Wed.Dec 05, 2018

Goldman and Ziccarelli on Emojis and IP Law @ericgoldman @IPwithGZ

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Eric Goldman and Gabriella Ziccarelli, both of Santa Clara University School of Law, have published Emojis and Intellectual Property Law. Here is the abstract. Everyone loves emojis, and why not? They are a fun and an increasingly ubiquitous way for

North Carolina Becomes Second State to Mandate Technology Training for Lawyers

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North Carolina has become the second state to mandate continuing education for lawyers in technology. Beginning in 2019, all lawyers will be required to complete one hour per year of CLE devoted to technology training. In 2016, Florida became the first state to mandate technology training for lawyers, when it adopted a rule requiring lawyers to complete three hours of CLE every three years “in approved technology programs.”. Until now, no other stage had followed suit.

Long on Copyright Reform in the 21st Century: Adding Privacy Considerations Into the Normative Mix

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Doris Estelle Long, John Marshall Law School, is publishing Copyright Reform in the 21st Century: Adding Privacy Considerations into the Normative Mix in Making Copyright Work for the Asian Pacific: Juxtaposing Harmonisation with Flexibility (ANU Press 2018). Here is the

ECHRts: Hungarian Statute Imposing Strict Liability For Linking To Defamatory Content Is Violation of ECHR, Article 10

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New ruling from the European Court of Human Rights: a Hungarian law imposing strict liability for the dissemination of defamatory material violates Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights. From the press release concerning Magyar Jeti Zrt v