SAG A-List Blacklist

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The author of the blacklist email is unknown, although one prominent SAG board member, Frances Fisher, did forward the email to some SAG members. At least one recipient of the email, Julie Garfield, compared it to the 1940’s-50’s blacklist of alleged communists in Hollywood—a blacklist that brought down her father, leading man John Garfield , and, apparently, contributed to his death of a heart attack at age 39. Tags: SAG SAG Awards award shows blacklist

The Google Blacklist

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Google Instant "blacklists" certain words, according to this article from CNN. Which ones? Well, the ones you'd expect, but also some you wouldn't

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Rut Roh: @LibraryCongress Hoster Cloudflare Discloses “Incorrect” Submissions to Treasury Dept. Office of Foreign Assets Control For Blacklist Payments by Narcotraficante

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economic and trade sanctions regulations by trading with terrorists and narcotraficante that have been blacklisted by the U.S. Cloudflare’s drip drip drip: If we’re caught dealing with criminals it could have a material adverse effect on our business.

Netflix, Amazon Beat Blacklisting Lawsuit From Former Employee

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The claims from Jerry Kowal included defamation and wrongful termination read more. Netflix Reed Hastings THR Online THR, Esq. Amazon Studios Television Ted Sarandos Jeff Bezos Business

Hollywood Docket: Insane Clown Posse’s Lawsuit Against the FBI Revived On Appeal

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The Blacklist The FollowingPlus Donald Trump duels with the owner of and parking attendants take on Sony, NBC and Warner Bros. read more. THR, Esq.

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IMDb Explains Why 40-Year-Old Actress Shouldn't Fear Blacklisting

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Eriq Gardner Here's three reasons from IMDb why the woman who is suing the company must come forward and reveal herself. read more. THR, Esq. Movies Movies Tech Business IMDB

SAG Says Woman Who Sued IMDb for Revealing Age Has 'Legitimate' Fear of Being Blacklisted

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Eriq Gardner Plus, actress' attorney says IMDb is retaliating against her for bringing the lawsuit. read more. THR, Esq. The Business Movies Tech Business

Judge Allows Trimmed Lawsuit by Fox News Pundit Who Says She Was Raped

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Scottie Hughes alleges being blacklisted after complaining of sexual assault by Fox Business host Charles Payne. read more. THR, Esq. Business Television Business THR Online

Kesha Claims Dr. Luke Won't Support Her New Album and Wants to Leave Her Penniless

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Both sides file amended court papers, with Dr. Luke now claiming Kesha's effort to "blacklist" him included false rape charges to Lady Gaga. read more. THR, Esq. The Business Music Business THR Online

How Controversial Antipiracy Laws Could Be Enacted Even Without Congress (Analysis)

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Eriq Gardner A new law might make anti-piracy operations tidy, but it's not the only way that 'rogue' websites are going to be blacklisted going forward.

Was This the Real Reason Why Amazon Fired a Former Netflix Licensing Guru?

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Last month, Jerry Kowal claimed a "blacklisting" in the digital video industry. Now, Amazon offers a possibly instructive explanation on why a judge shouldn''t allow his lawsuit. read more. The Business THR Online THR, Esq. Television Tech Business

Can Hollywood get Google to support new anti-piracy bill?

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By Eriq Gardner Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee introduced a new anti-piracy bill that would enable the government to essentially blacklist websites accused of copyright theft. Since then, many in Hollywood have voiced strong support of the measure.

“ACTA2” Trolls Publish Hit List on Pastebin of Artists who Supported Copyright Directive in Europe

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Heartfelt thanks & congratulations to all creators on this acta2 blacklist for standing up for our rights. Jealous I’m not on it. Must try harder. ?? IvorsAcademy ? ? PRSforMusic ? ? PPLUK ? ? authorsocieties ? ? unisonrights ? link]. — Crispin Hunt (@crispinhunt) June 25, 2019.

The Southern Poverty Law Center Takes on Male Centric Blogs – Receives Bloody Nose

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It recently rounded up a number of male-centric blogs and decided to add them to its blacklist. The SPLC is, by most measurements, a noble organization. However, just like the ACLU, it seems to be suffering from mission creep. One of them, so far, “A Voice For Men” fought back. Not by filing a defamation [.]. political correctness

Israeli military kills Palestinian kids, United Nations whitewashes it -

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Israeli military kills Palestinian kids, United Nations whitewashes it - "Last week, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon capitulated to pressure from the Obama administration and removed Israel’s armed forces from a child rights “blacklist.”

Asked & Answered: Video/Film/recording performances of plays.

