Lex Machina Expands Its Legal Analytics Into Commercial Litigation

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The legal analytics company Lex Machina today announced what it is describing as the most ambitious and largest expansion yet of its analytics into a new practice area, commercial litigation. The post Lex Machina Expands Its Legal Analytics Into Commercial Litigation appeared first on Robert Ambrogi's LawSites.

Author Sues WME Over Chobani Super Bowl Commercial

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Dov Seidman says WME encouraged an ad agency it has a stake in to use his mantra without asking his permission. read more. THR, Esq. The Business Business THR Online

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The Black Keys on Warpath Against 'Soundalikes' in TV Commercials

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After suing Pizza Hut and Home Depot, the band is now taking on the operator of casinos. read more. Music THR, Esq. Television Business The Black Keys

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'Lassie' Owner Files $1 Million Lawsuit Against TV Dog Commercial (Video)

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Eriq Gardner Is this TV commercial a copy of 'Lassie' or merely reminiscent? read more. THR, Esq. Television Television

Harvey Keitel Sues E*Trade for Dropping Him From Commercials

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The 'Pulp Fiction' star says the company owes him $1.5 million from a previous contract. read more. THR, Esq. Movies Movies Business THR Online Harvey Keitel

Indecency Intrigue: M.I.A.'s Middle Finger and an Unaired Commercial at This Year's Super Bowl

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Eriq Gardner The FCC isn't likely to fine NBC for the Super Bowl flap. Instead, the agency made a big ruling on a Super Bowl advertisement you might not have heard about. read more. THR, Esq. THR, Esq. Television Television Business M.I.A. Madonna Nicki Minaj Super Bowl Super Bowl 2012

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Harvey Keitel Loses Appeal Over Being Dropped from E*Trade Commercials

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The actor thought he had a $1.5 million deal. But it's held that a term sheet doesn't substitute for a formal written agreement. read more. THR, Esq. Business Television Business THR Online

Commercial Speech and Health Policy

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Commercial Free Speech vs. Public Health Promotion (at the FDA), in volume 21 of Health Matrix (2011). Lars Noah, University of Florida College of Law, has published Truth or Consequences?: Here is the abstract. Fundamental tensions obviously exist between constitutional

Republican: Using Don Henley songs in commercials is parody of 'Hollywood and entertainment elite'

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By Eriq Gardner Republican senatorial candidate Chuck DeVore argues in a new court filing that he should be able to use songs by Don Henley in campaign commercials because Hollywood elite are ripe for parody. DeVore is defending a copyright.

Looking at the Decision of the Copyright Royalty Board on Internet Radio Royalties for Commercial Webcasters – What are the Issues that the Judges Considered?

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The text of the Copyright Royalty Board decision on Internet Radio Royalties for 2026-2020 was released last Friday. While it is 203 pages long, the basis for the decision is relatively simple. As required by the Copyright Act, the Copyright Royalty Judges looked at all of the evidence presented to determine what rate a willing buyer and a willing seller would agree to in a marketplace transaction.

Hollywood Docket: Music Labels vs. Grooveshark; FCC Targets Loud Commercials; Ryan Gosling Law School

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Eriq Gardner A roundup of hot legal stories from the world of entertainment and media law. read more. THR, Esq. THR, Esq. The Business Business FCC Ryan Gosling

Hollywood Docket: Watch the Hilarious 'SNL' Spider-Man Law Firm Commercial

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Eriq Gardner Entertainment law news read more. THR, Esq. The Business Business

Beware of the Trademark and Copyright Issues in Ads and Promotions Involving the Super Bowl

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With the college football champion now decided, and the NFL league championships this coming weekend to decide this year’s Super Bowl teams, it’s that time when we post our warning about being careful with using the phrase “ Super Bowl” in your promotions and commercials. Trademark is usually the biggest concern, as there are always issues when broadcasters and advertisers don’t watch their commercials and promotions to avoid improper uses of a trademarked phrase like “Super Bowl.”

