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The FCC has released the latest common carrier statistics report. Link here

Gun crime statistics by US state: download the data. Visualised | World news | theguardian.com

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This is the latest data Get The Data crime statistics by US state: download the data. How high is gun crime across the US - and which states have the worst figures? Visualised | World news | theguardian.com

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Marijuana really brings out the asshole statist in everyone, doesn’t it?

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Federal prosecutors decided that it is time to make examples of the Californians who are supplying marijuana to willing customers. Their rationale: People are making money off of it. Their heartstring argument, we can’t have people selling marijuana in stores near parks and schools. Yes, “what about the children?” ” And a few states over, a [.]. off topic

FCC Extends Comment Deadline in Multiple Ownership Proceeding and Issues Updated Statistics on Minority Ownership of Broadcast Stations

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The Commission also today issued its latest statistics on ownership of broadcast stations, broken down to assess ownership by gender and minority status. These new statistics may well play into some of the comments filed in the ownership proceeding. The FCC has extended the time for filing comments in its ownership proceeding.

Pirate Appreticeships

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employment law misc leap day pirates of penzance statistics wage gapby Jay Marshall Wolman How quaint the ways of Paradox! At common sense she gaily mocks! Though counting in the usual way, Years twenty-one I’ve been alive. Yet, reckoning by my natal day, Yet, reckoning by my natal day, I am a little boy of five! The Pirates of Penzance, “When You had Left Our […].

Pirate Apprenticeships

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employment law misc leap day pirates of penzance statistics wage gapby Jay Marshall Wolman How quaint the ways of Paradox! At common sense she gaily mocks! Though counting in the usual way, Years twenty-one I’ve been alive. Yet, reckoning by my natal day, Yet, reckoning by my natal day, I am a little boy of five! The Pirates of Penzance, “When You had Left Our […].

Belichick made the right call

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Statistically speaking. Posted in sports.

Attorney General, New York City is not even in the top 10 American Cities for violent crimes nor is it in the top 10 American cities for it's murder a, a list that Atlanta, 3 miles from where I live falls in. Alabama's biggest city Birmingham, in your home State is number 1 in the top ten of violent crimes in medium size cities. Don't you read FBI statistics before you act like your boss #LiarInChief. #ResistanceIsNotFutile.

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Obama Issues New Anti-Piracy Plan

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The government updates statistics on investigations and arrests and also talks about its priorities including transparency, communication and education.

Ethical Pool: More for few or fewer for more – The Results of a Comparative Study on Pro Rata and User Centric Distribution Models from Finland — Music Tech Solutions

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An academic statistical analysis from Finland raises interesting questions about user-centric royalty systems. via Ethical Pool: More for few or fewer for more – The Results of a Comparative Study on Pro Rata and User Centric Distribution Models from Finland — Music Tech Solutions. Ethical Pool Music Modernization Act Dr. Jari Muikku Dr. Pradeep Durgam Finnish Musicians Union Lottaliina Pokkinen user-centric royalties

Rioting Breaks Out in Huntington Beach After Surfing Open - Many people don't want to hear this kind of tough love, of course. They'd like to bury their heads in the sand and pretend that all white children are as sweet and harmless as Taylor Swift. But the reality is that the statistics tell a different story. For instance, according to research from the Department of Justice, 84 percent of white murder victims are killed by other white people [PDF]. Similarly, white rape victims tend to be raped by other whites [PDF]. White-on-white violence is a menace to white communities across the country, and yet you never hear white leaders like Pastor Joel Osteen, Bill O'Reilly, or Hillary Clinton take a firm stance against the scourge.

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Australian study shows that strip clubs are safer than churches

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The New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research showed that you are statistically more likely to be a victim of a crime at church than in a strip club. Places of worship also took the lead in sexual offences (16), theft from motor vehicles (33), resisting arrest (7) and liquor offences (10). Harassment [.].

A New Legal Educator Blog Census

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Colin Miller has posted a new Legal Educator Blog Census here (A-L), here (M-Z), here (alphabetical list), and here (statistics

Formal vs. Informal Content: The Aha Moment


To learn more about these statistics or how Pathgather can reinvent learning at your organization, reach out to us at info@pathgather.com.

“The Irrationality of Giving Up This Much Liberty to Fight Terror”

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It does make you wonder why we’ll cast the Constitution aside to prevent a statistically insignificant event, meanwhile we’ll let far greater (and preventable) threats continue unchecked. Conor Friersdorf breaks it down here. Filed under: misc.

