February, 2021

Black Box Invasion: The Implications of The MLC’s $424 Million Black Box

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The Circular Awards Ceremony has begun anew and the corporate media wants someone to adore, dang it! Cue “It’s a Pleasure Being Sad.” ” The MLC received $424 million of “inception to date black box” as required by the statute enacted October 18, 2019.

New Copyright Regs, Compendium, and More

Gordon P. Firemark

The Latest episode of my Entertainment Law podcast, Entertainment Law Update, is now available for your enjoyment. Listen here, or subscribe and download in your favorite podcast listening app. Show notes are located at www.entertainmentlawupdate.com/130. NEW COMPENDIUM COMING THIS MONTH BEVERLY HILLS POLICE OFFICER USES COPYRIGHT TO AVOID LIVE STREAMING SCOTUS DENIES CERT TO JACK DANIELS AND MOODSTERS STORIES. DESIRE LLC V.


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On LawNext: LaunchFactory Has Legal Tech Ideas, Seeks Founders To Run With Them

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Have you ever wanted to found a tech company but needed the right idea? A California company called LaunchFactory has the ideas and is looking for founders to take them on – including in the legal tech space. The company takes a decidedly unique path to launching companies.

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Lidsky on Post, The Social Foundations of Defamation (1986) @lidskylidsky

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Lyrissa Barnett Lidsky, University of Missouri School of Law, has published Post, Robert C., The Social Foundations of Defamation Law: Reputation and the Constitution, 74 Calif. 691 (1986) at 25 Comm. and Pol'y 491 (2020). Here is

Communications And Entertainment Law Blog - Untitled Article

Communications And Entertainment Law Blog

Fight to vote: activism works – just look at the 1965 Voting Rights Act “Martin Luther King Jr and Lyndon B Johnson’s telegrams underscore just how significantly Selma changed the calculus on pushing voting rights legislation Sam Levine Lyndon B Johnson discusses the Voting Rights Act with Martin Luther King Jr.

Group of Democratic Senators Release Latest CDA Reform Bill

New Media and Technology Law

With the change in administrations in Washington, there has been a drive to enact or amend legislation in a variety of areas.

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Must Read: Your Morning Coffee Podcast

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Every now and then we run into a great resource for artists, managers, labels toiling in the vineyard of the music business as currently constituted. The new Your Morning Coffee podcast is one of those, featuring Jay Gilbert and Mike Etchart and it’s highly recommended for your valuable time.

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Announcing the 15 Winners of the 2021 ABA TECHSHOW Startup Alley Competition

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The results are in. Readers have been voting to select the 15 legal technology startups that will get to participate in the fifth-annual Startup Alley at ABA TECHSHOW 2021 , which will be held virtually March 8-12, 2021.

FCC Publishes Tentative Agenda For March 17th Open Meeting

Media Law Prof Blog

The FCC has published the tentative agenda for its March 17th open meeting. Among the items the FCC plans to discuss at this point: Improving the Emergency Alert System and Wireless Emergency Alerts Consideration of Two National Security Matters (unidentified

Opinion | Voter Suppression Is Grand Larceny - The New York Times

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Opinion Voter Suppression Is Grand Larceny We are watching another theft of power. By Charles M. Blow Opinion Columnist Feb. 28, 2021 Credit.

Legaltech Week 2021.02.05 – Legalweek Post-Mortem, Plus the Panelists’ Top Stories

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This week saw the first virtual version of Legalweek, typically one of the largest legal tech and legal industry conferences. How well did the physical conference translate to the virtual world? Our panelists share their thoughts. Listen to audio above or scroll down for video.).

Brightflag Adds Qualitative Reports for Companies to Better Evaluate Outside Counsel

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LawNext: Coca-Cola GC Bradley Gayton On His Dramatic Demand for Diversity

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Barely six months into his new position as senior vice president and general counsel for The Coca-Cola Company, Bradley M.

ILTA Will Hold Live Conference in August

Media Law

There has been much speculation within the legal industry about when live conferences will return. Now we know.

Pandemic Hit Solos Most Severely, But Tech Users Fared Better, Clio Study Finds

Media Law

Solos struggled more significantly than larger law firms in adapting to remote work throughout the pandemic, suffering greater shortfalls in new cases and firm revenue.

Thriving in a Post-2020 Workplace: How Lawyers Can Leverage Lessons Learned

Media Law

The past year has forever shifted how attorneys and firms work. But with unprecedented challenges came new lessons and opportunities.

LawNext: Varun Mehta On His Momentous First Year Leading ALSP Factor

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CMU, the Black Box, Enron and the MMA

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One thing you can say about Big Tech apologists Complete Music Update is they are consistent. Yes, the Pravda of music tech can always be counted on to come up with the lamest excuses for the excesses of the 1% of the 1%.

Alliance Brings SirionLabs’ AI-Driven CLM Technology to KPMG’s Global Clients

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In an alliance announced today, KPMG and SirionLabs are teaming up to offer digital contract management to enterprises worldwide, combining KPMG’s consulting expertise in addressing complex business problems with SirionLabs’ AI-driven contract lifecycle management technology. The alliance encompasses KPMG in the U.S., KPMG in the U.K., and member firms of the global professional services network KPMG.

