Fri.Jun 07, 2019

Guest Post by Stephen Hollis: South Africa Creative Sectors Petition SA President on Copyright Bill

Music Technology Policy

[MTP readers will recall that there is a fierce fight going on in South Africa over a new national copyright amendment that is backed by Big Tech but bitterly opposed by South Africa’s creative sector. South Africa lawyer Stephen Hollis gives us the background and detail. We’re pleased to have the opportunity to post Stephen’s article to bring everyone up to speed. Stephen is a member of the Adams & Adams Entertainment Law Group in Johannesburg.].

Practice Management Platform Litify Raises $50M in Series A Funding

Media Law

Litify , a law firm practice-management technology built on top of the platform, has raised Series A funding of $50 million in a round led by Tiger Global Management, the company said this morning.

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Get All of Your Bots in a Row: 2018 California Bot Disclosure Law Comes Online Soon

New Media and Technology Law

During the 2016 election, certain Russian operatives used fake social media profiles to influence voters and also created bot accounts to add likes to and share posts across the internet. And more recently, in January 2019, the New York Attorney General and Office of the Florida Attorney General announced settlements with certain entities that sold fake social media engagement, such as followers, likes and views.

Maybe Serial Moves of FM Translators to Relocate Them From Rural to Urban Areas are Not So Bad….

Broadcast Law Blog

You may remember a few years ago, the FCC cracked down on “ serial modifications ” of FM translators to move them from rural to more urban areas (see, for instance, the cases about which we wrote here and here ), considering such moves an abuse of process. In a decision released earlier this week , it looks like the FCC’s Audio Division may be backing away from that policy.