May, 2021

@thetrichordist: Will the Copyright Royalty Board Leave Songwriters In the Deep Freeze?

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[Editor Charlie sez: This post first appeared in The Trichordist.]. In case you haven’t noticed, songwriter mechanical royalty rates are about to be set again at a faraway Congressional operation called the Copyright Royalty Board.

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Vacca and Bartow on Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Copyright Jurisprudence @RyanVacca @profabartow

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Ryan G. Vacca, University of New Hampshire School of Law, and Ann Bartow, Franklin Pierce Center for IP at UNH Law, are published Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Copyright Jurisprudence in volume 22 of the Nevada Law Journal (2022). Here is the

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No-Code Legal Automation Startup Josef Raises $2.5M


Josef , an Australia-based, no-code software platform that enables legal professionals to automate common tasks, has raised $2.5 million. The funding round was led by Australian venture firm Carthona Capital , with participation from U.S. investors, including The LegalTech Fund.

This Week in Regulation for Broadcasters: May 8, 2021 to May 14, 2021

Broadcast Law Blog

Here are some of the regulatory developments of significance to broadcasters from the last week, with links to where you can go to find more information as to how these actions may affect your operations. In a speech to the Media Institute, FCC Commissioner Starks spoke of the importance of diversity in media ownership and how it should be considered in making any decisions on revisions to the media ownership rules.

White Privilege ALERT: Texas Man Loses It On Protesters

Communications And Entertainment Law Blog


Must Watch: Björn Ulvaeus Emerges as a Leader for Songwriters (@CISACNews)

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You’ve probably heard of the “song economy” or what is sometimes called the “singles economy.” ” Here’s an anecdote to help explain what that means. I asked a 15 year old to name her favorite artist and she did.

LawNext: How Law Schools Should Teach Tech, With April Dawson


There is broad agreement that if law schools are to adequately train students for careers in law, then technology is a critical part of the curriculum. Despite this, many law schools get a failing grade when it comes to teaching tech. So how, exactly, should law schools teach tech?

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Supreme Court Justice Ann Timmer on Arizona’s Sweeping Regulatory Reforms


Last August, Arizona became the first state to eliminate the ban on non-lawyer ownership of law firms.

Survey: 92% Of Firms Say They Were Prepared For Full-Scale Remote Work


Ninety-two percent of law firms worldwide say they were completely or somewhat prepared for full-scale remote work at the pandemic’s onset, a survey released this morning finds.

With Faith in Their Hearts

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The Final Formation: U.S. Forces Cemetary, Normandy, France. “And what sort of soldiers are those you are to lead? Are they reliable? Are they brave? Are they capable of victory? Their story is known to all of you. It is the story of the American man at arms.

Arizona Licenses First Three Alternative Business Structures for Delivering Legal Services


The Arizona Supreme Court has approved the first three entities to be licensed as alternative business structures, enabling businesses owned by non-lawyers to deliver legal services under the liberalized licensing rules the court approved last August.

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Performer Payments for NFTs

Music Technology Policy

German Notgeld Notes. Well, it’s happened again. The Internet has spoken—all extra cash is going to be devoted to curing cancer, distributing COVID vaccinations, world peace, child health and…oh, no wait. It’s going to be devoted to NFTs and getting rich on the latest bubble.

Horder on Online Free Speech and the Suppression of False Political Claims

Media Law Prof Blog

Jeremy Horder, London School of Economics, Department of Law, is publishing Online Free Speech and the Suppression of False Political Claims in the 2021 volume of the ILSA Journal of International and Comparative Law. Here is the abstract. This article

Pro Bono Net and Legal Aid Groups Partner To Launch Eviction Resource For N.Y. Tenants


At a time when many are predicting a tsunami of eviction cases resulting from the pandemic, the organization Pro Bono Net , in collaboration with several legal aid organizations, has launched , an online resource designed to help tenants in New York understand their housing rights.

Schafer on Whether Houchins Matters @MatthewSchafer

Media Law Prof Blog

Matthew Schafer, ViacomCBS; Fordham University School of Law, has published Does Houchins Matter? Here is the abstract. Houchins v. KQED, Inc. is an enigma. The issue presented by the case was whether the press had a special right of access

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Angelo on The Real Cost of Fake News: Smartmatic's $2.7 Billion Defamation Lawsuit Against Fox News

Media Law Prof Blog

Michael Conklin, Angelo State University, has published The Real Cost of Fake News: Smartmatic’s $2.7 Billion Defamation Lawsuit Against Fox News. Here is the abstract. On February 4, 2021, voting machine company Smartmatic filed a defamation lawsuit against Rudolph Giuliani

Nominations Open for 2021 American Legal Technology Awards


Nominations open today for the second annual American Legal Technology Awards , a competition launched last year to honor exceptional achievements in legal technology.

