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Bârg?oanu and Radu on Some Insights Into Romanians' Digital Behaviour @BargaoanuAlina

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Alina Bârg?oanu, oanu, National School for Political and Administrative Studies, and Loredana Radu, SNSPA, are publishing Fake News or Disinformation 2.0? Some Insights Into Romanians’ Digital Behaviour, in volume 18 of the Romanian Journal of European Affairs (2018). Here is the

Postdicting the Future: Five Things Congress Could Do for Music Creators That Wouldn’t Cost the Taxpayer a Dime from The Hill

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[This is a July 30, 2013 summary from The Hill of my series that first appeared in the Huffington Post on July 26, 2013–let’s see how I did after the Music Modernization Act.]. Create an Audit Right for Songwriters for Compulsory Licenses : One of the oldest compulsory licenses in the Copyright Act is the “mechanical license”, the statutory mandate forcing songwriters to license songs that dates from 1909.

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Global Legal Hackathon Launches Initiative To Support Women In Legal Tech; Names Former Wolters Kluwer Exec To Lead It

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As plans get underway for the second Global Legal Hackathon Feb. 22-24, its organizers today announced it will include an initiative to support up-and-coming women leaders in legal innovation around the world.

Opinion | Borderline Insanity. "President Trump rained cruelties on immigrants and asylum seekers and now wants hundreds of millions of dollars to address the humanitarian crisis he caused.- The New York Times

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Jan. 7, 2019 The editorial board represents the opinions of the board, its editor and the publisher. It is separate from the newsroom and the Op-Ed section.

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January Regulatory Dates for Broadcasters – The Shutdown Does Not Put Everything on Hold

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We typically publish our article about upcoming regulatory dates before the beginning of each month, but this month, the looming FCC shutdown and determining its effect on filing deadlines pushed back our schedule.

Ruby Receptionists Acquires ProfessionalChats, Expanding Its Offerings Into Online Chat

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The Portland, Ore., virtual receptionist company Ruby Receptionists is today announcing its acquisition of the online chat service ProfessionalChats , a three-year-old company based in Kansas City, Mo. This is the first acquisition by Ruby, which was founded in 2003, and it will allow it to offer its customers managed chat services through their websites, Google listings and Facebook.