Have you filed your DMCA Agent designation?

Gordon P. Firemark

Third, the service provider must have filed an “Interim Designation of Agent to Receive Notification of Claimed Infringement” with the Copyright Office in Washington. But what gets overlooked is that other component, the “interim designation” This isn’t hard to do, and it’s not expensive. Register your Interim Designation using this form: [link]. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -.

Design 182

Designated Driver

The Legal Satyricon

Then the story gets awesome: She claimed to have had nothing to drink and said she was the designated driver, even though no one else was in [.]. Jennifer Lee De Roberto got pulled over in Lee County, Flori-duh for some reason or another. The police smelled alcohol, but she denied having anything to drink.


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Design Matters

The Digital Lowdown

Today, I finally updated the design of my blog. It made me realize how quickly style trends change and I have to admit that I haven''t been on top of them as much as I would like. However, I am the first one to immediately judge a site. Whenever I go to an artist''s webpage, there is an instant assessment that occurs. Usually, it can be expressed as "this artist has it together" or "this site sucks". But when a site is great, you just know it. What''s a great site?

What Does an FCC Designation for Hearing Mean?

Broadcast Law Blog

In light of yesterday’s announcement that the FCC Chairman has proposed that portions of the acquisition by Sinclair Broadcast Group of the television stations owned by Tribune Media would be designated for hearing , one question that many have asked is, “What does designation for hearing mean?” A designation for hearing is done through an FCC order called a Hearing Designation Order.

Google’s Design Defect of Moral Hazard

Music Technology Policy

In the law of products liability , a design defect exists when a defect is inherent in the design of the product itself. “Design Defect”, Cornell University Legal Information Institute. In the instant case, the defect is certain harmful aspects of the design of the Google search algorithm. Hypothetical Alternative Design. Safer Alternative Design. Economically Feasible as the Original Design [or cheaper].

Protecting American Designs

Media Law Prof Blog

Janis, Indiana University Maurer School of Law, have published The Origins of American Design Protection as Indiana Legal Studies Research Jason J. Du Mont, Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property & Competition Law; Chicago-Kent College of Law, and Mark D.

Debuting Tomorrow: A Keyboard Designed Just for Lawyers

Media Law

The lawyer and founder of Pro-Boards LLC was explaining why he has developed the LegalBoard, a computer keyboard designed specifically for lawyers, which he will formally introduce tomorrow at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The post Debuting Tomorrow: A Keyboard Designed Just for Lawyers appeared first on Robert Ambrogi's LawSites. Brian Potts had me at the section symbol.

Katy Perry Left Shark Design Rejected By Trademark Examiner

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

She has better luck on the phrase "Left Shark." read more. THR, Esq. Music Television Music THR Online

U.S. Copyright Office Rolls Out New Electronic DMCA Agent Designation System

New Media and Technology Law

A service provider seeking to take advantage of certain of the safe harbors under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is required to designate an agent to receive takedown notices. 201.38) establishing a new electronic system to designate agents to receive takedown notifications under the DMCA. Since December 1, 2016, the Office no longer accepts paper designations of DMCA designated agents.

Agent 47

LawNext Episode 61: Designing for Justice, with Stanford’s Margaret Hagan

Media Law

In the legal industry, the concept of design thinking has become synonymous with the name Margaret Hagan. Director of the Legal Design Lab at Stanford Law School’s Center on the Legal Profession , she is also a lecturer at the Stanford d.school , a ubiquitous speaker at legal conferences worldwide, and a leading advocate for making the law more accessible. She also started the blog Open Law Lab to document legal innovation and design work.

Congress Asks Spotify for Information About Promotional Royalty Rates – Is This Much Ado About the Way the Interactive Music Marketplace is Designed to Work?

