Location managers protest LA City Council agenda item - Council to consider tougher film permit rules and deadlines.

Gordon P. Firemark

The LA City Council is once again contemplating changes to the City’s location permit rules that stand to make much more difficult for Location Managers, especially those working on short timelines. The agenda for the March 31 Council meeting includes consideration for new rules would impose longer lead-times for permit requests to be submitted to LAPD, making it much harder to shoot in LA.

L.A. To get a film commission? Didn’t we already have one?

Gordon P. Firemark

I’ve just read that L.A. city council member Richard Alarcon has asked city officials to report on the steps needed to create a film commission to persuade production companies to shoot in L.A. I’m stunned that the city, historically home to the TV and Movie industries, hadn’t already had such a commission.

Comcast Writers Overwhelmingly Vote for WGA in Unofficial Secret Ballot

Digital Media Law

About 3/4 of eligible writers voted in an unusual procedure supervised by LA City Council president Eric Garcetti, meant to draw attention to labor issue. Details: The Hollywood Reporter. Watch for my new book “Hollywood on Strike!,” due out next month. Subscribe to my blog ( jhandel.com ) for more about entertainment law and digital media law. Check out my residuals chart there too. Go to the blog itself to subscribe via RSS or email.

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