Thu.Jul 21, 2011

Fastcase Unveils One-Click Printing of any Case from any Source

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Legal research company Fastcase will announce a new utility tomorrow that enables one-click printing of any case from any source on the Web or in any Microsoft Word document. Called Fastcase Cloud Printing , the utility lets you print or save a nicely formatted, two-column version of any case.

Fox News Settles Lawsuit Over Interview of Michael Jackson's Ex-Wife (Exclusive)

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Eriq Gardner Litigation that turned heated thanks to a Rupert Murdoch quote is resolved before it gets to trial. read more. THR, Esq. Television Television Business

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Press Regulation In Scotland

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Interesting discussion over at the blog Lallands Peat Worrier of Scottish reaction to the phone hacking scandal and press regulation in Scotland. This post refers to another post discussing press regulation at another blog called Love and Garbage. Both bloggers

'Beverly Hills Ninja 2' Director Scores Win In Arbitration Against Korean Investors (Exclusive)

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read more. THR, Esq. Movies Movies Business

UK Court Dismisses Plagiarism Case Against JK Rowling

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The plagiarism case brought seven years ago by the estate of Adrian Jacobs against J. Rowling has been dismissed by a UK court. Trustee Paul Allen had been ordered to post a bond before the case could go forward


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Protecting Minors On Social Media Sites

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ASpasia Tsaoussi, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, has published Facebook, Privacy and the Challenges of Protecting Minors on Social Networking Sites. Here is the abstract. Online social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have proliferated in recent years.

$25,000 Fine for Unlocked Tower Fence and Missing EAS Receiver and Public File

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If a broadcaster is looking to maximize the fine that they receive for FCC violations, one would be hard pressed to pick three violations more likely to draw the ire of the FCC than those that were found after a field inspection of a North Carolina AM station, leading to a Notice of Apparent Liability proposing to fine the station $25,000.

The "Had I But Known" Defense

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Following up on the Rupert and James Murdoch testimony before a House of Commons Committee earlier this week, yesterday Prime Minister David Cameron appeared before the House of Commons to make a statement and answer questions about what he knew

Beware - Music Use in Podcasts, Downloads and On-Demand Streams are Not Covered By Your SoundExchange Royalties

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Broadcasters beware - podcasts with music may be dangerous to your economic health. In recent weeks, I've come upon more than one incident where a broadcaster was providing podcasts containing music on their website, or allowing listeners to download or stream on-demand some new, hot song.