Judge and Korhani on A Moderate Proposal for a Digital Right of Reply for Election-Related Digital Replicas

Media Law Prof Blog

Elizabeth F. Judge and Amir M. Korhani, both of the University of Ottawa, Common Law Section, have published A Moderate Proposal for a Digital Right of Reply for Election-Related Digital Replicas: Deepfakes, Disinformation, and Elections in Cyber-Threats to Canadian Democracy

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FCC Will Accept Applications For NCE FM New Stations Beginning November 2, 2021

Media Law Prof Blog

The Media Bureau has announced that it will receive applications for new station construction permits for noncommercial educational FM stations, beginning November 2, 2021, at 12:01 AM, and ending November 9, 2021, at 6:00 PM. More information available here

Gomulkiewicz on The Supreme Court's Chief Justice of IP Law @NevLawJournal

Media Law Prof Blog

Robert W. Gomulkiewicz, University of Washington School of Law, is publishing The Supreme Court's Chief Justice of Intellectual Property Law in volume 22 of the Nevada Law Journal. Here is the abstract. Justice Clarence Thomas is one of the most

Chauvin on Anthony Leaker's Against Free Speech: Shadowboxing with Free Speech Principles (Book Review) @SCLawReview

Media Law Prof Blog

Noah Chauvin is publishing Anthony Leaker's Against Free Speech: Shadowboxing with Free Speech Principles in the South Carolina Law Review. Here is the abstract. This essay is a review of Anthony Leaker’s book "Against Free Speech." In his book, Professor

First Amendment Watch Panel Discussion: Reclaiming the Narrative Video Now Available @FirstAmendWatch @LidskyLidsky @sjquinney @UGASchoolofLaw

Media Law Prof Blog

From First Amendment Watch: Video of the May 19th FAW panel discussion, Reclaiming the Narrative: Defamation Lawsuits and the 2020 Election, featuring Lyrissa Lidsky, Jonathan Peters, and RonNell Anderson Jones. Link here

Eversheds and Fastcase Launch Data Analytics Tool To Assess Spoliation Risk


One of the riskiest aspects of litigation practice is spoliation — the destruction or alteration of evidence — which can carry costly sanctions for both lawyers and their clients.

Donohue on New Media, Free Expression, and the Offences Against the State Acts @Laura_K_Donohue @GeorgetownLaw @hartpublishing

Media Law Prof Blog

Laura Donohue, Georgetown University Law Center, has published New Media, Free Expression, and the Offences Against the State Acts in The Offences Against the State Act 1939 at 80: A Model Counter-Terrorism Act? 163 (Mark Coen ed., Oxford: Hart Publishing

A Conversation with David Colarusso, Director of Suffolk Law’s LIT Lab


David Colarusso , director of the Legal Innovation & Technology Lab at Suffolk Law School in Boston, recently joined me for an episode of my Law Insights program on Litera TV.

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Call For Participation: Virtual Colloquium on Race, Racism, and American Media @MiamiLawSchool @UHLAW @LiliLevi_UMLaw @TonyVarona @Dave_Fagundes @aliciacbell @JosephATorres

Media Law Prof Blog

Via Professor Lili Levi, University of Miami School of Law: The University of Miami School of Law and University of Houston School of Law are sponsoring a virtual colloquium on race and the media on September 14, 2021. Here is

The Lawyers of Substack


This week, David Lat, who founded the blog Above the Law in 2006, and who earlier, in 2004, started the anonymous blog Underneath Their Robes , and who left blogging two years ago to take a job as a legal recruiter, is returning to writing as a full-time livelihood.

Utah Sandbox OKs Two Programs Enabling Non-Lawyers To Give Legal Advice On Medical Debt


Two non-profit pilot programs won approval this week under Utah’s regulatory sandbox to provide non-lawyer legal assistance to individuals with medical debt.

Onit Unveils InvoiceAI, Artificial Intelligence for Legal Invoice Review


Onit , the Houston company that provides enterprise workflow products for corporations and corporate legal departments, is today introducing InvoiceAI, an artificial intelligence product for first-pass invoice review.

Private Equity Firm Acquires NetDocuments


The private equity firm Warburg Pincus has acquired NetDocuments , one of the leading cloud-based document management systems used by law firms and corporate legal departments, according to a report this morning by Legal IT Insider.

Add-On To Agiloft’s CRM Platform Manages Sourcing and Suppliers


The contract lifecycle management company Agiloft today released an add-on module for companies to manage sourcing and supplier information, with the goal of reducing sourcing cycle time, automating supplier onboarding, and monitoring ongoing compliance.

ICYMI: Here is Legaltech Week for 5.21.21


If you missed Friday’s Legaltech Week review of the top stories in legal technology and innovation, here are the video and audio recordings.

Survey Reveals The New Face of Law Firm Marketing: Zoom Meetings and Digital Content


COVID was not kind to law firm marketing and business development, with two-thirds of firms reporting that business development was more difficult in 2020, and the overwhelming majority of firms pivoting their marketing strategies, turning from live conferences and face-to-face meetings to social media, email alerts and Zoom.

Intapp Says It Will Acquire Content Management Company Repstor


Intapp , a major provider of cloud-based business applications for larger law firms and financial services firms, said today it has signed an agreement to acquire Repstor , creator of Microsoft 365-based enterprise content management and team collaboration tools.

Publication Opportunity: All About Cable and Broadband

Media Law Prof Blog

Rob Frieden, Pioneers Chair and Professor of Telecommunications and Law, Penn State University, tells me that he is looking for someone to replace him as the biannual updater to All About Cable and Broadband, published by Law Journal Press.

Trying Out My Trial Skills In A New Virtual Reality Courtroom


“Ok, we are on the record. Please proceed. Counsel?”. The balding, stern-faced judge stares down at me from his bench, framed by flags to either side of him, a judicial seal on the wall behind him.

NetDocuments CEO Josh Baxter Discusses Warburg Pincus Investment


Yesterday, NetDocuments , the leading cloud-based document management systems used by law firms and corporate legal departments, announced that global private equity firm Warburg Pincus had acquired the stake in the company previously owned by PE firm Clearlake Capital Group.