Mon.Sep 09, 2019

Suffolk Legal Writing Students Will Get Free Licenses to WordRake Editing Software

Media Law

Students in the first-year legal writing program at Suffolk University Law School this year will get free licenses to WordRake , a legal editing and proofreading add-in for Microsoft Word and Outlook designed for lawyers and other legal professionals.

In Blockbuster Ruling, Ninth Circuit Affirms hiQ Injunction — CFAA Claim Likely Not Available for Scraping Publicly Available Website Data

New Media and Technology Law

In a ruling that is being hailed as a victory for web scrapers and the open nature of publicly available website data, the Ninth Circuit today issued its long-awaited opinion in hiQ Labs, Inc. LinkedIn Corp. , 17-16783 (9 th Cir. Sept. 9, 2019). The crucial question before the court was whether once hiQ Labs, Inc. (“HiQ”) HiQ”) received LinkedIn Corp.’s

Opinion | Trump Backs Down, Again and Again - The New York Times

Communications And Entertainment Law Blog

"#ResistanceIsNotFjutile "On Aug. 7, the Trump administration quietly changed its immigration policy to end medical deferred action, a program that allows a small number of gravely ill immigrants to remain in the United States to receive lifesaving treatment.