Mon.Dec 02, 2019

And Now Another State Adopts Duty of Tech Competence, Bringing Total to 38

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When it rains it pours. Earlier today, I wrote about adoption of the duty of technology competence by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. Now comes word of another U.S. state adopting the duty, bringing the total number of states to 38.

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Impeachment: We're drawing near the endgame — and, man, is it gonna get ugly |

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House Judiciary Committee will begin to frame articles of impeachment this week. Republicans won't go quietly "House Democrats said they planned to move quickly on impeachment and it appears they really meant it. It's hard to believe that the process has come this far in just eight weeks, but Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the House leadership seem determined to get this thing over with as soon as possible, so it's rushing toward completion before we can even catch our breath. (

Duty of Tech Competence Comes to Canada

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Ever since 2012, when the American Bar Association amended the Model Rules of Professional Conduct to include a duty of technology competence, adoption has spread across the United States , with 37 states having now formally adopted some version of Model Rule 1.1, Comment 8. But the U.S.