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Also, once a play publisher catches you, they will put you on their blacklist, and never authorize another production again. Q: I work in educational theater. Every year we revisit the same topic: Filming performances. I keep telling the director and others that it is simply not legal to record a performance. The response I always hear is that they never sell the film. They are only making an “archival copy&# which is given to the cast. I know it’s illegal.

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Donald Trump Jr.’s stunningly incriminating statement to the New York Times - The Washington Post

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He said she then turned the conversation to adoption of Russian children and the Magnitsky Act, an American law that blacklists suspected Russian human rights abusers. Smoking gun number 2 analysis "In a statement on Sunday, Donald Trump Jr.

The Google Whistle Speaks Its Mind–and it’s worse than you thought

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Possibly because it was on an existing blacklist within Google.). DEBBIE SLOAN. This is an honest house. BOB WOODWARD. That’s why we’d like to see your husband. CARL BERNSTEIN. Facing certain criminal charges that might be brought against some people that are innocent, we just feel that it would be… BOB WOODWARD. It’s really for his benefit. DEBBIE SLOAN. No, it’s not. BOB WOODWARD. No, it’s not. HUGH SLOAN JR. Debbie, tell them to come in.

Recent @cyberlaw posts on Twitter

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Wow, predictive blacklisting could block internet attacks before they happen – [link]. I’ve been much more active lately on Twitter than here on the blog, for a variety of reasons. Most of them are work related, it’s nice to be busy! With the limited time I’ve had, it’s been much easier to post quick links to interesting articles on Twitter.

Who Will Watch the Watch List? - The New York Times

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contributes to the secret blacklisting and surveillance of hundreds of thousands of individuals. "New Haven — When a police officer pulled over Peter Santilli last December in Newtown, Ohio, it seemed like a routine traffic stop.

SAG Awards: Impressions from the Red Carpet

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Alec Baldwin and Sally Field both took home statues, despite being targets of a blacklist aimed at nominees who opposed the union’s position on a strike authorization. The SAG Awards sparkled.

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Where is the Consumer Electronics Association when you need them? Senator Levin cracks down on fake electronic parts in military gear

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So why is Senator Levin engaging in these Dangerous and Groundless attacks on innovation and Blacklisting Innocent Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists trying to suck down the Government Dole…I mean, innovate? According to reporting in the Army Times: “The U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee is planning to crack down on counterfeit electronic parts, which more often than not originate in China and eventually make their way to U.S. military weapon systems.

Five–Make that Six–Gains We Made in 2015: The Good News is the Bad News is Wrong

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If radio employees weren’t afraid of getting blacklisted before the MIC Coalition was formed, you have to believe they’re even more scared after. Despite the singular lack of successful legislation in the U.S.

Worshipping the Great God Scale: Google’s Four Great Lies as read to you by Kent Walker

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According to USA Today , “[b]y the end of 2013, Google had blacklisted more than 200,000 publisher sites in its ad network and removed more than 250,000 publisher accounts for violations such as artificially inflating clicks and impressions or including ads on sites with violent content.”

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Freedom of the Press and Confronting Human Rights in China


The new law, known as the “Code of Conduct,&# imposes restrictions on independent reporting and proposes to create a “blacklist&# for those Chinese journalists who have been deemed to have engaged in “illegal reporting.&#

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It’s Not Whack A Mole if You Own the Mole: New York Times Coverage of Brand Sponsored Piracy

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The one point that I think the Times needs to rethink is this business about a blacklist. As some of you may know, I again will be moderating the Global Forum at Canadian Music Week this year.

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Attention Mr. Almunia: How YouTube Uses Its Monopoly Power to Silence Critics

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According to ONErpm founder Emmanuel Zunz, YouTube is unhappy that certain payout details and percentages were disclosed, with a complete blacklisting being threatened. As the European Commission returns from the August break, Joaquín Almunia will be getting back to work. Top of his agenda as the Vice President of the European Commission responsible for Competition Policy has got to be the Commission’s Statement of Objections against Google that seems to grow by the day.

Opinion | When Did Caging Kids Become the Art of the Deal? It always have been; look at Trump's 40 plus history of racists practicies and statements. - The New York Times

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Blacklist For ‘Columbiners,’ School Shootings Have a Deadly Allure How Boots Riley Infiltrated Hollywood For the president, this vile border mess has become a test to see how hard he can squeeze lawmakers.

Opinion | Time to Break the Silence on Palestine - The New York Times

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Similarly, many students are fearful of expressing support for Palestinian rights because of the McCarthyite tactics of secret organizations like Canary Mission, which blacklists those who publicly dare to support boycotts against Israel, jeopardizing their employment prospects and future careers.