ALM Shuts Down Smart Litigator, Its Web Resource for Litigators

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The ad was for Smart Litigator, a product launched in 2010 by ALM as a multi-faceted resource for litigators. The post ALM Shuts Down Smart Litigator, Its Web Resource for Litigators appeared first on Robert Ambrogi's LawSites. Among my dubious claims to fame was having had my over-sized visage plastered on a full-page ad that ran in the New York Law Journal in 2011.

A Smart Resource for Smart Litigators

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Legal media company ALM has rather quietly launched a new Web resource for litigators, Smart Litigator. The site is intended for litigators in New York state but will become the template for the eventual roll-out of similar sites in other states where ALM has offices.

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Three More Resources Relating to Judge Profiling

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In a post yesterday, In Litigation and Legal Research, Judge Analytics is the New Black, I wrote about three websites that provide data and analytics about judges. The post Three More Resources Relating to Judge Profiling appeared first on Robert Ambrogi's LawSites. Thanks to sharp-eyed readers, I have learned of three other sites with similar missions. Two of the sites were just this week awarded start-up funding through the Knight News […].

Italian film mogul wins $14M tentative decision in battle with '300' producer

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By Matthew Belloni Italian film producer Vittorio Cecchi Gori has won a tentative award of almost $14 million from a former executive at his company who was accused of usurping resources to benefit his own producing career. Tags: Litigation Here's the full.

Does an indemnification clause really protect you?

Gordon P. Firemark

In this short article, I’ll explain why having an indemnification clause in your contract may have little impact on your situation should you find yourself in litigation of third-party claims. How will the indemnitor come up with the resources needed to resolve the case?

Why it’s dangerous to rely on free online entertainment law contract forms

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Boilerplate contracts: 3 Legal Risks. Last week, I read an interesting post by Betty Wang , over at Findlaw's Free Enterprise blog, titled “Using Boilerplate Contracts? 3 Legal Risks.”


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In a society where parents fabricate the disappearance of their small child in the hopes of getting a reality television show, it should be no surprise that Erik Estavillo is seeking his fifteen minutes of fame as a serial litigant. However, given the limited and overburdened resources of our federal and state courts, let’s sincerely [.].


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In his latest and third encyclical letter, Pope Benedict comments about the current global economic crisis and mentions certain intellectual property rights, the litigation of which constitutes a large part of my practice. So the practical question at the end of the day is: Should we be devoting so many resources and energy to enforce IP rights for every potential violation -- like against fan sites which do not profit from the use of such IP?


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After years of complicated litigation, BVHE was ordered to pay over $6 million. During the litigation, BVHE claimed that the limitation on distribution costs was a mistake, applied only to "marketing" costs" or that the production company and its successors waived those limitations. (I Litigation over movie profits is complex and difficult.

Mass. Courts Launch Self-Help Site for Child Support Cases

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The Massachusetts Probate and Family Court, together with the Massachusetts Justice Project and others, today announced the launch of an online resource designed to help self-represented litigants more easily complete court forms in Massachusetts child support cases.


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The issues are complicated, and litigating them requires substantial resources -- on both sides. NY FEDERAL JUDGE RULES THAT ALLEGEDLY DEFAMATORY STATEMENTS ABOUT ANNA NICOLE SMITH'S ATTORNEY/COMPANION SHOULD BE PRESENTED TO A JURY Last Wednesday, on August 12, 2009, a federal district court judge in New York ruled that the defamation case filed by Anna Nicole Smith's former attorney and companion, Howard K.


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I have represented media companies in cases where the cost far outweighed the actual amounts in dispute in the litigation. Even if resources are scarce, like it was for Room 8, effective counsel must be retained to fight for these principles. AGGRESSIVE GOVERNMENT TACTICS PUT ALL MEDIA INCREASINGLY AT RISK Recently, news media organizations have faced government pressure to reveal sources or other information or face criminal prosecution.

Bloomberg Law Now Fully Integrates BNA Content

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The practice centers (see the screencap below) are sections of Bloomberg Law that pull together key resources for subjects such as labor and employment law and intellectual property law. I have followed the birth and development of Bloomberg Law with great interest.

What Can We Learn from the SCO Litigations?

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Utah), the current act in the long-running drama of the SCO litigations aimed at the Linux operating system, refused to grant SCO's motion to set aside the jury verdict rendered last March. The ownership of the UNIX code goes to the heart of all of the claims that SCO has raised in the other litigations, and if thet verdict stands, those litigations are effectively over. Last week, the district court in SCO, Inc. Novell (D.

20 ways to use your entertainment lawyer in the new year.

