SAG A-List Blacklist

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This time, the culprit is an email being circulated that advocates a No vote on awards for stars who oppose a strike authorization. The email urges SAG members not to vote for those stars in the upcoming SAG awards, for which they’ve been nominated. The author of the blacklist email is unknown, although one prominent SAG board member, Frances Fisher, did forward the email to some SAG members. Tags: SAG SAG Awards award shows blacklist

Worshipping the Great God Scale: Google’s Four Great Lies as read to you by Kent Walker

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According to USA Today , “[b]y the end of 2013, Google had blacklisted more than 200,000 publisher sites in its ad network and removed more than 250,000 publisher accounts for violations such as artificially inflating clicks and impressions or including ads on sites with violent content.”

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SAG Awards: Impressions from the Red Carpet

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The SAG Awards sparkled. But Alec Baldwin ( 30 Rock ) did pause for a moment: He picked up an award later that evening for male actor in a comedy series. Meanwhile, the unofficial award for cutest kids went to the ones playing adman Don Draper’s children in Mad Men.

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