CFP: AALS Section on Defamation and Privacy

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Call for Papers AALS Section on Defamation and Privacy The AALS Section on Defamation and Privacy invites submissions for papers for a session titled “Social Media Content Moderation and the Future of Free Speech,” which will take place in January

Scottish Parliament To Consider Draft Bill On Defamation

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The Scottish Parliament is set to consider a draft Defamation bill, the Defamation and Malicious Publication (Scotland) Bill. The drafters intend to codify the treatment of defamation, which is now "spread across several statutes and areas of common law," according

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An Interesting Defamation Question – Entertainment Law Asked & Answered

Gordon P. Firemark

TRANSCRIPT: I've got a pretty interesting defamation question for you today… Hi, I'm attorney Gordon Firemark, and this is Asked and Answered, where I answer your entertainment law questions, to help you take your career and business to the next level. VIDEO: [link].

District Court Dismisses Arpaio Defamation Suit Against New York Times

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District Court for the District of Columbia has dismissed Joe Arpaio's defamation suit against the New York Times. The U.S. In a short ruling, Judge Amit P. Mehta held that the plaintiff failed to allege sufficient facts "that plausbily establish

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Note for the Legal Satyricon Blog: Marc Randazza on Alex Jones’s defamation case

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Alex Jones faces several defamation lawsuits in different states filed by the families of victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. censorship defamation First Amendment free speech misc freedom of expressionMarc Randazza is protecting the rights of Alex Jones, a host on InfoWars and a journalist. Alex Jones at one point questioned the official narrative of the story, but now believes the shooting […].

Second Circuit: Palin Defamation Suit Against NYT May Move Ahead

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The Second Circuit has reversed a lower court and is allowing Sarah Palin's defamation lawsuit against the New York Times to move forward. More here from the National Law Journal. Here is a link to the ruling

Zaharoff on Defamation of the President

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Zachary Zaharoff, Independent, has published Defaming the Prince. This Article argues that press outlets should be completely immune from defamation suits initiated by a U.S. The Article presents the current defamation standard for public officials

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The Autocomplete Function and Defamation

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Cheung, The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law, is publishing Defaming by Suggestion: Searching for Search Engine Liability in the Autocomplete Era in Comparative Perspectives on the Fundamentals of Freedom of Expression (Andras Koltay, ed. Anne S.

CBS Asks Federal Judge To Dismiss Fairfax Defamation Suit

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CBS is asking a federal district court to dismiss Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax's defamation suit against the network, saying that Mr. Fairfax's claim that an in-house attorney who knew both Mr. Fairfax and one of the women who accused

Google suggests defamation

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By Eriq Gardner A lot of folks think the British are crazy when it comes to defamation, but never insult someone in French. Tags: Decisions Roundup Defamation Web/Tech Two companies, Direct Energie and CNFDI, sued Google because when users entered the company name in the.

Liability For Anonymous Online Defamation

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Ronen Perry and Tal Zarsky, both of the University of Haifa Faculty of Law, have published Who Should Be Liable for Online Anonymous Defamation? at 82 University of Chicago Law Review Dialogue 162 (2015). Here is the abstract. The paper

Lets Play Find the Defamation

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defamation Class, please watch the following video. There will be a quiz afterward. “Potato” is the credited response. Remember, it is not which answer is “correct,” but which is the “best” answer. Nevertheless, science author Paul Brodeur reportedly seeks $1m from the producers of American Hustle for their portrayal of his article in the film. source). […].

Liability for Online Anonymous Defamation

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Ronen Perry, University of Haifa Faculty of Law, and University of Oxford Faculty of Law, and Tal Zarsky, University of Haifa, have published Who Should Be Liable for Online Anonymous Defamation?

