The Royal Scam: Content ID and Google’s Massive Profits From Piracy and Crime

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Google and YouTube have managed to create a scam that has gone largely undetected and largely unpunished for a decade–illicit activity that is both seen through the sale of advertising and unseen through data scraping in the background.

This is the Only Question for the Next Head of the Copyright Office

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Google Lobbyist and DNC Speaker Susan Molinari. “Do you support codifying Google’s terms of service in the law?” All of them are dedicated to codifying Google’s terms of service in U.S.

Google 107

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MTP Podcast:Fix Google’s Antitrust Problem by Fixing Its Supervoting Stock

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HOW A CAREER CON MAN LED A FEDERAL STING THAT COST GOOGLE $500 MILLION. Issues that House Judiciary Should Investigate Against Google–End Supervoting Shares for Publicly Traded Companies. Google Nonprosecution Agreement with Criminal Division DOJ. Google Drugs: De Kalb County Pension Fund Shareholder Derivative Complaint Against Google for Breach of Fiducary Duty, Etc. Google Drugs Shareholder Settlement. AG Jim Hood’s Subpoena of Google.

@GTP_Updates Demonstrates Google’s European Influence Campaign

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” There probably has never been as revealing an insight into Google’s short, loathsome and treacherous lifespan as the Article 13 legislative process in the European Parliament. It has put a microscope on Google’s fake lobbying campaign, but it also shows the extent of Google’s influence peddling to protect its profits from the European version of what we call the DMCA safe harbor. with sufficient clout to cause Google to alter its conduct.

United States v. Google: Public Access To First Status Conference

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Google 2020 Antitrust Case Google Antitrust Investigation US v. Google HearingsThe first hearing is scheduled for Friday 10/30/20 at 10 am ET. You can dial in to listen only (you will be muted) on the court’s public access line at (877) 848-7030, access code 321-8747. News from the Goolag US v.

Why Creators Should Care About Google v. Oracle in the Supreme Court–@artistrights Watch

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Supreme Court that I haven’t paid too much attention to–but suddenly realized it’s something we should all care about because it could set precedent for fair use cases for decades to come: Google v. But digging a little deeper it is also about Google’s obsession with “permissionless innovation”, Newspeak for “theft.” ” And when I say “Google”, I don’t really mean Google as a company.

Google’s Racketeering Challenge

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According to a recent civil lawsuit, a plaintiff is suing Google for violating the racketeering laws (aka “RICO”). ( Attia et al v. Google et al , Cal. 1:14-cv-270143.) I’ve been waiting for this since 2012 when it dawned on me one day that Google is running a criminal enterprise (see “ Google’s Guide to RICO “). Where no NDA is required, Google has simply copied and criminally stole other inventors’ copyrights… 115.

It Finally Happened: United States v. Google Demonstrates the Real Value Gap

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2, to restrain Google LLC (Google) from unlawfully maintaining monopolies in the markets for general search services, search advertising, and general search text advertising in the United States through anticompetitive and exclusionary practices, and to remedy the effects of this conduct… Over time, Google has chosen to include important features and functionality in Google’s own ecosystem of proprietary apps and APIs, rather than the open-source Android code.

Copyright Alliance CEO Issues Statement on Supreme Court Ruling in Google v. Oracle

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Supreme Court’s April 5 decision in the Google v. Oracle case , in which the Court ruled 6–2 that Google’s copying of Oracle’s Java code was permissible under the fair use doctrine, Copyright Alliance CEO Keith Kupferschmid stated the following: . Yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling in favor of Google in the decade long Google v. Google v Oracle News from the Data Lords News from the Goolag Copyright Allian Google v. In a statement issued today on the U.S.

Uncle Sugar is Back, Baby, Because That’s Where the Money Is

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The Prospect speculates that on top of everything else, Hesse would have to recuse herself from the US Government’s current antitrust case against Google. Being the Person from Google who is here to help is not a good calling card anymore.

The First Rule of Lawfare: Is Google’s Active Measures Campaign on Article 13 a Trial Run for Election Meddling by a US Non-State Actor?

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Google on the Back Foot with the Copyright Directive. Google and Facebook recently suffered a lobbying debacle in Europe over the European Copyright Directive. A triumph for artists, Google’s European loss was the worst lobbying defeat that Silicon Valley has been handed in a long time—at least since the SESTA legislation cut back another safe harbor in the U.S. Once again scrubbing the floor for the House of Google. Fast forward to today: Google needs a Plan B.

Google’s Fair Use, Warhol’s isn’t… or is it?

Gordon P. Firemark


Google Beats Lawsuit Accusing YouTube of Censoring Conservatives

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

Business Politics Tech Business THR Online Google YouTube PoliticsA judge holds that YouTube isn't a "public forum" run by a "state actor." read more. THR, Esq.

Guest Post by @schneidermaria: Google’s Self-driven “Carma”

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It’s the height of irony that Google finds itself in court suing Uber over the piracy of documents and creative works it believes should be protected as its intellectual property (IP). My short summary of their self-driven car case goes like this: Google offered Anthony Levandowski a whopping 120 million dollars to head their self-driving car development. Google alleges that Uber and Levandowski have “illegally downloaded” Google’s creative works and distributed them to others.