Broadcast Law Blog

Now Comes Another Keyboard Designed Just for Lawyers

Media Law

Earlier this year, I wrote about the LegalBoard, a computer keyboard designed specifically for lawyers. The post Now Comes Another Keyboard Designed Just for Lawyers appeared first on Robert Ambrogi's LawSites. Little did I know what that post would provoke. As I later wrote on Above the Law, never in my 14 years of blogging had I seen the legal world react to a new product as it did to the […].

Another FCC Broadcast Case Designated for Hearing – With Much Different Stakes

Broadcast Law Blog

Yesterday, the FCC issued a hearing designation order – though one with much lower stakes than the last designation order issued by the FCC which seemingly resulted in the termination of the proposed Sinclair-Tribune merger. As we wrote here when the Sinclair acquisition was designated, hearings are most commonly used when the FCC is faced with disputed issues of fact.

BYU’s LawX Partners with Wilson Sonsini and SixFifty to Tackle Asylum through Design Thinking

Media Law

I have written a number of times here about the innovative LawX lab at BYU Law , in which students use design thinking to tackle issues in access to justice. The lab has already produced two notable applications: SoloSuit , an award-winning online tool to help self-represented people who have been sued for debt, and Hello Landlord , an online tenant-landlord communication tool designed to reduce evictions.

Legal Tech Design Firm Offers Shared-Risk Product Prototyping for Law Firms

Media Law

Enter the legal technology development and design company Theory and Principle. If it is, then T&P goes on to create designs and begin development of the minimally viable product. T&P is a legal technology design and development company that Bradick founded in January 2018.

Reminder: Electronic Registration of Designated Agent for DMCA Safe-Harbor Take-Down Notices Due at Copyright Office by December 31

Broadcast Law Blog

The Copyright Office yesterday issued a reminder, here , that their electronic system for “ designated agents ” of Internet service providers – those who are to receive notice of any claimed infringing content posted on a service provider’s site – is active and all services must register in that system by December 31 for such registrations to remain valid.

Drake Claims An Owl Design Is Not Protected by Copyright

Current Trends

Recording artist Drake was sued for copyright infringement for replicating a 3-dimensional “owl design” necklace. Even if Drake specially ordered the Owl Necklace, if there was no written document assigning the copyright from the jewelry designer that created the design to Drake, the jewelry designer is in fact the copyright owner. According to the lawsuit filed in August 2013, the artist that created the design is an employee of Baden Baden, Inc.

Interior Designers and the First Amendment

Media Law Prof Blog

Petitioners are challenging a Florida law that requires interior designers practicing in non-residential, commercial settings to be licensed. From the National Law Journal: an opinion piece on the upcoming case before the Supreme Court, Locke v. Shore. Few other states

Producer of 1980s BMX Movie 'Rad' Sues Vans Shoes For Infringing Designs

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

Schwartzman Pictures alleges the iconic skate shoe manufacturer never licensed the film's logo. read more. THR, Esq. The Business Movies Culture Business THR Online

NBCU, Syfy Sued Over Skull Design in 'Dream Machines'

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

Another cable reality show hit with a claim from an artist over alleged copyright infringement. read more. THR, Esq. Television Television Tech Business NBCUniversal SyFy Reality TV

Bygrave on Data Protection By Design and By Default: Deciphering the EU's Legislative Requirements

Media Law Prof Blog

Bygrave, University of Oslo, is publishing Data Protection by Design and by Default: Deciphering the EU's Legislative Requirements in volume 4 of the Oslo Law Review (2017). Lee A. Here is the abstract. In this paper, a critical examination is

At #ILTACON19, Law Firm Tech Spin-Off Debuts App Designed to Better Serve and Inform Clients

Media Law

Being announced today at ILTACON is a client-facing app and cloud platform designed to provide law firm clients with intuitive access to legal documents, automated legal forms and agreements, secure messaging, and digital billing and payment. The company says that the app is designed to complement, not replace, a firm’s document management system.

