Face Force: Facebook’s Secret Foray to Boldly Go Where No Data Miner Has Been Before

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Facebook Meltdown Face Force Facebook's Drone program

The Cost of Evil: How Facebook Ripped Off @zoecello’s Fans

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On Sunday I discovered a fake Facebook event advertising a non-existant livestream for one of my covid-canceled concerts. Facebook replied that the event does not violate their community standards & suggested users change their news feed settings pic.twitter.com/7AMvWb0zvP — Zoe Keating (@zoecello) September 1, 2020. Facebook–aka the Ministry of Truthiness–did nothing. Facebook was informed of it at least by Zoë if not her fans, and did nothing.


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Reports that Facebook Will End Policy of Not Censoring Politician’s Posts – How Other Communications Platforms are Regulated on Political Speech

Broadcast Law Blog

According to press reports (see this story in Verge and this one in the Washington Post), Facebook will end its policy of not subjecting posts by elected officials to the same level of scrutiny by its Oversight Board that it applies to other users of its platform.

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ARW Poll Results: Facebook should pay independent artists and songwriters in cash

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It may come as a surprise but until a couple years ago, Facebook never licensed music or paid royalties. To my knowledge, Facebook paid huge payments to major labels and publishers and also made some deals with a handful of indie labels. Facebook Meltdown Our Finest Hour

Universal Leads Royalty Deadbeat Facebook Out of the Cold With Precedent Setting Licensing Deal

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This is what happens when you stick to your property rights– Bloomberg reports that Facebook, aka royalty deadbeat, has signed a multiyear licensing deal with Universal Music Group: Facebook Inc. The deal announced Thursday solves a long-running dispute, with Facebook agreeing to compensate the company and artists including Taylor Swift when users post videos that include copyrighted material. So we will see if Facebook is for real.

Facebook and the Enemy Within: T-Bone Burnett’s Keynote at SXSW 2019 — Artist Rights Watch

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Facebook Meltdown Uncategorized SXSW 2019 T Bone BurnettAs usual, Henry gives an extremely relevant and literate dissertation on the loss of humanity imposed on us by Big Brother’s youngest sibling, Mark Zuckerberg–the boy who wouldn’t grow up, but who instead created an app for Room 101. Please listen to T Bone when you have a quiet hour to yourself.

Facebook Announces It Will Remove Misinformation About COVID-19 Vaccines

Media Law Prof Blog

In a recent post, Facebook has announced it is beginning to remove false information about COVID-19 vaccines. Given the recent news that COVID-19 vaccines will soon be rolling out around the world, over the coming weeks we will start removing

Facebook faces US investigation for 'systemic' racial bias in hiring | Facebook | The Guardian

Communications And Entertainment Law Blog

Facebook faces US investigation for 'systemic' racial bias in hiring "Equal Employment Opportunity Commission indicates it suspects company policies may fuel broad discrimination The investigation stems from a lawsuit by a Facebook manager and several job applicants.

Must See Video: @SenJohnKennedy’s Blistering Questions for Facebook

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Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana nailed Facebook’s smarter-than-thou lawyer during a hearing on the utter failure of Facebook, Google and Twitter to stop their platforms being leveraged by foreign intelligence services. Your rubles are no good at Facebook. Senator Kennedy boxed Facebook’s counsel Colin Stretch into claiming under oath that Facebook could not profile by name and personally identifiable information–which is, of course, false.

Where Was the Board? Facebook’s “Pinto Memo” Says Volumes About Them

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No, the House of Zuck is in serious trouble over many aspects of the business model that Sheryl Sandberg perfected for Facebook. However, Facebook has been very good at keeping attention focused on what third parties have done with Facebook’s data, whether that use violated the Facebook terms of service, all the usual overly legalistic twisting and turning to avoid legal liability that we are so familiar with. Everything is not awesome at 1 Hacker Way.

'It let white supremacists organize': the toxic legacy of Facebook's Groups | Facebook | The Guardian

Communications And Entertainment Law Blog

It let white supremacists organize': the toxic legacy of Facebook's Groups Kari Paul "By the time Facebook banned QAnon content in 2020, a Guardian report had exposed that groups dedicated to the dangerous conspiracy theory were spreading on the platform at a rapid pace.

@musictechpolicy: Facebook’s Music Licenses: What’s Not to Like?

Music Technology Policy

Facebook pays no royalties for the music that gives significant value to the platform. Yet it is true—hitmakers and new artists, pros and amateurs alike do not get a penny from Facebook and the company doesn’t even attempt to license their work. The answer is that Facebook, like YouTube and many other user-generated content platforms hide behind the legacy DMCA “safe harbor” and its nonnegotiable, unconscionable, adhesion contract that controls the use of its platform.

YouTube, Facebook and Moral Rights

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The place where we have problems, of course, is with the New Boss companies like YouTube, Google and Facebook. Try boosting a post on Facebook and selecting the attributes of the audience you want to reach. I was honored last year to have been asked to participate in a symposium on moral rights co-sponsored by the U.S. Copyright Office and the Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property at the George Mason University School of Law.