It’s A Leak: Google’s Double Super Secret European Lobbying Order of Battle Against a Level Playing Field

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According to two separate sources, Google’s secret attack plan against Europe’s planned Digital Services Act has leaked. told the FT: “We have no intention of co-operating with Google on upcoming EU platform regulation.

EU 56

Google Sued for Allegedly Breaching "Googles" Agreement

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

The owner of Googles has something in common with Paul McCartney. read more. THR, Esq. Business Television Tech Business THR Online

Welcome to Skynet: Google Expands the Google Terminator Division

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Looking at passing Google driverless car]. According to the widespread press reports (including the New York Times ), Google is rapidly expanding its Skynet operations with major acquisitions of military grade robots from Boston Dynamics (developed with money from DARPA). I mean…”Wildcats” like this one: No wonder Google cut the driverless car crash scene from The Internship. Google Skynet Google robots Skynet Terminator by Chris Castle.

Google and Amazon Leverage Copyright Loophole to Use Songs Without Paying Songwriters

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Because Google and Amazon–purveyors of Big Data–claim they “can’t” find contact information for song owners in a Google search. That’s right–Google and Amazon are falling over themselves to use their market power to stiff songwriters yet again. The latest loophole that Google and Amazon are hacking is uniquely American–the compulsory license for songs. That’s right– Google is supposed to search.

The MMF’s Google Problem

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David Lowery’s recent post on the Trichordist reveals the disclosure by an apparent whistleblower that the Music Managers Forum and to some extent the Feature Artist Coalition have each been taking undisclosed money from Google and Spotify. Because when confronted with the artist rights grass roots movement that Lowery personifies, we can expect Google to do what they always do–try to co-opt it one way or another. For which Google sells the ads , of course.

@GTP_updates Report on “Google Academics, Inc.”

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Ever wonder why it is that some academics seem to be as close to Google as 1 is to 2? The Google Transparency Project has released a fascinating report and searchable database of papers written by academics funded by Google ( according to the group’s methodology ). Because make no mistake–Google’s multimillion dollar influence peddling campaign on campus is all about influencing regulators and lawmakers. Source: Google Academics, Inc.

Finally, a Google Whistleblower, Part 1

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But one thing that Enron and Drexel have in common with Google is that they both developed incredibly complex financial instruments. Google calls it Adsense. And just like derivatives trading it is largely off the books and almost entirely in the control of Google one way or another. It’s very complex, in fact it’s so complex that only Google really has all the information to know what’s going on. What if Google was corrupt to its core?

Google’s European Campaign Contributions on Article 13

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MTP readers will recall that both the Times of London and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung have confirmed the efforts by Google to influence the vote on copyright reform in the European Union, an investigation we called for on MTP and for which we were mocked by the usual suspects. And the Member of the European Parliament who certainly appears to be as close to Google as 1 is to 2 is the Pirate Party representative. RITTER.

Google Searches for a Way to End "Googles" Breach Lawsuit

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

SM Kids alleges Google has violated a 2008 deal by producing content for children on YouTube. read more. THR, Esq. Business Television Business THR Online

Google’s Charm Offensive Comes to Senate IP Subcommittee

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Unfortunately, the hearing witness list seems to indicate an overwhelming influence of Google and Google proxies as well as a representative of the Pirate Party. banking system to receive illicit payments from users or advertising revenue from companies like Google and Adbrite. [16]

So Much For the Public Interest: Sonos CEO @Patrick_Spence Reveals the Harsh Retaliation of Google and Amazon

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Huntington, Charles Crocker, Mark Hopkins and of course Leland Stanford, for whom Leland Stanford Google University is named. A Sonos speaker looks an awful lot like Amazon’s Alexa speaker or the Google Home speaker, but predates each by many years.

Google Glass and Creepy Permissionless Innovation

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Creepy Google Glass

“Google and the World Brain”

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We have been no fans of the Google Books project, from its tortured use of sovereign immunity to take books out the back door of state libraries for commercial gain to the crappy deal for authors, to Google’s attack on the class representatives, to Lessig’s bizarre defense of the project (conveniently forgotten as it sank through one litigation catastrophe after another). google books google books settlement

Taking the Worry Out of Moral Panic: Senators Tillis and Lee Call for Investigation into Google Favoring YouTube in Search

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Let’s be honest–Google is not an honest broker in search results and probably never has been. We began noticing how Google started favoring YouTube in search results as well as it’s other products. So for Google Maps again, it’s the first link.”

Google Facilitates the Sale of the Drug that Killed Prince

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The answer to that is quite straightforward: Just one click away in a Google search or a YouTube video. In fact it is so well known in some law enforcement circles that Google was the subject of a multi-year sting operation by the FBI, IRS, FDA and the U.S. Google paid a $500,000,000 fine for doing exactly what they are doing with fentanyl–facilitating the sale of illegal prescription drugs to whoever wanted to buy without a prescription.