March Madness is a Trademarked Term – Use Caution in Using it in Advertising and Promotion

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Instead, what it means is that commercial uses of the term, that could imply some association with the event for which sponsors pay money, can be problematic – and could cause the NCAA and their lawyers to pay attention, and could cost you or your sponsor money or time defending the use. Advertising Issues Intellectual Property Programming Regulations march madness copyright march madness in advertising march madness in commercials march madness trademark

Health Regulation and the Commercial Speech Doctrine

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David Orentlicher, University of Iowa College of Law & Indiana University School of Law, Indianapolis, has published The Commercial Speech Doctrine in Health Regulation: The Clash between the Public Interest in a Robust First Amendment and the Public Interest in

Hey! Dial It Down! FCC Issues Rules To Combat Loud TV Commercials

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Pursuant to the CALM act, signed into law last year, the FCC has issued rules that will regulate the volume of television commercials beginning in December of 2012. The agency has been trying to address the problem of loud tv

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SAG-AFTRA Commercials Update

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Small moves by each side, but movement nonetheless, characterizes the ongoing commercials contract negotiations being held in New York between SAG and AFTRA jointly and the advertising industry, according to a source close to the talks. Tags: advertising SAG Labor Unions JPC Commercials AFTRA strike

Hans Zimmer Scores Win in '12 Years a Slave' Copyright Lawsuit

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The legendary composer was accused of copying commercial library music for 'Solomon.' read more. THR, Esq. Music Music THR Online

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Switching Consumer Device to Ad-Supported Environment Is Not Deceptive under New York Law

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Commercial Litigation Contracts Internet Technology Video ad insertion ad-supported platform mobile devices Slingbox smart devices streaming deviceIf your company sells a smart device to a consumer, can it later turn the device into a paid advertising platform? Can it do so without advanced disclosure? A recent court ruling suggests the answer is “yes,” at least in New York. In In re Sling Media Slingbox Advertising Litig. , 15-05388 (S.D.N.Y.

Protecting Broadcast Investors’ Social Security Numbers for the Biennial Ownership Report for Commercial Broadcasters (and, Potentially, Noncommercial Ones Too)

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If all goes as scheduled, at the beginning of December, commercial broadcasters will file Biennial Ownership Reports on FCC Form 323. As we wrote when the obligation to file the current version of these reports was first adopted , the FCC’s intent was to be able to track the interests of broadcast investors across all of their attributable ownership interests in various broadcast companies to assess broadcast diversity.


SAG Commercials Negotiations Process Advances

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The SAG-AFTRA commercials contract seems to be suffering little of the turbulence afflicting the long-expired SAG TV/theatrical contract. The SAG and AFTRA Commercials Contracts will be bargained under the terms of the Phase One Agreement that applies to the Commercials Contracts negotiations only. Tags: SAG Commercials AFTRA So far anyway. fingers crossed.

Balancing Commercial Speech and Consumers' Right To Know

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Jessie Smith Nibley, University of Pennsylvania Law School, has published Commercial Freedom of Speech vs. Consumers' Right to Know: Milking the First Amendment for All It's Worth. Here is the abstract. The FDA's antagonism toward mandatory disclosure by food producers

Gilbert Gottfried Gone From Aflac Commercials

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Aflac, the insurance company, has parted ways with comedian Gilbert Gottfried, who provides the voice for the Aflac duck, after Mr. Gottfried sent out what the company characterized as "tasteless tweets" on the subject of last week's earthquake and tsunami

Actors Commercials Negotiations Deteriorate

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Though it gets less play than the stalled SAG TV/theatrical talks , SAG and AFTRA have been jointly negotiating for several weeks with the advertising industry over the commercials contract. Among other things, the current commercials contract apparently has no minimums in new media. Yet another significant issue is a proposal by the JPC to dramatically alter the way residuals are paid for national commercials—so-called Class A residuals.

Remember Children’s Television Compliance Obligations – The FCC Does Not Forget

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With the obligation of television stations to file the quarterly Children’s Television Reports on FCC Form 398 by Monday (as the usual January 10 date is on a weekend) and the simultaneous requirement to place into their online public file documentation of compliance with the commercial limits in Children’s programming , it is worth reminding stations of the seriousness with which the FCC continues to view its children’s television rules.

