The Committee To Project Journalists' Global Impunity Index For 2018

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The Committee to Protect Journalists has published its Global Impunity Index for 2018, a list which indicates the countries in which governments tolerate the murder of members of the media.

Michael Cohen's entire Trump testimony to the House Oversight Committee

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U.S. Olympic Committee Escapes Lawsuit Over Social Media Gagging

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A carpet cleaning company went to court to argue the USOC was exaggerating its legal rights, but a judge won't hear it. read more. THR, Esq. Business Television Tech Business THR Online

Trump Suggests Senate Committee Should Look Into US Media's "Fake News Stories"

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Donald Trump seems to want the Senate Intelligence Committee to look into whether the media is reporting "made up news." Today he tweeted, "Why Isn't the Senate Intel Committee looking into the Fake News Networks in OUR country to see

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Relativity Bankruptcy: NBCU Makes Surprise Appearance on Creditor Committee

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The media giant wasn't listed as an unsecured creditor in the bankruptcy petition. read more. THR, Esq. The Business Movies Business THR Online

Follow the Money: Senate Homeland Security Committee Investigating Online Advertising

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AG Sessions To Testify Before Senate Intel. Committee | MSNBC

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Committee | MSNBCAG Sessions To Testify Before Senate Intel.

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Senate Intelligence Committee requests Trump campaign documents - The Washington Post

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The letter from the Senate arrived at Trump’s campaign committee last week and was addressed to the group’s treasurer. the Senate committee’s chairman, and Sen. the committee’s ranking Democrat.

Radio public performance bill passes Senate committee

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By Eriq Gardner The Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill yesterday that would make radio stations pay songwriters fees for the public performance of sound recordings. Another version of this controversial bill has already passed the House of Representatives Judiciary.

Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings On Comcast/Time Warner Merger

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Variety reports on the ongoing Senate Judiciary Committee hearings concerning the Comcast/Time Warner merger.

Futures Committee Turns Focus To Present and Solves A Pressing Problem

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An American Bar Association committee tasked with crystal-balling the future of law practice suddenly pivoted to address a problem very much in the present and, in a matter of a few hours, solved it. The post Futures Committee Turns Focus To Present and Solves A Pressing Problem appeared first on Robert Ambrogi's LawSites. On Friday afternoon, I was privileged to witness something remarkable.

Librarian of Congress Fails to Alert Oversight Committees of Massive Abuse of Copyright Loophole by Google and Amazon to Use Songs Without Paying U.S. or Foreign Songwriters 

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taxpayer to great costs and for which the government is entirely unaccountable unless Congress exercises its oversight authority through the House Committee on Administration and finds out what is going on over there. The Librarian of Congress?

House of Commons Committee Hearings Carried On CSPAN

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CSPAN has video of the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee Hearings (Metropolitan Police) and the Culture, Media and Sports Committee Hearings (James and Rupert Murdoch) dealing with the NOTW phone hacking events. CSPAN has related materials as well. Links

Radio Music License Committee Settles Antitrust Suit Against SESAC – What Does it Mean for the Radio Industry?

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Yesterday, it was announced that the Radio Music License Committee (RMLC) settled its lawsuit with SESAC (see the press release here , and the full agreement here ), where the RMLC had charged that SESAC’s practices in collecting its music royalties from the radio industry violated the antitrust laws (we wrote about the filing of the lawsuit here ).

Stateline - U.S. Senate Committee Probes “School-to-Prison Pipeline”

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Senate Committee Probes “School-to-Prison Pipeline” : "" (Via Stateline - U.S.

U.S. House leader says willing to do conference committee on healthcare

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House leader says willing to do conference committee on healthcare

AFTRA Announces Formation of Committee To Explore Union With SAG

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AFTRA (the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) has put together a committee to work with the specially formed SAG task force to investigate whether a merger between the two unions would be both possible and beneficial. SAG announced

Content Creators Coalition & MusicAnswers Applaud the Revision and Passage of the Music Modernization Act by the Senate Judiciary Committee — Artist Rights Watch

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Washington, D.C.] – The Content Creators Coalition and MusicAnswers released today the following statement on the Senate Judiciary Committee’s vote in support of the Music Modernization Act. C3 and MusicAnswers applaud the Senate Judiciary Committee’s vote to advance the Music Modernization Act, while incorporating key changes we had urged to make the legislation stronger, more transparent, and more equitable. PRESS RELEASE.

