Sun.Jun 19, 2011

Radio Talkers Paid to Endorse Causes During Their Shows? What Should Stations Do?

Broadcast Law Blog

Politico ran a story last week, indicating that a number of radio talk show hosts were paid to endorse , during their shows, certain causes and groups that might be of interest to their listeners. The article suggests that the endorsements included live read commercials, as well as other comments made during the course of the program, as asides or during discussions of the issues of the day.

Kayden Kross slams pirates in lengthy screed

The Legal Satyricon

DeVoy The I Shoot Porn blog republished this letter from adult actress Kayden Kross to pirates, originally posted to a BitTorrent forum. Read the whole thing – it’s well done for someone who isn’t intimately involved with content protection, and simultaneously amusing. Here’s a sample so you get the flavor of it: You [.]. piracy