Todd on Satire in Defamation Law

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Jeff Todd, Texas State University, San Marcos, Department of Finance and Economics, is publishing Satire in Defamation Law: Toward a Critical Understanding in volume 35 of the Review of Litigation (2016). Though defamation, with its blend

Arbel and Mungan on the Case Against Strict Defamation Laws @ProfArbel

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Mungan, George Mason Law School, have published The Case Against Strict Defamation Laws. It is axiomatic that defamation law protects reputation. Yonathan A. Arbel, University of Alabama School of Law, and Murat C.

O'Dell on Comparative Defamation and Privacy Law--Irish Perspectives @cearta

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Eoin O'Dell, Trinity College (Dublin), has published Comparative Defamation and Privacy Law - Irish Perspectives at 40 Dublin University Law Journal 236 (2017). This piece is a review article of Andrew T Kenyon (ed) Comparative Defamation

Did Rush Limbaugh Defame Sandra Fluke?

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I received an inquiry asking if Rush Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a “slut” would be the proper basis for a defamation claim. In order to have a valid defamation claim you must have: A false statement of fact About the plaintiff That harms the plaintiff’s reputation False Statement [.]. defamation feminismI do not believe it would be.

Vandenbussche on Rethinking Non-Pecuniary Remedies for Defamation @WVandenbussche

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Wannes Vandenbussche, Institute for the Law of Obligations, KU Leuven, has published Rethinking Non-Pecuniary Remedies for Defamation: The Case for Court-Ordered Apologies. Legal scholars have been encouraged to examine alternative remedies for defamation in response to

Online Defamation Webinar Recording

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Here is the recording of my September 5, 2012 webinar on Online Defamation as part of my firm’s IP Webinar series. Defamation VideoIllinois MCLE credit is available for viewing the recording.

Criminal Defamation Charge Against BBC Reporter Dropped

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From the BBC: Criminal defamation charges have been dropped against reporter Jonathan Head. who could have been sentenced to years in a Thai prison had he been convicted. Mr. Head, BBC Southeast Asia correspondont, had reported on a case in

Donald Trump Can't Stop Discovery in 'Apprentice' Alum's Defamation Lawsuit

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

An appeals court denies the president's motion for a stay while the appeal plays out. read more. THR, Esq. Business Television Politics Business THR Online

Appeals Court: Rolling Stone Must Face Defamation Lawsuit Over Rape Story

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The 2nd Circuit rules two UVA fraternity members have plausibly made claims how the story was "of and concerning" them while also accepting a group defamation theory.

Analyzing the Defamation Act 2013

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Alastair Mullis, University of Leeds, School of Law, and Andrew Scott, London Business School, Department of Economics, have published Tilting at Windmills: The Defamation Act 2013 at 77 The Modern Law Review 87 (2014).

Rolling Stone Gets One Victory as Defamation Trial Continues

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

A judge rules in the publication's favor that Nicole Eramo wasn't defamed by implications in the infamous campus rape story. read more. THR, Esq. The Business Music Culture Business THR Online

Ashley Judd Sues Harvey Weinstein for Sexual Harassment and Defamation

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

The actress says Weinstein cost her a role in the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy after she rejected his sexual advances. read more. THR, Esq. Movies Movies THR Online Ashley Judd Harvey Weinstein nsfs

Donald Trump Must Face Ex-'Apprentice' Star's Defamation Lawsuit

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"No one is above the law," writes the judge. read more. THR, Esq. Politics Television Politics THR Online

John Oliver, HBO Beat Coal Executive's Defamation Lawsuit

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The 'Last Week Tonight' host was within his First Amendment rights to criticize a coal baron and his company, the court found. read more. THR, Esq. Television Television THR Online John Oliver Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

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Fourth Circuit Affirms Lower Court Ruling Finding In Favor of Defendants in "Under the Gun" Defamation Lawsuit

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a defamation case involving the documentary "Under the Gun." The Fourth Circuit affirmed the lower court in Virginia Citizens Defense League et al., Katie Couric et al., In that case, the plaintiffs alleged that the creators of the film

CBS Can't Dodge $750M Defamation Suit From JonBenet Ramsey's Brother

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

Burke Ramsey says his reputation has been ruined after a CBS show's experts concluded he killed his sister. read more. THR, Esq. Television Television THR Online

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Courtney Love responds to twitter defamation claim

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

By Eriq Gardner In March, we wrote how Courtney Love became the first celebrity sued for Twitter defamation. Tags: Celebrity Defamation Free Speech Twitter Love has filed an interesting special motion to strike fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir's lawsuit against her. Among the claims: Simorangkir "repeatedly asked.