Will The Rio Olympic Committee Have Trademark Issues?

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Trademark professionals… are these two logos too close… is there a likelihood of consumer confusion? Read more from Yahoo Sports. Would a consumer be confused that the source of the Rio 2016 Olympic games is the same source as the Telluride Foundation?

The Summer of Copyright, Part 2 – The House Judiciary Committee Plans Omnibus Music Licensing Bill – The “Music Bus”

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The House of Representatives Judiciary Committee last week finished its second hearing on music licensing (written witness statements and a link to the webcast can be found here ). But the hearings do serve to set out the issues that are going to be considered by the Committee in ultimately crafting legislation. Member of both the TV Music Licensing Committee and the Radio Music Licensing Committees have filed antitrust lawsuits to accomplish this end (see our article here ).

Judiciary Committee Extends Review of Shield Bill

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The Massachusetts legislature's Joint Committee on the Judiciary has extended to May 7 the date by which it must report for or against a shield bill that would protect journalists' confidential sources. March 17 was the deadline for the committee to issue a report on the bill, but an extension order gives the committee until May 7.

The Cavalier Daily :: University student, Honor Committee member Martese Johnson arrested

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Martese Johnson, a third-year student in the College and a member of the Honor Committee and Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, was arrested around 12:45 a.m. The Cavalier Daily :: University student, Honor Committee member Martese Johnson arrested

Parliamentary Committee Report: Rupert Murdoch Should Not Be In Charge

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A newly released Parliamentary report concludes that News International's claim that the problems at News of the World were caused by a "rogue reporter" are untenable, and that Rupert Murdoch should not be in charge of a "major international company

House Judiciary Committee Begins Nationwide Listening Tour on Copyright Reform – First Roundtable on September 22 in Nashville Focusing on Music Issues

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The US House of Representatives has been looking at potential reform of the Copyright Act for some time, holding a number of hearings before the Committee here in Washington DC (see, for instance, our article here about one of those hearings). Yesterday, the Committee announced that it is taking its examination on the road, conducting a “listening tour” of the country, starting with a roundtable on music issues to be held in Nashville on September 22.

Craigslist: Now the Inevitable Congressional Committee

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by Charles Platt Nice piece at cnet by Declan McCullagh summarizes the worsening situation re Craigslist. The repercussions have only just begun, and the usual maddening mantra, “Protect the Children,&# is being used to justify the usual demands for censorship. I guess it really doesn’t matter which party has control of Congress or the White [.].

Just playing politics - Kevin McCarthy credits Benghazi committee for Clinton damage | MSNBC

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Kevin McCarthy, a top Republican lawmaker on track to become the next speaker of the House, credited the Select Committee on Benghazi for damaging Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers Tuesday night — a surprising admission from a party that has sought to portray the investigation as even-handed and non-partisan. But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. Kevin McCarthy credits Benghazi committee for Clinton damage | MSNBC

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is a racist. Here is the proof that NJ Senator Corey Booker released after courageously defying Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley.

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Rupert, James Murdoch Asked To Appear Before House of Commons Committee To Explain Phone Hacking Practice

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NewsCorp's Rupert Murdoch, his son James, owner of the shuttered News of the World, and Rebekah Brooks, CEO of News International, have received a request to appear before a House of Commons Select Committee to explain the culture that gave

Craigslist Tells House Judiciary Committee It Has Shut Down US Adult Services Section Of Its Site

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From the New York Times: a Craigslist official and a member of its legal team told the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday that the website has "discontinued" its adult services section. However, CNN reports that concerns continue over sex trafficking in

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Broadcast Performance Royalty Passes House Judiciary Committee - A Work In Progress

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The House of Representatives Judiciary Committee today approved a bill that would impose, for the first time, a royalty on radio broadcasters for the public performance of sound recordings in their over-the-air broadcasts. Tags: 801b standard Broadcast Performance Royalty Internet Radio house judiciary committee public performance radio music royalty radio payments for music sound recording royalty willing buyer willing seller

New York Film Fest Selection Committee Adds Dennis Lim

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The Film Society of Lincoln Center has replaced outgoing associate programming director and New York film fest selection committee member Kent Jones with ex- Village Voice editor/critic Dennis Lim, who teaches criticism at NYU and edits Moving Image Source.

Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Broadcast Performance Royalty - With Issues Yet to Resolve

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The Senate Judiciary Committee today approved the bill to impose a performance royalty (or the "performance tax" as the NAB had called it) on radio broadcasters for the public performance of sound recordings on their over-the-air stations. As was the case in the House of Representatives when its Judiciary Committee approved their version of the bill , the Committee acknowledged that there was still work to do before a final bill would be ready for the full Congress.

Next Meeting of the FCC's Consumer Advisory Committee Scheduled For Sept. 10

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From the FCC: Announcement of Next Meeting Date and Agenda of Consumer Advisory Committee By this Public Notice, the Federal Communications Commission (“Commission”) announces the date and agenda of the next meeting of its Consumer Advisory Committee (“Committee”).

Radio Music Licensing Committee Announces Settlement With BMI Following Settlement With ASCAP - Why SESAC is Not Included

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The Radio Music Licensing Committee has announced a settlement with BMI over music royalties for the public performance of musical compositions for the period from 2010-2016. BMI negotiations BMI royalties Broadcast Performance Royalty Music Rights RMLC SESAC royalties radio music licenses for BMI radio music licensing committee

House of Lords Committee Suggests BBC Fees Should Support Rival Network Programming

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A House of Lords committee studying the BBC license fee says part of it should be diverted to help support regional broadcasters that provide arts and news programming. The committee also noted the dangers of the BBC's possible cultural dominance

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Hollywood Docket: David Bergstein Barnkruptcies; Obama's New IP Committees; Lohan in Court (Again)

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Eriq Gardner Entertainment law news read more. THR, Esq. The Business Business

House Ethics Committee staffer used peer-to-peer software; 'shared' confidential document

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The Washington Post just published a great scoop , getting its hands on a confidential internal memo compiled by the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct (aka the Ethics Committee) that summarizes ongoing investigations into possible wrongdoing by 30 members and several staffers. According to a statement released by the committee's chairwoman and ranking member: Neither the Standards Committee's nor the House's information systems have been breached in any way.

Accessibility Advisory Committee Releases Report to FCC on Closed Captioning of Internet Video

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As our colleague Brian Hurh wrote today on our sister blog, , the Video Programming Accessibility Advisory Committee has released its Report to the FCC on the closed captioning of IP-video programming as required by the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act passed last October.

Committee Approves Kagan’s Nomination to Supreme Court - The Caucus Blog -

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Committee Approves Kagan’s Nomination to Supreme Court - The Caucus Blog - : "Stephen Crowley/The New York Times Senator John Cornyn, Republican of Texas, left, looked on as Senator Richard J. Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, spoke with Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday. In Tuesday’s vote, Mr. Graham broke party ranks to join the committee’s 12 Democrats in voting in her favor.

Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty - Secretary Clinton Emphasizes Relationship Between Free Speech, Freedom of Religion

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Why Won’t Anyone Budget the MMA’s Mechanical Licensing Collective?

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Music Modernization Act Uncategorized Chairman Grassley Senate Judiciary CommitteeThere was an interesting exchange between Chairman Grassley and the CEO of the Digital Media Association regarding the costs of operating the Music Modernization Act’s mechanical licensing collective at the recent Senate hearing on the Music Modernization Act. (See See the video of the exchange here. ).

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@edchristman: Commercial Radio Group Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Irving Azoff’s Global Music Rights — Artist Rights Watch

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With ASCAP and BMI still under unaltered consent decrees and SESAC agreeing to rate-setting arbitration in a 2015 settlement, the Radio Music Licensing Committee (RMLC) is going for the grand slam with an antitrust lawsuit against boutique performance rights organization Global Music Rights. In a Goolag State of Mind Attack on Songwriters Global Music Rights Radio Music Licensing Committee

U.S. Senate passes 'libel tourism' bill - Blog - Committee to Protect Journalists

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Senate passes 'libel tourism' bill - Blog - Committee to Protect Journalists This week, the U.S. Related articles by Zemanta Editorial: A Victory for Writing ( US Senate committee moves to curb libel tourism ( Can Unanimous Senate Approval of a Bill With a Lame Name Possibly Be a Good Thing? Senate unanimously passed a bill shielding journalists and publishers from “ libel tourism.”

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