Wed.Jun 15, 2011

Charlie Sheen: What His Court Loss Means for the $100 Million Lawsuit (Analysis)

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Eriq Gardner, Matthew Belloni Judge rejects Sheen's arguments why case should be heard in public. read more. THR, Esq. Television Television Charlie Sheen Chuck Lorre Marty Singer

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Call for Papers: CommLaw Conspectus

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From the Editors of CommLaw Conspectus CommLaw Conspectus: Journal of Communications Law and Policy is currently seeking submissions for publication in its Volume 20 editions. CommLaw Conspectus publishes thoughtful, timely, and useful articles that discuss recent developments in communications law

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How Two Nude Radio DJs Could Impact Copyright Law

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Eriq Gardner Third Circuit says that stripping away author credits on copyrighted material constitutes copyright-protection hack. read more. THR, Esq. Tech Tech

Grady Judd, at it again, in America’s Wang

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By Marc Randazza Following a three-month-long investigation of Theresa and Warren Taylor – Theresa being better known as “Kimberly Kupps&# – the Polk County sheriff arrested them both on charges of promotion and distribution of obscene material. The crime? Creating pornography in their own home, then selling it both on their paysite and the popular [.].

'The Crow' Remake: Legal Battle Heads to Arbitration

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Matthew Belloni The heated dispute between Harvey Weinstein and Ryan Kavanaugh's Relativity over distribution rights to the planned film will be decided in private. read more. THR, Esq. Movies Movies

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'Call of Duty' Lawsuit Heads to Trial After Judge Rules Against Activision

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Eriq Gardner Fired game-makers force Activision to answer charges of fraud in their firing. read more. THR, Esq. Tech Tech

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Buy a Station Recently? Make Sure Your Tower Registration is Updated - FCC Fines Broadcaster $3000 For Not Doing So

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Among the many things that broadcasters need to remember when they buy a broadcast station is making sure that the tower registration (the " Antenna Structure Registration" or " ASR" ) for that station is transferred along with the rest of the station assets. Unlike most registrations and filings done at the time of the Closing of a sale of a broadcast station, the issue is not one of establishing the rights or title to any tower assets that are transferred with the station.

The Bumpy Road of Using FM Translators to Rebroadcast AM Stations or HD-2 Channels

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In recent years, FM translators have become more and more important to broadcasters, as they are being used to rebroadcast AM stations and HD-2 channels , giving the programming broadcast on these over-the-air signals new outlets in many markets. However, there have been some bumps in the road to the introduction of these new outlets.