Tue.Jul 19, 2011

CBS Sues Writer of NBC's 'The Firm' Claiming Show Was Stolen (Exclusive)

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Matthew Belloni A nasty legal fued has broken out over the upcoming TV series based on characters in John Grisham’s seminal legal thriller. read more. THR, Esq. Television Television The Firm

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Price-Fixing As a Solution For the Print Media

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Brad A. Greenberg, UCLA Law School, has published The News Deal: How Price-Fixing and Collusion Can Save the Newspaper Industry, and Why Congress Should Promote it in volume 59 of the UCLA Law Review (2011). Here is the abstract. Newspaper

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'American Idol' Creator Sues Fox For Millions in 'X-Factor' Money (Exclusive)

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Matthew Belloni TV's most-watched show has exploded into litigation. read more. THR, Esq. Television Television Simon Cowell Simon Fuller American Idol The X Factor

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As if you needed more evidence that Herman Cain doesn’t belong in office

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Naturally, his candidacy is no more serious than Sarah Palin’s nomination for a Rhodes Scholarship, but this guy is a constitutional train wreck. He claims that any community has a right to ban a mosque in their community. Fuck the First Amendment, Boo Boo! No, Herman, No. No you can’t. While I personally would like [.]. ass hat bigots church and state imbeciles

NFL Sued by Ex Players Claiming Brain Injury Deceit

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THR staff The 75 plaintiffs claim the NFL knew the risks for 90 years but acknowledged them only a year ago. read more. THR, Esq. The Business Business


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FCC Extends Reply Comment Date on CALM Act Implementation Rules as ATSC Plans Update of Compliance Protocol

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The FCC has granted a short extension for Reply Comments on the implementation of the CALM Act. The new deadline for Reply Comments is August 1, 2011.

David Cameron and the NOTW Scandal

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From the New York Times: an article discussing the possible effects of the phone hacking scandal on Prime Minister David Cameron's political future

TER founder receives default judgment of $20,000

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DeVoy The intersection of adult entertainment and the measure of statutory damages under the Copyright Act – one of colleague Ron Coleman‘s favorite subjects – all in one article from XBIZ? How conveeenient. Ron is counsel of record with Marc and I in Righthaven LLC v. Hyatt, where, on behalf of amicus Media [.]. copyright

FCC Sets Deadlines for LPTV, TV Translator and Class A Stations To Convert to Digital - And Gives Hints When Television Spectrum May Be Reclaimed for Broadband

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The deadlines for the digital conversion of LPTV stations , TV translators and Class A TV stations were announced on Friday, in an Order where the FCC also provided some indication of their expected timetable for the reclamation of some of the television spectrum for broadband use – and that expectation is nowhere near as aggressive as originally announced two years ago in the FCC’s Broadband Report.

The “attack elites with white solutions” meme

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DeVoy Today, Rupert Murdoch was viciously pied, in the face, in Britain. In 2004, George Soros was attacked with glue. Am I the only person who sees this trend? Do white materials just show up better on camera? Non-elites have shoes thrown at them. Though, say what unkind things about GWB you will [.].

Sedition and Free Speech in the Singaporean Legal Regime

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Jaculyn L. Neo, National University of Singapore, has published Seditious in Singapore! Free Speech, Integration and the Offence of Promoting Ill-Will and Hostility Between Different Racial Groups. Here is the abstract. In 2005, the archaic laws of sedition were

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