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As a resource. It goes without saying, that if you're faced with litigation or arbitration, you're best served by having an experienced trial lawyer representing you. Are you missing opportunities because you're not using your entertainment lawyer? If you're like most people, you don't think much about having a lawyer on your side until you need advice, or to make or defend against some kind of threat.

Ninth Circuit Rejects VPPA Claims of Roku Channel User, Declining to Adopt Broad Definition of PII

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The Ninth Circuit was persuaded by the Third Circuit’s more narrow construction – focusing on what is actually being disclosed by the provider and whether an ordinary person could use it to identify an individual, as opposed to whether a third party could take such data and identify an individual using outside resources.

Cadwalader Site Seeks to Help Combat Domestic Human Trafficking

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The purpose of the site is to heighten public awareness of human trafficking in America and to provide a platform for anti-trafficking organizations and advocates, including lawyers, to collaborate and share resources. Across the United States, men, women and children — both U.S.

How Google Took Over the Justice Department Antitrust Division: Renata Hesse’s Timeline

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After that elevation, her portfolio still includes Litigation Section III–run by a lawyer named David C. June 6, 2014 : DOJ Litigation Section III requests public comments on general review of ASCAP/BMI consent decrees, no mention of 100% licensing.

New Service Helps You Vet Expert Witnesses

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Robinson is an attorney and former litigator who was also the founder of JurisPro Inc. , a free resource to find and research expert witnesses. Whether you are about to retain an expert witness or about to cross-examine one, you want to learn everything you can about the expert’s experience and background. A new service, Expert Witness Profiler , helps you do exactly that.

The MMF’s Google Problem

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If you’ve had a look at the Public Citizen report “ Mission Creep-y “, Google’s technique of buying their way into issues or industries and increasing their dominance in their ownership and influence through control of resources should come as no surprise.

The Cross-Industry Promise of Blockchain

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While there is great enthusiasm, optimism and resources associated with applying the blockchain in other industries, the viability of these implementations as part of a general commercial rollout is still unproven. Litigation is likely to ensure. The blockchain protocol (a form of a ‘distributed ledger system’) was originally designed as a platform to process Bitcoin transactions.

The Declining Utility of the ASCAP and BMI Consent Decrees: Music Licensing Study

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I respectfully suggest that it might be a good use of Copyright Office resources to conduct a formal study of the consent decree process with an eye toward determining if it is beneficial to all concerned or whether it actually produces an expensive slugfest only affordable to the rich and unduly costly to songwriters and publishers. The U.S. Copyright Office is conducting a “ Music Licensing Study ” as part of the government’s overall review of the U.S.

Funny How that Works: @edchristman reports: Irving Azoff, Top Radio Groups Reach Temporary Licensing Agreement

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According to a statement issued on behalf of GMR by lawyer Dan Petrocelli of O’Melveny & Myers, representing the PRO in the antitrust litigation; and a letter to RMLC members from RMLC chairman Ed Christian, radio stations have until Jan. The MIC Coalition.

New Site Mines Legal Briefs for Relevant Research

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By creatively connecting legal briefs with their associated opinions, BriefMine will allow lawyers to identify successful pieces of prior litigation, and unearth insight into how these cases were won. If BriefMine can provide a comprehensive collection at a reasonable price, it could prove to be a valuable resource. A new website, BriefMine , aims to help lawyers mine a collection of legal briefs for nuggets they can use in their own research and arguments.

But Mommy, I’m Special! The Internet Society Wants to Punch Your Nose and Commoditize You Without Your Permission

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This rather stunning bit of Googley sarcasm from the frequently-Googley litigator Mr. Bridges sums up the geek view of the world. As Professor Armen Alchien has stated widely held views among economists of private property rights as a bundle of rights: A property right is the exclusive authority to determine how a resource is used…One [attribute of private property] is the exclusive right to the services of the resource.

Legalish Topic “Follows” On Twitter

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Twitter is an amazing resource for staying current on breaking news issues that relate to your practice. link] Great resource for launching and building your music business brand. Tags: trademark registration branding music publishing Trademark trademark litigation Copyright Litigation Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Copyright twitter ADR mediation Lewisville Texas Digital/Internet Music Business Blogroll by Tamera H. Bennett. Posted December 12, 2008.

Music Lawyer Tamera Bennett Talks Eminem, Rick James and Allman Brothers

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A similar incontestability provision was included in the 1985 Allman Brothers recording agreement (originally signed with PolyGram Records) that’s part of the band’s current litigation against UMG pending in federal district court in New York. For those who have the financial resources, artists should comply with the contract objection provision, send notice of an audit and perhaps even send a tolling agreement to the label to freeze the contract-imposed limitations period.