4 Million DMCA Notices Don’t Stop the Google Piracy Machine: How Google Drives Traffic to Pirate Sites Through Google Alerts

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Google news alerts are emails sent to you by Google through the data analysis of its monopoly search engine. Yes, the all seeing Google knows a lot of stuff and they are happy to share it with you so you can share it with others. Google will send you a link that matches your news alert and will always have social media sharing links to Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter. (I Or more precisely, how would Google know

Google Says Don’t Break the Internet–Again–this time to Oracle at SCOTUS

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Quick–how many times have you heard Google try to beat back challenges to their bad behavior with the old “Don’t Break the Internet” meme? Google’s at it again, this time as part of the litigation involving its theft of copyrights from Oracle.

@GTP_Updates: White House Kept Close Tabs on FTC Google Antitrust Probe — Artist Rights Watch

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Newly-uncovered emails show the White House was closely tracking the outcome of the Federal Trade Commission’s antitrust probe of Google, with an official contacting Google’s lobbyist shortly before the agency’s decision to settle the case. via @GTP_Updates: White House Kept Close Tabs on FTC Google Antitrust Probe — Artist Rights Watch. White House Internet Advisor R. David Edelman.

Where is Kim Jong-Il When You Need Him: Google Pulls the Same Old Stuff on State AGs

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Remember when Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood sent Google a subpoena demanding answers to what Google was doing to comply with Google’s non prosecution agreement over selling illegal drugs that cost $500,000,000 of the shareholders’ money for the executives bad behavior?

@hneidig: Yelp accuses Google of violating FTC settlement

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Yelp is accusing Google of violating a 2012 settlement with the Federal Trade Commission in which the internet search giant agreed to stop passing off third-party content as its own. Luther Lowe, Yelp’s vice president of public policy, sent a letter to acting FTC Chairman Maureen Ohlhausen on Monday saying that Google has been scraping images from Yelp to include in search results for certain local businesses.

EU 50

Must Read by @davidclowery: Google Doxx: Google Funded Groups in 2017 Illegal Doxxing of FCC Chairman — The Trichordist

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Editors note #1 – Over the last year, this blog has been reporting on Google’s apparent use of proxies in an attempt to intimidate members of the EU parliament into voting against the proposed EU Copyright Directive. via Google Doxx: Google Funded Groups in 2017 Illegal Doxxing of FCC Chairman — The Trichordist. Guest Posts Must Read News from the Data Lords News from the Goolag David Lowery Google Shills

EU 40

Finally, a Google Whistleblower, Part 2

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This post is a continuation of “ Finally, a Google Whistleblower, Part 1 ” that I recommend you read first and then come back to this one. In a nutshell, we finally have what appears to be someone who is willing to take on Google’s Adsense business practices from the inside of Adsense. Adsense is the “publisher” side of Google’s advertising business–publishers being the sites who offer advertising space for sale.).

Former Google Employees Allege Company Retaliated Against Them For Union Activity

Media Law Prof Blog

From Buzzfeed: Four Google employees who lost their jobs last month say the company terminated their employment because they were involved in protected labor activity. Now they're asking the NLRB to investigate Google's actions.

Just so you know where you stand: Google attacks authors and photographers organizations in Google Books case

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Daralyn Durie stood before Judge Dennis Chin for what seems to me to be a rather shabby proposition: The Authors Guild and the American Society of Media Photographers should be disqualified from representing authors and photographers as a class in the Google Books litigation and that each author and photographer whose work Google infringed should be forced to sue Google individually.

Power Transition, Lawfare and the Spotify/Google Interlocking Directorate

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On May 12, 2014, Spotify’s director of economics Will Page gave a presentation at the Music Biz Conference in Nashville (hosted by the Google-dominated Music Business Association, formerly known as NARM in a soon to be forgotten day). Yet it is Spotify’s failure to convert users of the Spotify ad supported service (with ads served by Google) to the Spotify subscription service that is at the heart of objections to continuing to license the ad supported service.

An Interview with Andrew Shaw of PRS for Music on Negotiating with Google, a guest post by Jonathan David Neal

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[Editor Charlie sez: We are lectured to endlessly about “transparency” by Google and their fellow travelers. Google is, of course, famously opaque, so whatever they mean by “transparency” they don’t apply the same standard to themselves and never will. Background: In the summer of 2007 PRS For Music, the UK PRO, licensed You Tube, owned by Google, for music use on a per download basis.

Google Seizes on Sony Hacked Docs to Attack MPAA Conspiracy

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

Google''s general counsel says the MPAA''s Project Goliath is "deeply concerning" read more. SOPA Google Tech Business Sony Hack THR Online THR, Esq.


Government Capture and Google’s Crony Capitalism Assault on America

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In case you haven’t noticed, Google has been conducting an all out assault on powerful positions in the U.S. Government” and not “the Obama Administration” for a reason–it just happens, it is merely coincidental that President Obama is the occupant of the White House during Google’s rise to power. Because, as Erik Telford writes in Townhall , “Google [is] the Halliburton of the Obama Administration.” Google Lobbying

Conservative Video Producer Suing Google Over "Censorship" Pushes for Injunction

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

Google urges a judge to throw out a lawsuit over restricted videos on YouTube. read more. THR, Esq. Business Television Tech Business THR Online