Facebook and the News

Media Law Prof Blog

The New York Times on how Facebookers get their news

Spotify Settlement Points a Finger At Facebook

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Compare Spotify to Facebook. Facebook has no licenses. For all of Spotify’s problems, Facebook is not Spotify. Facebook is a royalty deadbeat. What the Spotify cases should tell Facebook is that Facebook should not expect to get a pass for their bad behavior. Facebook should expect to write a very large check for the past and a very large check for the future.

Wendy! Wendy! Peter’s Off His Meds Again! CEO Madness Sets in At Facebook

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According to a team of long-time tech reporters in the New York Times (see Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis ): [Apple CEO Tim] Cook’s criticisms [of Facebook’s well known intrusive data harvesting for its addiction machine] infuriated Mr. Zuckerberg [aka the boy who wouldn’t grow up], who later ordered his management team to use only Android phones — arguing that the operating system had far more users than Apple’s. I mean, Facebook.

@DavidIsraelite: It’s Time for Facebook to Accept Songwriters’ Friend Request — Artist Rights Watch

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With views in the millions, it’s time for Facebook to answer songwriters’ friend request and properly license their platform. via @DavidIsraelite: It’s Time for Facebook to Accept Songwriters’ Friend Request — Artist Rights Watch. Facebook Meltdown David Israelite Facebook the Massive InfringerOtherwise, it may find itself de-friended by the music industry.

Sheryl Sandberg is shocked, shocked that there is bad behavior on Facebook

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This has been a bad few weeks for two out of the four members of the FANG cartel–Facebook and Google. Their problems can all be summed up in a post by former Googler and current Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg–yes, that Sheryl Sandberg, who is a leading contender for beatification by the Congregation for the Causes of the Commercial Saints and former defendant in the Google shareholder derivative suit over Google’s violation of the Controlled Substances Act.

If $500 million is “nonmaterial” then why does royalty deadbeat Facebook refuse to pay artists and songwriters?

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MTP readers may have seen that Facebook’s Oculus virtual reality division lost a copyright infringement case in a $500,000,000 jury verdict for a variety of claims. What is interesting is how Facebook reacted to having to pay $500,000,000 for rights. Particularly since Facebook currently pays zero for music. According to the Hollywood Reporter: Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg on Wednesday told CNBC, “The verdict is non-material to our business.”

Eminem's Music Publisher Suing Facebook (Exclusive)

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

The Business Music Eminem Facebook THR, Esq. Rather than pulling down an advertisement that allegedly incorporated an Eminem song, the defendant''s lawyers attacked hip-hop legend Dr. Dre for stealing from Michael Jackson. read more. Tech Business

Humphrey Bogart 'Casablanca' Photo on Facebook Prompts Lawsuit Against Burberry

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

The Business Movies Style Tech Business FacebookEriq Gardner The clothing retailer says it has a First Amendment right to tell the history of its brand, and that the use of Bogart's photo is not a commercial exploitation of the actor. read more. THR, Esq.

Target Facebook: Is the Social Network Joining the “DMCA License” Group

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Facebook is unlicensed. We all know that Facebook profits from music, and some of us know that Facebook not only profits in a general sense from having music on their platform, but they actually sell the artist’s name. So there it is–Facebook is joining the “DMCA license” crowd–meaning that by relying on the hopelessly out of date “notice and shakedown” provisions of the U.S.

Spotify Class Action Take 2: @stuartdredge: HFA/Rumblefish to handle Facebook’s indie publishers

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Facebook is also announcing a partnership with SESAC and HFA/Rumblefish that will cover songwriters signed to independent publishers, with Rumblefish sharing data with Facebook to help it identify and clear works. Or, as the social network’s head of commercial music publishing partnerships Scott Sellwood put it, a deal that will offer indie publishers “the opportunity to participate in a new licensing program with Facebook.

@mekosoff: Silicon Valley’s Tech Gods Are Headed for a Reckoning How Facebook and Google became mercenaries—and now casualties—in the information war. — Artist Rights Watch

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via @mekosoff: Silicon Valley’s Tech Gods Are Headed for a Reckoning How Facebook and Google became mercenaries—and now casualties—in the information war. Facebook Meltdown Facebook Shakedown UncategorizedOthers in Silicon Valley described [and royalty deadbeat] Mark Zuckerberg as out of touch with reality, unaware of the damage his brainchild has done.

Is the Facebook movie asking for litigation?

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

By Eriq Gardner The forthcoming movie about the founding of Facebook is becoming more intriguing by the second. Tags: Facebook The movie is being written by Aaron Sorkin, produced by Scott Rudin, Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti for Columbia, and may.

Trademark Protection and Facebook User Names

Digital Media Law

Now Facebook has entered the equation. Starting this Friday, June 12, users will be able to register a Facebook user name on a first-come, first-served basis at [link]. My old Facebook URL looks like this: [link]. But the new Facebook scheme has something built in that the other sites apparently don’t: a mechanism for trademark protection. Facebook doesn’t describe the procedure it follows for these forms. Tags: Facebook trademark

Are Data Centers The New Cornhusker Kickback and the Facebook Fakeout?

