Sun.Jun 12, 2011

Legal Directory Rankings: An Alternate View

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In my recent post, Popular Legal Directories, Ranked by Traffic , I looked at how several online lawyer directories stack up in traffic rankings. One comment said that , another site that tracks website statistics, ranked the sites in a different order. So I checked and, sure enough, the rankings are a bit different. Using Alexa, the top four were FindLaw, Avvo, Justia and (in both global and U.S. rankings).

Yet Another Security Breach

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This time last Friday at the International Monetary Fund (coverage from the NYT), which can ill afford more notoriety, after the arrest last month of former head Dominique Strauss-Kahn. The breach is described as "major." More coverage and analysis here

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NBC, Tina Fey Address Tracy Morgan's Anti-Gay Remarks

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From the Hollywood Reporter: Both NBC and Tina Fey, the executive producer of "30 Rock", have apologized for Tracy Morgan's recent anti-gay remarks. The network's Robert Greenblatt said that while NBC recognizes talent's right to express itself, the network does

The Obama Administration and Internet Censorship Abroad

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From the June 12th New York Times, an article on a U. administration effort to circumvent censorship of telecommunications networks. Say reporters James Glantz and John Markoff, "The Obama administration is leading a global effort to deploy “shadow” Internet

What's In Those Palin E-Mails

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According to this New York Times article, those e-mails offer an interesting look at the former governor's administrative style and add "nuance and depth" to our picture of her