NBCU, Syfy Sued Over Skull Design in 'Dream Machines'

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

Another cable reality show is hit with a claim from an artist over alleged copyright infringement. read more

SCT: Private Entities Designated By Local Government To Operate Public Access Channels Are Not State Actors

Media Law Prof Blog

The Supreme Court, voting 5-4, has reversed the Second Circuit in Manhattan Community Access Corp., Halleck. In the case, petitioner Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) argued that it is not a state actor and is not required to allow the

Supreme Court Uses Imagination in Ruling Cheerleader Uniform Designs Can Be Copyrighted

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

At least one justice can't conceive of stripes, chevrons and color blocks as being anything but useful. read more. THR, Esq. Business Style Business THR Online

News from #Legalweek17: New Lexis for Microsoft Office Is Natively Designed for Office 365

Media Law

At Legaltech in New York today, LexisNexis is unveiling a new cloud-based version of Lexis for Microsoft Office that is natively designed to work with Microsoft Office 365. The post News from #Legalweek17: New Lexis for Microsoft Office Is Natively Designed for Office 365 appeared first on Robert Ambrogi's LawSites.

'SpongeBob' Designer Targeted In Class Action Over Art Reproductions (Exclusive)

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

Eriq Gardner Lawsuit against celebrity artist raises eternal question, "What is the meaning of authenticity?" read more. THR, Esq. Style Television Style

Frito Lay Lost Chip Design Trademark and Patent Infringement Case

Current Trends

was unsuccessful in their claim that Ralcorp Holdings’ snack chip infringed the “Scoops” design trademark or patent for the process of making a formed snack chip. Plano, Texas based Frito Lay, Inc. The jury’s decision of non-infringement may give the go-ahead to other snack food manufactures to begin offering similarly shaped chips. In addition to losing the lawsuit, Frito Lay may be on the hook for costs and attorneys’ fees.

Digital Product Designer FoundationLab Acquires Toronto’s Functional Imperative

Media Law

FoundationLab, a Boston-based digital product design studio whose clients include a number of law firms and legal tech start-ups, has acquired Functional Imperative, an application development company in Toronto, Canada, that also has several legal clients, including the Canadian Legal Information Institute, the law firm Fasken Martineau, and the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. […].

Law Students At BYU, Arizona, Team Up To Reduce Evictions Through Design Thinking

Media Law

Law students at BYU Law School’s year-old LawX Legal Design Lab and the University of Arizona James E. Both the LawX and Innovation for Justice programs offer classes focused on improving access to justice through the application of design thinking, systems thinking, technology and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Copyright Office Announces Rules for New Electronic Filing System for Service Provider’s Designated Agents for Take-Down Notices Under Section 512 Safe Harbor for User-Generated Content

Broadcast Law Blog

The safe harbor requires, among other things, that the service provider not encourage the posting of infringing content on the site, but also that it take-down infringing material found on the site, and that it provide a “ Designated Agent” for service of “take-down notices” – requests from copyright holders that infringing material be taken down from the site. The registration, of course, must to identify the Designated Agent.

Website Design Implicated in Two Rulings on Enforceability of Online Terms – Highlights the Importance of Legal Review of Design Decisions

New Media and Technology Law

However, even the enforceability of clickthrough agreements is going to depend, in part, on how the user experience leading to the “agreement” is designed. Two recent decisions illustrate the importance of web design and the presentation of the “call to action” language in determining the enforceability of a site’s clickthrough terms. Lawyers must stay involved in these creative decisions to ensure that design and related issues do not undermine enforceability of such terms.

Browsewrap Agreement Held Unenforceable – Website Designers Take Note!

New Media and Technology Law

In this case, the most recent example of a court’s specific analysis of website design, a court suggests that what has become a fairly standard approach to browsewrap presentment fails to achieve the intended purpose. . The court performed a detailed review of the website design to determine whether the plaintiff gained constructive knowledge of the website terms based upon, among other considerations, the placement of the link to the terms.

