessing or transmitting company trade secrets as well as personal information of individuals. Exposure of trade secrets or confidential business information can potentially cause significant business damage or loss. If an employee is working in a public place, such as a coffee shop, third-parties with a view of the employee’s computer screen or printed documents also poses a security risk to trade secrets or personal information.

3 Reasons why copyright registration is important for all kinds of documents

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check with an attorney, though, if your documents contain trade secrets or other proprietary information, since registration requires deposit of a copy of the works with the Library of Congress. Copyright registration is increasingly important for all types of businesses and all types of documents. it’s not just about media content. Companies and individuals should consider registering their copyrights in all kinds of documents they may consider valuable.

Google’s Racketeering Challenge

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1961(5), through the repeated, relentless, and purposeful theft of other companies’ IP and trade secrets. . theft of trade secrets and criminal infringement of copyright) are the regular way of conducting Defendants’ businesses. by theft of trade secrets and criminal infringement of copyright) such that they are liable for harm done to others by their acts of racketeering under the Federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, 18 U.S.C. §§ 1961, et seq.

Communications And Entertainment Law Blog - Untitled Article

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Ex Microsoft staffer arrested for allegedly stealing Win 8 trade secrets "Alex Kibkalo, a former senior architect at Microsoft who most recently served as a director of product management in 5nine Software (according to his LinkedIn profile ), has been arrested for allegedly stealing Windows-related trade secrets while working for Microsoft.

Entertainment Law Update Episode 20 – Tattoos and Topiaries

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Mattel misappropriated trade secrets from MGA and owes the company $88.5 Bratz dolls, early models or sketches; and said that MGA did not steal trade secrets. Call us with your feedback: (310) 243-6231. In this Episode: follow ups on Righthaven, Girls Gone Wild,etc.

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New Line, Univesal Orlando sued over themepark attraction.

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TRADE SECRETS THEFT AND BREACH OF CONTRACT LLEGED BY ORLANDO BUSINESS AGAINST NEW LINE CINEMA AND UNIVERSAL ORLANDO. ORLANDO, FLORIDA—ICC Designs, an Orlando-based business that has for over 25 years designed and produced theme park attractions, recently filed suit against New Line Cinema and Universal Orlando for theft of its idea and design for a “Halloween Horror Nights” attraction, featuring New Line characters “Freddy,” “Jason Voorhies” and “Leather Face.”.

Why Small Business Owners need to think about intellectual property protection

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Trade Secrets. Every small business owner knows that time and money are important assets. But how many consider the value of their intellectual property? How many small businesses even consider that they own any intellectual property? Sadly, too few small business owners have ever consulted an attorney about their IP assets. Often as not, those that DO consider their IP as assets don't believe they can afford to work with expensive lawyers or to get involved in costly lawsuits.

Coronavirus and the “100% Work-From-Home” Scenario: Review Agreements with Vendors of Remote Access Technology

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Perhaps even worse, employees working locally on their own devices without connecting to their organization’s network may be transmitting sensitive business information, trade secrets and personal information in an insecure manner. As part of the response to the outbreak of COVID-19, many organizations are working on contingency and business continuity plans that include an all-employee “work-from-home” scenario.

Open COVID Pledge Rolled Out to Make Patents and Other IP Available for COVID-19 Response

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In an innovative initiative in the battle against the Coronavirus, the newly-formed Open COVID Coalition (the “Coalition”) launched the Open COVID Pledge (the “Pledge”), a framework for organizations to contribute intellectual property to the fight against COVID-19. Pursuant to the Pledge, rightsholders can openly license intellectual property to facilitate the development of tools and technologies to counter the COVID pandemic.

Obama’s Call To Intellectual Property Rights Owners

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Who should comment: inventors, songwriters, music publishers, recording artists, record labels, literary authors, book publishers, trademark owners, trade secret owners, technology owners, patent holders.

Coming Soon: AI-Driven, Personalized Legal News from ALM

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Practice areas, including antitrust, consumer protection, employment, intellectual property, product liability, securities and trade secrets. For legal professionals, it can be a challenge to keep up with the legal news that matters to your practice.

More on the Need to Make Clear Who Owns Digital and Social Media Assets

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The company claims that the Twitter account, covering a local college sports team, was property not of the employee, but of the newspaper – pointing out that the account had actually been started by a predecessor employee, and that the employee handbook gave all rights to intellectual property, trade secrets and other intangibles created by the employee during the course of his employment to the newspaper company.

2016 Guest Post by @schneidermaria: Content ID is Still Just Piracy in Disguise: An Open Letter to Rightsholders and a Music Industry Ready to Renegotiate with a Monster

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Why in the world is it fair for YouTube to keep all of this data as a “trade secret” when it’s generated from our own fans, often through piracy YouTube expressly facilitates? YouTube’s Dirty Secret about Content ID.