Contracts must prohibit sexual harassment in the entertainment workplace.

Gordon P. Firemark

It's a tragedy that the headline of this story even needed to be written. By now, we've all heard about the truly despicable behavior of some hollywood heavyweights. And we're learning just how persuasive this kind of thing has been throughout the entertainment industry. Thanks to the courage and tenacity of a handful of prominent women in the business, the dirty little (big?) secret is out in the open. and the theatre, vaudeville, etc.)

Independent New Media Productions

Digital Media Law

There are casting notices out there for SAG new media productions under the “SAG New Media Contract.” First, this is not the new media sideletter recently negotiated with the AMPTP (major studios) as part of the theatrical contract. Rather, it’s a new media contract (the SAG New Media Agreement) that’s been available to independent producers for a number of years—that is, producers who are not signatories to the theatrical and/or agreements.