On LawNext: Kira’s Cofounders on 10 Years in Business and their New Book on AI in Law

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This year marks the 10th anniversary of Kira Systems , the first company to develop AI-powered contract analysis, technology that is now becoming commonplace in the legal profession. To mark the anniversary, Kira’s cofounders are releasing a book, AI For Lawyers: How Artificial Intelligence is Adding Value, Amplifying Expertise, and Transforming Careers.

Spotify’s COVID Rocket Fuel

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In 2020, we believe the pandemic had little impact on our subscriber growth and may have actually contributed positively to pulling forward new signups. Ya think?

RIP Cloris Leachman

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Legaltech Moves: Aderant Names Veteran Product Strategist As Chief Product Officer

Media Law

Atlanta-based Aderant , a global provider of business management software for law firms, has named Jairam Padmanabhan to the newly created position of chief product officer.

Evisort, AI Contract Management Platform, Raises $35M Series B

Media Law

Evisort , an AI-powered contract management platform, today announced a Series B funding round of $35 million, bringing its total funding to $55 million. The funding round follows a year of four-times revenue growth, the company says.

Journal of Free Speech Law, New Faculty-Edited, Peer-Reviewed Journal, Seeks Submissions

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An announcement of a new, peer-reviewed journal: Journal of Free Speech Law We are delighted to announce the founding of the Journal of Free Speech Law, a new faculty-edited law journal. The journal will publish in print as well as

Legaltech Week 2.19.21 – In Which I Play A Drunk Cylon and Molly McDonough Moderates

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?. If you missed Legaltech Week on Friday, here are the audio and video. Thanks to my futile attempt to connect from a remote location in Florida, I come across as a drunk Cylon (thanks Dennis Kennedy ) and Molly McDonough steps in to moderate.

The Legaltech Week Journalists’ Roundtable Returns Today At 3 P.M. ET

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After a one-week hiatus, the Legaltech Week journalists’ roundtable returns today, live at 3 p.m. Eastern time. We’ll hash out the top legal tech stories of the last couple weeks. Anything notable happen? We’re on every Friday at 3 p.m. Hope you’ll join us.

X1 Enterprise Now Integrates with RelativityOne for Remote Data Collection

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The companies X1 and Relativity today announced that the X1 Enterprise Platform , which allows remote searching of data on the end-user’s machine, now integrates with RelativityOne Collect , an application for collecting data from various sources and custodians.

Coghlan On Whether Freedom of Speech Laws Are Fit for Purpose in the Age of Cancel Culture @LCLCBA

Media Law Prof Blog

Niall Coghlan, European University Institute; Lincoln's Inn, has published Are Our Laws on Freedom of Speech Fit for Purpose in the Age of 'Cancel Culture'?, the winner of the Jonathan Brock QC Memorial Prize Essay 2020. Here is the abstract

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In An E-Discovery Acquisition, Veristar Picks Up Planet Data Solutions

Media Law

Veristar , a two-year-old company that provides services in e-discovery and litigation support, has acquired the assets of Planet Data Solutions , a 20-year-old company that provides contract analysis and e-discovery technology and services.

Deadline Is Friday To Vote For ABA TECHSHOW Startup Alley Finalists

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The deadline is Friday to vote to help pick the legal technology startups that will be selected for the fifth-annual Startup Alley at ABA TECHSHOW 2021.

At Legalweek, A Flurry of E-Discovery News from Logikcull, Relativity, Hanzo, Epiq, HaystackID and Lighthouse

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The annual Legalweek conference in New York is always the occasion for legal technology companies to roll out announcements of new products and features.

Wolters Kluwer Adds Merger Thresholds Monitor To Its Competition Law Resource

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Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.

TermScout Launches with Customer-Favorability Ratings on 150 Top Software Vendors’ Contracts

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TermScout is a unique legal technology startup devoted to reviewing, rating and comparing the software contracts of leading business-to-business companies so that software buyers can better and more easily understand what they are being asked to sign.

RIP Hal Holbrook

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I’m not lying to you. I don’t tell lies. I differ from George Washington. I have a higher and grander standard of principle. George could not tell a lie. I can but I won’t. Oh I used to tell lies. But I’ve given it up. The field is overrun with amateurs. While when I look around me and contemplate the lumbering and slovenly lying of the present day, it grieves me to see the noble art so prostituted. In my day, a liar was a liar.

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Sixth Circuit Upholds Lower Court in March For Life Tweet Lawsuit Including Kathy Griffin as Defendant

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The Sixth Circuit has affirmed the ruling of a lower court dismissing complaints against two defendants for tweets about the 2019 March for Life rally. Plaintiffs who were Covington High School students and participants in the March sued Twitter users

At least 18 dead on bloodiest day of Myanmar protests, U.N. says

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WORLD At least 18 dead on bloodiest day of Myanmar protests, U.N. says "If they push us, we'll rise. If they attack us, we'll defend. We'll never kneel down to the military boots," one protester said. Protesters shot dead in Myanmar police crackdown Feb.