Read Judge Leon's A.T.T.-Time Warner Decision

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Read U. District Court Judge Richard Leon's (lengthy) A.T.& Time Warner merger decision, courtesy of a CNBC link. Discussion here (CBS), Variety, CNBC

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The ATT/T-Mobile Merger

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Some early reporting on the ATT/T-Mobile merger: from Fortune, from CNN Money, from CNN Tech, from Reuters, and from a Wall Street Journal blog, MarketBeat

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NYT Editorial: Hey, FCC: Think Carefully About That ATT/T-Mobile Merger

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The New York Times urges regulators to be cautious about okaying that ATT/T-Mobile merger. It's skeptical about company claims that competition is brisk enough to overcome fears of monopoly. Says the Times in part, [s]maller rivals hardly represent significant competition

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‘gotta go!’: Black pastor bolts live interview as white nationalists att.

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Neil Young Exploited by. @Ford, @CooperMiniLtd, @Target, @StateFarm, @Adobe, @AlaskaAir, @ATT, @boyscouts, @DIRECTV, @LGUSAMobile, @PrincessCruises, @HP, @Westin, @Charmin, @RapidShare

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Reblogged from The Trichordist: Neil Young Exploited… We’re Speechless… The impressive list below is just scratching the surface, or the tip of the iceberg.

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Tips Welcome

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You can reach me at jhandel at att dot net, 323 650 0060, or via the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn addresses below. ——————— Watch for my new book “Hollywood on Strike!,” Now that I'm covering labor for The Hollywood Reporter , I want to say something that might be obvious: I want your tips, thoughts, rumors, etc. Whether it relates to AFTRA, DGA, SAG, WGA or another entertainment union, and whether you're on the management side or labor, I rely on your help. Anonymity is always respected.

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"Hollywood on Strike!" Book Available Soon

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Media and bloggers can send request review copies at jhandel at att dot net.) Great news – my new book, “Hollywood on Strike!: An Industry at War in the Internet Age” will be out in just a few weeks.

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Activating the FM Chip in Mobile Phones – As Blackberry Steps Up, a Policy and Product Review

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Now, my ATT phone gets over-the-air radio – becoming the modern equivalent to the transistor radio – a radio in my pocket at all times. This blog usually covers legal and policy issues, not product reviews. And this article will at least try to relate policy decisions to a product review, but mostly it’s to share a cool new feature on my phone. To explain, I am one of those holdouts still using a Blackberry.