Designer Anand Jon Alexander Awaits Sentencing

Media Law Prof Blog

Designer Anand Jon Alexander, convicted of forcible rape last year, could receive up to life in prison for his crimes. He was found guilty of enticing young women to Los Angeles under the pretext of hiring them as models, then

Echoes of the Sumptuary Impulse: Considering the Threads of Social Identity, Economic Protectionism, and Public Morality in the Proposed Design Piracy Prohibition Act


A better understanding of the primary objectives embodied in earlier sumptuary codes can shed important historical light and guidance on issues being discussed in current policy-making arenas, such as the proposed Design Piracy Prohibition Act (DPPA). The proposed law has yielded lively debates amongst legal commentators and industry professionals regarding whether or not fashion designs should be protected under copyright law.

Video game designer-turned-space traveler awarded $28 million by jury

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

By Eriq Gardner Famed video game designer Richard Garriot has just taken one hell of a trip. Two years ago, the man behind blockbuster role-playing games Ultima and Tabula Rasa spent $30 million of his own money to be a.

Designer John Galliano Fired Over Anti-Semitic Remarks

Media Law Prof Blog

Designer John Galliano, already in trouble over an assault in Paris earlier this week, has now been fired from his post at Christian Dior over remarks he made to some young women outside a Paris cafe in December. The exchange

Copyright Office New Electronic Registration for Designated Agents for Take Down Notices Goes Live – and The Office Asks for More Comments on Assessing The Section 512 Safe Harbor for User-Generated Content

Broadcast Law Blog

The Copyright Office’s new system for registering designated agents for the service of take-down notices when it is believed that user-generated content infringes on intellectual property rights has now gone live. Intellectual Property Internet Video Music Rights On Line Media Website Issues Copyright office designated agent for take down notice Digital Millennium Copyright Act DMCA safe harbor Section 512 copyright act user generated content

Former CuroLegal Partner Nicole Bradick Forms Legal Tech Design and Development Firm

Media Law

Nicole Bradick, a veteran legal technology innovator and entrepreneur, today announced the launch of her new firm, Theory and Principle, focusing on legal technology design and development. The post Former CuroLegal Partner Nicole Bradick Forms Legal Tech Design and Development Firm appeared first on Robert Ambrogi's LawSites.

Death of Rock Music Photographer Leads to Copyright Lawsuit Against Fashion Designer

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

Eriq Gardner Jim Marshall, whose photographs of musicians became famous, died the night he was scheduled to attend a fashion boutique in SoHo, New York. Here's the strange story of what happened next. read more. THR, Esq. Music Music Style

Springer Verlag Reconsidering Publication of Book Promoting Intelligent Design

Media Law Prof Blog

The Scientist is reporting that controversy has sprouted over a possible title from the well-known publisher Springer. Biological Information: New Perspectives is supposed "present 'new perspectives regarding the nature and origin of biological information'. However, one of its authors is

[Sponsored] Finally, an All-in-One Practice Management Tool Designed Specifically for Lawyers

Media Law

The post [Sponsored] Finally, an All-in-One Practice Management Tool Designed Specifically for Lawyers appeared first on Robert Ambrogi's LawSites. In the practice of law, time is money. Ask any lawyer what he or she looks for most in legal technology, and the answer will immediately be efficiency. Having everything you need in one place, without having to switch platforms, is not simply a convenience, it’s a necessity. That’s why practice management tools were invented. […].

Law School’s Design Lab Will Develop Apps and Other Solutions to A2J Crisis

Media Law

Gordon Smith This fall, BYU Law School in Provo, Utah, will launch an innovative design lab, called LawX, in which second- and third-year law students will step into the role of entrepreneur to design apps and other solutions to help address Utah’s critical gap in access to legal services Six-to-eight law students […]. The post Law School’s Design Lab Will Develop Apps and Other Solutions to A2J Crisis appeared first on Robert Ambrogi's LawSites.