IATSE and Teamsters Reach Mutual Assistance Pact

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The International Brotherhood of Teamsters and the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees have entered into an agreement to work together toward common goals. IATSE represents most below the line crew. The Executive Boards of both unions unanimously ratified the agreement. ——————— Subscribe to my blog ( jhandel.com ) for more about entertainment law and digital media law. Tags: Teamsters IATSE

WGA, IATSE Weigh in on SAG/AFTRA Deal

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Writers and crew unions join DGA in congratulating the actors on their tentative agreement. Details in my THR piece. -. Watch for my new book “Hollywood on Strike!,” due out next month. Subscribe to my blog ( jhandel.com ) for more about entertainment law and digital media law. Check out my residuals chart there too. Go to the blog itself to subscribe via RSS or email. Or, follow me on Twitter , friend me on Facebook , or subscribe to my Forbes.com or Huffington Post articles.


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Hollywood Crew Deal Ratified

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As expected, the membership of IATSE , the union representing Hollywood crew members, ratified that organization’s proposed contract with the studios yesterday, although not without significant opposition. The new contract takes effect August 1 and runs for three years, as is usual with Hollywood labor agreements. The 15 Hollywood-based IATSE locals covered by the contract encompass over 35,000 members.

Hollywood Labor’s Long-Term Future: More Unrest

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This body should have members from management and from the Writers Guild (WGA), Directors Guild (DGA), Screen Actors Guild (SAG), AFTRA, IATSE, and management. The function of the Working Group would be to analyze and report on developments in new media and the possible resulting effect on existing labor agreements and relationships. The goal would be to track those changes on an ongoing basis and generate various options for addressing them in the collective bargaining agreements.

SAG & Studios Agree to Tentative Deal

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The Screen Actors Guild and the AMPTP (alliance representing studios and producers) reached tentative agreement on a two-year TV/theatrical contract, potentially ending a ten-month stalemate that halted production of most studio movies and put thousands of people out of work. IATSE’s new media provisions are similar in several respects as well.) Tags: WGA strike Labor Unions IATSE AFTRA DGA AMPTP Membership First SAG

SAG: No Good Reason to Strike

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Next, the email says that “jobs would continue … on more than 800 independent new media projects under SAG’s new media agreement.” This is also deceptive, because (based on SAG statements to the press several months ago) this number appears to represent the number of Internet letters of adherence that SAG has issued since the inception of these letters in 2001, not the number of Internet agreements currently active and outstanding. There’s turmoil planned for the upcoming Jan.

Frequently Asked Questions: Directing

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Question: I'm aware the DGA and SAG have Low Budget Agreement deals that work to the benefit of the independent producer. Answer: IATSE allows independent filmmakers the option of signing under a low-budget agreement. For more information you can call IATSE at (818) 905-8999. You should be aware that most low-budget producers would sign with SAG, although they may not with the DGA, WGA, and the Teamsters or IATSE Answers from Mark Litwak, Attorney At Law.


SAG: When Will There be a Deal?

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After all, the contract (called a franchise agreement) between SAG and the talent agents expired in 2002, and has never been renewed. However, the studios are unlikely to agree to SAG’s demands; they’ve been quite firm in their refusal to break the new media template and reward SAG for its obstreperousness—and punish the unions that compromised to make a deal—by giving SAG provisions that were denied to those other unions (DGA, AFTRA, IATSE, as well as WGA).

Actors Commercials Negotiations Deteriorate

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Side note: P&H rollbacks also feature in the campaign by some members of IATSE, the union that represents most crew members, to derail that union’s proposed contract with the studios. Ballots are due back tomorrow, March 18—or perhaps have to be postmarked by then, I’m unclear—but either way, we’ll soon know the fate of that agreement. From the first day of the negotiations, it has been our intention to reach an agreement acceptable to both sides.

ACTA Misreporting: Anatomy of a Smear

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The very well funded Michael Geist recently showed up in a Washington Post tech blog going on about his currently favorite moral panic—so to speak--the Anticounterfeiting Trade Agreements (or “ACTA”). Managing the blogosphere is hard work. One can’t help noticing that there has been a blister pop of activity trashing ACTA by the anti-creator labor crowd, including Lessig’s Change Congress (I thought he was out of the copyright destruction game?)

SAG & The Studios: What Are They Fighting Over?

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The studios respond by pointing to the same or similar provision in the new media deal accepted by the Directors Guild, Writers Guild, the smaller AFTRA actors union (in two separate deals), and the IATSE union (which covers technical and craft workers, i.e., crew members). A third consideration is that no other residuals formula in the guild and union agreements, to my knowledge, is based on net (rather than gross) revenues.