Compelled Commercial Speech

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Robert Post, Yale Law School, is publishing Compelled Commercial Speech in the West Virginia Law Review. Here is the abstract. This paper is the text of the fourth annual C. Edwin Baker Lecture for Liberty, Equality, and Democracy at the

Actors Union SAG-AFTRA and Industry Postpone Commercials Negotiations

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SAG-AFTRA and the advertising industry have agreed to postpone their previously-scheduled early negotiations of the union’s commercials agreement, the union announced Saturday.


Remember "Super Bowl", the "Olympics" and "March Madness" Are Trademarked Terms - Don't Use Them In Advertising Without Permission

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With the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics less than 2 weeks away, and March Madness not far behind, we once again need to remind our readers that all three are trademarked terms, meaning that their use, particularly for commercial purposes, is limited. We've wrote here last year about the use of the term "Super Bowl" in commercials, and about the use of "Olympics" two years ago ( here ). But don't try to commercially exploit these terms (e.g.

Adler @jadler1969 on Persistent Threats to Commercial Speech

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Jonathan Adler, Case Western Reserve School of Law; PERC, is publishing Persistent Threats to Commercial Speech in volume 25 of the Journal of Law & Policy.

E*Trade Responds to Harvey Keitel Lawsuit: "No Deal"

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The actor alleges the online brokerage firm breached a contract to have him appear in commercials. read more. THR, Esq. The Business Movies Television Business THR Online

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Super Bowl, the Olympics and March Madness – Watch Your Advertising and Promotions for Unauthorized Uses of Trademarked Phrases

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It’s that time again when broadcasters and advertisers need to watch their commercials and promotions to avoid improper uses of trademarked phrases – with the Super Bowl only weeks away, the Winter Olympics to follow soon thereafter and March Madness to follow closely after that. It is the commercial exploitation of the trademarked phrases that raises the issues. .

Regal Said to Have Abused Movie Theater Monopoly in Nation's Capital

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A new lawsuit claims Regal owns 91 percent of commercial film seats in Northwest Washington D.C. and has used its power to coerce film distributors. read more. THR, Esq. The Business Movies Business THR Online Regal Entertainment Group

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Samsung's Super Bowl Ad Makes Fun of NFL Trademarks (Video)

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Meanwhile, some attorneys debate whether it's permissible whether advertisers can use "Super Bowl" in commercials. read more. Super Bowl 2013 THR, Esq. Television Tech Super Bowl Business

Samaha and Germano on Whether Commercial Speech Cases Are Ideological: An Empirical Inquiry @nyulaw

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Samaha and Roy Germano, both of the New York University School of Law, are publishing Are Commercial Speech Cases Ideological? Adam M. An Empirical Inquiry in the William & Mary Bill of Rights. Here is the abstract. The empirical study

FCC To Hold Workshop On Interoperability of Customer Mobile Equipment Across Commercial Spectrum Blocks In 700 MHz Band

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the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) Wireless Telecommunications Bureau will hold a workshop on the interoperability of customer mobile equipment across commercial spectrum blocks in the 700 From the FCC On Tuesday, April 26, 2011, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.,

More about filming the audience.

Gordon P. Firemark

So just a few minutes after the video I did about filming the audience came out, Jeffrey wrote in with a follow up question he says… “How about publicity rights of an audience at a community news event where the final video of composition has a commercial purpose.

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Universal Music Sued Over "Baby Come Back" Royalties

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The 1977 song is still actively licensed, according to the complaint, and has recently appeared in everything from 'The Simpsons' to Toyota commercials.

Congress Passes CALM Act to Restrict Loud Commercials

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Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed the CALM Act, directing the Federal Communications Commission to adopt regulations controlling the volume of commercials on television broadcast stations, cable systems, satellite, and other multichannel video programming providers. ATSC A/85 standard Advertising Issues CALM Act Television limits on commercial volume loud commercials why are commercials louder than TV programs

Adler on Compelled Commercial Speech and the Consumer's "Right to Know"

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Adler, Case Western Reserve University School of Law and PERC (Property and Environment Research Center), is publishing Compelled Commercial Speech and the Consumer 'Right to Know' in the Arizona Law Review (2016). Compelled commercial Jonathan H.

Aretha Franklin Seeks to Stop Sales Screenings of 'Amazing Grace' Doc

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An amended complaint was filed by the singer following reports that producer Alan Elliott showed the doc at a private screening at the Toronto Film Festival for commercial purposes.