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While Senator Ron Wyden–another data center beneficiary of Amazon, Facebook and Google–was at least trying to dress up his complicity in a Chanel suit and Louboutin shoes. What does it have to do with playing footsie with royalty deadbeats like Google and Facebook? But somehow, Facebook knows that its Silicon Valleyness may not be that popular with the rubes.

Hooker on Censorship, Free Speech & Facebook: Applying the First Amendment to Social Media Platforms via the Public Function Exception @MatthewPHooker

Media Law Prof Blog

Matthew Hooker, Wake Forest University School of Law, is publishing Censorship, Free Speech & Facebook: Applying the First Amendment to Social Media Platforms via the Public Function Exception in volume 15 of the Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts

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Facebook’s Campbell Brown Demonstrates Ontological Smugness of the Ship Jumper

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We’ve all experienced the sneering smugness of the executives at YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Amazon looking down their noses at artists and labels (especially independents). Brown, you see, is now Facebook’s “global head of news partnerships” or something like that. She’s the one that Facebook sends out to try to convince news organizations that Mark Zuckerberg isn’t out to destroy or at least censor them and their readers.

Facebook Brings Suit against Mobile Marketing Firm for Siphoning User Data without Authorization

New Media and Technology Law

In continuing its push to enforce its terms and policies against developers that engage in unauthorized collection or scraping of user data, Facebook brought suit last month against mobile marketing and data analytics firm OneAudience LLC. Facebook, Inc.

Facebook Brings Suit against Developers of a Browser Extension That Harvested User Data

New Media and Technology Law

In continuing its efforts to enforce its terms and policies against developers that engage in unauthorized scraping of user data , this week Facebook brought suit against two marketing analytics firms, BrandTotal Ltd (“BrandTotal”) and Unimania, Inc.

Facebook boycott leaders slam Zuckerberg after meeting

Communications And Entertainment Law Blog

Facebook Privacy Class Action Suit Could Include Millions of Users

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

If you've sent a link through a Facebook message recently, you could be part of a lawsuit against the company. read more. THR, Esq. Tech Tech THR Online

Bill O'Reilly Sues Former Politician for $5M Over Facebook Post

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

Michael Panter, a former New Jersey politician, wrote on Tuesday about an ex-girlfriend that settled a claim against Bill O'Reilly. read more. THR, Esq. Television Politics THR Online Bill O'Reilly

Facebook’s Misappropriation Problem Selling Artist Names as Keywords

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Each of their names are for sale as advertising keywords on Facebook. Although we’ll just look at Facebook today, it’s highly likely that the same is true of Google and other advertising networks that profit from the sale of keywords.). So what does this mean for Facebook? King and Vanna White should all feel included in the discussion as all of their names are available as keywords for sale on Facebook. One way we know is because Facebook says it does.

BET Wins Legal War Over TV Fan's Facebook Page (Exclusive)

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

Florida judge says Facebook ''likes'' aren''t the property of page creators read more. The Business Facebook THR Online THR, Esq. Television BET Tech Business

All the Royalty Deadbeats: Chairman @RepGoodlatte Holds Hearing on Google, Twitter and Facebook Monopolies and Filtering Practices

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today delivered the following statement during the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing on “ Facebook, Google, and Twitter: Examining the Content Filtering Practices of Social Media Giants.” Despite our invitations, Facebook, Google, and Twitter declined to send witnesses. Just before July Fourth, for example, Facebook automatically blocked a post from a Texas newspaper that it claimed contained hate speech. Thank you Chairman Goodlatte!

Defamation On Facebook

Media Law Prof Blog

Julie Hilden explains why a New York court dismissed a Facebook defamation lawsuit

Federal District Judge Dismisses Russian Free-Speech Challenge To Facebook's Shutdown of Its Account

Media Law Prof Blog

Federal District Judge Lucy Koh has dismissed a lawsuit brought by the Federal Agency of News (FAN) against Facebook for shutting down its account. FAN argued that Facebook was interfering with its free-speech rights. Judge Koh ruled that Facebook is

Facebook and Privacy

Media Law Prof Blog

Eric Sinrod on the debate surrounding requests for more privacy on Facebook

Privacy Wars: Netflix, Facebook and the 'Brokeback Mountain Effect'

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

Tags: Facebook Government Litigation Privacy

Facebook is stepping up moderation against anti-Black hate speech - The Verge

Communications And Entertainment Law Blog

"Facebook has started weighting anti-Black hate speech on its platform as higher priority than hate speech directed at white people, men, and Americans in an effort to address the disproportionate effects such speech has on minority groups, the company tells The Verge.

Facebook Deathwatch: Millions Fleeing FB


I predicted the demise of Facebook on This Week in Law with Denise Howell back in January ( show no. But then, as I tweeted in on May 14, based on the feed I saw on my Facebook account, it looked like the demise of Facebook might already be beginning. Now comes the news today, on CNN , that Facebook lost six million users in May. But I'll tell you exactly what's happening: Facebook is getting lame. I think Facebook is headed straight into the toilet.