“Tinseltown” doesn’t just mean Hollywood anymore.

Gordon P. Firemark

Statistically, only a small percentage of refusals are reversed by the board). When clothing manufacturer Topson Downs sought registration of the term “Tinseltown” as a trademark for belts, blazers, sweatshirts and t-shirts, the trademark office refused the registration.

One quarter of Republicans believe Obama is the Antichrist

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Among other statistics, 40% of respondents said that they [.]. DeVoy And here I thought Antichrist merely was the most badass film to come out of Cannes since Pulp Fiction. In a recent poll, 24% of Republicans, 6% of Democrats and a composite 14% of Americans believe that Obama is the son of Satan incarnate.

It’s Game On for Lexis with Launch of ‘Evidence Challenge’

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Law students, in particular, are key consumers of ebooks, Lexis says, citing statistics that say six in 10 college students prefer digital books over print. Over the last two years, LexisNexis has been ramping up its library of ebooks, with a growing list of titles for both practitioners and law students. One of the advantages […] The post It’s Game On for Lexis with Launch of ‘Evidence Challenge’ appeared first on Robert Ambrogi's LawSites. General

Article 13: Let the Investigations Begin

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number of votes or top rank) are not statistically generalizable, they should not be used as the basis for policy or planning.”.

Why you should have a lawyer for every deal

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Next time you're going into a legal matter, deal, or transaction, consider what the statistics from that UNC study have now proven. Why hire a lawyer?

Deal 254

Why We Let Prison Rape Go On - NYTimes.com

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"IT’S been called “ America’s most ‘open’ secret ”: According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, around 80,000 women and men a year are sexually abused in American correctional facilities. That number is almost certainly subject to underreporting, through shame or a victim’s fear of retaliation

New dads also suffer post-partum depression

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DeVoy A new study, involving statistical review of 43 prior studies on post-partum depression that included 28,000 adult males and females, has shed new light on this form of depression. The condition, normally associated with women such as Andrea Yates, who drowned her five children in a bathtub after a lengthy bout with [.].

WHY did we fight a WAR to keep these imbeciles in the Union?

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You might think I like you more, but statistically speaking, I’d throw you into a swarm of sharks and bees to make room for a Mississippian. I love some people from Mississippi… in fact, some of my favorite people on the face of this planet are from there. There are at least 10 people from [.]. imbeciles misc

The GOP Dead? Time For the Libertarian Party to Strike!

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Every country needs a far-right, bat-shit-crazy, nationalist, statist, whining about “traditional values&# pack of bigots. [.]. I remember after Kerry lost, the Democratic Party was being written off too, so I’m not so certain that the elephant is an endangered species. Frankly, I think there is a place for the GOP in America’s future.

Copyright Erosion: How DMCA Misuse Became A Multimillion Dollar Shakedown and Income Transfer

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However, since Google is a monopolist in both search and online advertising, the difference between what Google does and others do while measurable is unlikely to be statistically significant. Originally posted on MUSIC • TECHNOLOGY • POLICY : I participated on a panel at the 2013 USC Institute on Entertainment Law and Business on October 5 in Los Angeles.

Why L&D Goes Hand in Hand with M&A


This nervousness isn’t unfounded, as countless statistics can be widely cited about the disappointing success rates of M&As, and experts have struggled to pinpoint the root of the problem. Mergers and acquisitions are playing an increasing role in business strategy, as 56 percent of CEOs expect their companies to pursue an acquisition over the next 12 months, according to EY’s Global Capital Confidence Barometer.

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Man “finishes” World of Warcraft

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I believe we can safely add another statistic to the numbers — he has had sex 0 times during this period. What’s with the “hugging&# ? ‘Little Gray&# beat the game after killing 390,895 creatures, administering 7,255,538,878 points of damage, completing 5,906 quests (averaging 14 quests a day), raiding 405 dungeons and hugging 11 players. source) Posted in [.].


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Nelson’s professional basketball prospects and skills were also widely questioned, notwithstanding Nelson’s sometime stellar statistical output on the court. (As LAWSUIT TARGETS ARTICLE WRITTEN BY PULITZER PRIZE WINNING AUTHOR.