The Future for Television: More Google Union-Busting

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Google only does when it is dragged kicking and litigating to the table. Google TV will further the usual shakedown business model–we will steal from you until you get tired of litigating then you will give us a deal on our terms (YouTube, Google Books, etc.). As Newman points out: Producing for niche audiences inevitably means fewer resources — and production companies will likely make up the difference in lower wages for many production workers.

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Rogue Sites Legislation: Enter the Amendments for the 1% (Part 2)

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Put off the day of reckoning long enough while they are bleeding resources from their prey and there is less likelihood that they will ever pay anything or if they do it will be a fraction of how they have profited themselves in the meantime. Enter the amendments to the rogue sites legislation—because what causes more delay than federal copyright litigation? Or rather, the International Trade Commission followed by federal copyright litigation.

Harvard professor getting on Yale judge's nerves in piracy case

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" The behavior has drawn the ire of the RIAA, who despite public indications it would step back from its aggressive anti-filesharing litigation strategy, has nevertheless pursued this one, perhaps to counter Nesson's zealous and possibly counterproductive defense of his client.

Example of “New Boss” Contracts: The YouTube covenant not to sue

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In particular, it requires a waiver of any past infringements, prohibits the publisher from “joining in” to litigation (such as a class action or other group of joint plaintiffs), and might preclude a publisher from suing a “User” (including a YouTube “premium partner” like the shadowy Maker Studio, presumably) for any infringement if the user also posted the offending video on YouTube.

Keeping the RIAA’s Gun Loaded: The Thomas-Rasset Saga Continues


Well, the litigation continues, and the RIAA’s initial award of $1.92 Certainly it will be more scary than the message that the RIAA will cave for $25,000 after four years of litigation.

Filmmaker’s Panelist Named: Fort Worth Fearless Film Festival

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Filmmakers’ panels, new this year to the Fearless Film series, survey legal frameworks for as well as resources available to Texas filmmakers in three sessions Saturday, April 18 in the downtown Fort Worth library’s Chappell Meeting Room. Texas Filmmakers Resources , 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. Tags: Blogroll Copyright Copyright Litigation Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Film/TV Lewisville Texas Music Music Business Right of Publicity Trademark branding music publishing product placement

LexisNexis Rolls Out Lexis Advance for Solos

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This is one price and one set of resources. But they will differ depending on whether they are targeted to law librarians, transactional lawyers, litigators, or what have you.

Fearless Film Panel Music Handouts

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You may also use a resource such as AllMusic , with the understanding that is not always correct. Tags: Blogroll Copyright Copyright Litigation Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Entertainment lawsuit Film/TV Music Music Business creative commons music publishing recording agreements by Tamera H. Bennett. Planning on a great time today at the Music Panel in conjunction with the Fort Worth Fearless Film Festival.

How Do We Know Driverless Cars Are Safe? Google Says ‘Trust Us’

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million civil penalty and a litigation settlement of over a billion dollars. That leaves the field to the less technically-experienced, more resource-poor state DMVs.

Looking for a New FM? – FCC Releases a Potential “Shopping List” of Channels that Will Be Available in a Future Auction

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Even included on this list is the FM channel of the station that had its license designated for hearing as the station had been silent for almost its entire renewal term (see our article here), a hearing that never had to happen as the licensee surrendered its license rather than trying to litigate over whether its renewal should be granted. Now that the TV incentive auction has been completed, that may free up some FCC resources to devote to new auctions for broadcast services.

Entertainment Law Update Podcast Episode 16: How we track stories; top stories of 2010

Gordon P. Firemark

Some online resources we use to keep on top of the stories. Next we have this feedback from Jonathan …. (Play audio) (wants leads on resources to stay up on enterttainment law news). Gordon’s list: File sharing litigation and BIG awards. The Hurt Locker mass-litigation.

Getting the Government Out of Songwriting: Voluntary Licenses Should Replace Consent Decrees or Compulsory Licenses

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It’s comforting to know that the DOJ has the resources to devote to this pressing issue! Given the high cost of rate courts, their rates are arguably more a product of who can afford to sustain the litigation rather than fairness for songwriters. [Editor Charlie sez, this article originally appeared in the Huffington Post.].

The Attack of the Unholy Alliance

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The current state of massive online theft is often referred to as a “market failure”—but it is more than a mere inefficient allocation of resources. public financial markets from which they effectively raised that $500,000,000, not to mention their litigation and lobbying budgets, and they know that video streaming of illegal content is a huge advertising business for them—particularly if a future version of Chrome turns every browser into a Bit Torrent seeder.