Viacom Loses Bid to Avoid Defamation Trial Over VH-1 Biopic

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A federal judge largely rejects a motion for summary judgment reconsideration. read more. THR, Esq. Business Television Music Business THR Online

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Using State Law to Counter a Business Defamation Claim

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defamationby Jay Marshall Wolman Readers of this blog know that Marc is giddy that the Federal Trade Commission has sued Roca Labs. One of the more interesting features of the suit is that the FTC argues that legal action arising from negative reviews, which the FTC terms “gag clause practices”: not only injure the purchasers […].

BPI's Defamation Trial Against ABC Begins

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ABC), in which the meat processor alleges that ABC's reports on its product defamed it and cost it three-quarters of its business The Hollywood Reporter's Eriq Gardner on the first day of the "pink slime" trial (Beef Products Inc.

ABC 52

Rolling Stone Defeats Defamation Lawsuit From Virginia Fraternity Brothers

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While the later-debunked article about a fraternity gang rape may have made Phi Kappa Psi members look bad, it doesn't amount to defamation. read more. THR, Esq. The Business Business THR Online

New York Times Beats Sarah Palin Defamation Lawsuit

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A judge says that mistakes will be made in the exercise of press freedoms, but lawsuits from public figures must be limited. read more. THR, Esq. Business Business THR Online

Does the Tort of Defamation By Implication Exist in Idaho?

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The Idaho Supreme Court hears a case today that presents the issue of whether the tort of defamation by implication exists in Idaho law. The case is Verity v. USA Today and John/Jane Does. Here's a link to the Court's

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Rolph and Douglas on Rebel Wilson's Pitch Perfect Defamation Victory @dkrolph @MikeCDouglas @RebelWilson

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David Rolph, University of Sydney Law School, and Michael Douglas, University of Western Australia Law School, have published Rebel Wilson's Pitch Perfect Defamation Victory at 29 Entertainment Law Review 37 (2018). Few successful defamation plaintiffs are

Steve Wynn Files Another Defamation Suit

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Boston Globe reports that Steve Wynn is a plaintiff in a defamation suit in Boston. says unknown defendants defamed the company by providing subpoenas to the media related to a City of Boston lawsuit against the Massachusetts Gaming Commission. […]. The Boston Globe reports: In a lawsuit filed Monday in Suffolk Superior Court, Wynn Resorts Ltd.

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Oprah defamation case can go to trial

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

Tags: Celebrity Decisions Roundup Defamation Litigation


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Tags: Defamation Opinion

Defamation Lawsuit Against Donald Trump Gains Support From Law Professors

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"No one in our nation is above the law, not even the President," states an amicus brief. read more. THR, Esq. Politics Television Culture Politics THR Online

Remedies For Defamation

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Ardia, University of North Carolia, Chapel Hill, School of Law, is publishing Freedom of Speech, Defamation, and Injunctions in the William & Mary Law Review (forthcoming). David S. Here is the abstract. It has long been a fixture of Anglo-American

Courtney Love loses motion to dismiss Twitter defamation case

THR, Esq. Entertainment & Media Law Blog

By Eriq Gardner A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has denied Courtney Love's attempts to throw out what may be a precedent-setting Twitter defamation lawsuit. In March, clothing designer Dawn Simorangkir sued Love for defamation, invasion of privacy and infliction. Tags: Celebrity Defamation Litigation Twitter