Internal Mobility: How Learning and Internal Promotions beat Hiring from the Outside


Statistics provided to Pathgather by the Society for Human Resource Management show that on average, three-quarters of positions are filled externally, while one-quarter are filled internally. When you see competing companies start to exceed where your business is lacking, there’s a natural response: try to poach the competition. Or, if that’s impossible or unaffordable, you may check in with recruiters and cast a wide net to find candidates.

WIPO Launches Site to Simplify Access to IP Information

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Topics covered here include technology, brands, designs, statistics, WIPO standards, IP classification systems and IP laws and treaties. The Geneva-based World Intellectual Property Organization has launched a website designed to provide quick and easy access to international IP resources. Called WIPO Gold , the free resource provides a gateway to WIPO’s broad collection of searchable IP data and tools.

Sunstein calls for “cognitive infiltration” of dissident groups

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Cass Sunstein, drunk with his little thimbleful of power he got by being given a job in the Obama administration is really letting his statist colors show through. Sunstein takes a page out of the Bush administration’s playbook and suggests that the government should engage in “cognitive infiltration&# of disfavored political groups. source) Cass [.].

20 Questions Sidebar: “Frozen Mechanicals” and The Importance of Advocacy

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to the same value in 2019 in current dollars according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There is a certain Truman Show aspect to songwriter royalties–the government sets the royalty rates, not arms length negotiation.

Communications And Entertainment Law Blog - Untitled Article

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As a Gallup report pointed out recently: “For more than a decade, Gallup has found the majority of Americans believing crime is up, although actual crime statistics have largely shown the crime rate continuing to come down from the highs in the 1990s and earlier.”

GC Are Typically White, Middle-Aged Men Living in California Who Earn Over $400K

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There are some 113,000 general counsel in the United States, but a statistical analysis being released today suggests that they are surprisingly homogeneous.

Basic Cable Clarification & Details

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The source close to AFTRA says the union has statistics on this. There were some statistics of this sort in AFTRA’s 2007 magazine article on basic cable. In yesterday’s post regarding the schedule for this cycle’s negotiations, I said that SAG and AFTRA would be jointly negotiating basic cable starting on November 7. Sources close to AFTRA and SAG have corrected me on this—and provided more details. My take on this was based on a misreading of a SAG press release from 11 days ago.

ABA Technology Survey on Social Networking

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Reliable statistics about lawyers’ use of technology are hard to come by, but this annual survey has proven to be a fairly good indicator of overall trends. The ABA Legal Technology Resource Center is out with its 2010 Legal Technology Survey Report.

Factiness EU Style: A Dedicated Group of Like Minded People Carpet Bomb’s The European Parliament

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number of votes or top rank) are not statistically generalizable, they should not be used as the basis for policy or planning.” Viddy well, little brother. Viddy well. from A Clockwork Orange , written by Stanley Kubrick based on the novel by Anthony Burgess.

Monday Morning JetLawg


Yahoo and NFL Players Association settle over use of players’ statistics in online fantasy football. In the news. Ukraine passes law banning possession of pornography. - Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa drops lawsuit against Twitter. Lawsuit in the making?

Popular Legal Directories, Ranked by Traffic

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To find out, I checked Alexa.com , which tracks statistics for all major websites. Based on those statistics, it assigns each site a global rank as well as country-specific ranks. Which online lawyer directories get the most traffic? Not surprisingly, the two top-ranked sites in the world are Google and Facebook. Alexa calculates a site’s rank using a combination of its average daily visitors and pageviews over the past three months.

@Europarl_EN Explains Article 13 and Google’s Fake “Lobbying”

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Indeed, some statistics inside the European Parliament show that MEPs have rarely or even never been subject to a similar degree of lobbying before (such as telephone calls, emails etc.). This week the European Parliament issued a scathing rejection of Google and Facebook’s massive lobbying campaign against Members of the European Parliament over what’s often called “Article 13”, or the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market.

Pandora Tops 200 Million Users – Should Streaming Services Pay Lower Royalties?

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RIAA 2012 Year-End Shipment Statistics. With Pandora’s topping of 200 million users , surely they can develop a business model to increase their revenues instead of decreasing their payments to copyright owners. I am a fan and user of Pandora’s services. Do I enjoy the ads that are inserted between songs on the “free” Pandora- no.

Google Glass Addiction: What Did They Know and When Did They Know It

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Let’s have a look at the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), the shrink’s bible. MIKE WALLACE. Fame has a fifteen minute half-life, infamy lasts a little longer.

For State Attorneys General, the Human Trafficking Investigations Should Start at YouTube

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January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness Month.