Gordon Firemark presenting podcast law workshop

Gordon P. Firemark

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Are you going to be at BlogWorld? I am!

Gordon P. Firemark

On Saturday afternoon, I’ll be giving my presentation: “Don’t let your content land you in legal hot water”  I’ll be covering the various legal issues most commonly faced by creators of content on the web, along with some strategies to stay out of trouble, as well as what to do if you find yourself in a legal mess.

Blogger, Mediator Victoria Pynchon to Speak in Boston Jan. 18

Media Law

Victoria Pynchon , the Los Angeles mediator, author and blogger, will be in Boston on Tuesday, Jan. Her program starts at 6 p.m. Boston.

ABC 11

SAG Stalemate Update

Digital Media Law

MF, which bitterly opposes merger between SAG and AFTRA and burns with hatred for AFTRA, has adopted a strategy of attempting to attack merger from within AFTRA itself—not that AFTRA is likely to be keen to merge with SAG at this point anyway, given the turmoil the Guild has endured at the hands of MF for over a year.

SAG Moves towards Joint Bargaining with AFTRA

Digital Media Law

White updated the board on new institutional and member service initiatives including a revitalized organizing strategy and program. This move is as I predicted in a blog post three weeks ago, based on conversations then with a confidential source. Go to the blog itself to subscribe via RSS or email. The meeting adjourned just after 5:00 p.m.

Nipper, the EFF and the Badges: Triangulating their master’s voice

Music Technology Policy

Unless you refer to meeting at Caribou Coffee for an off the books meeting in your off the books emails that you get caught with on the books.

Oscar Rule Change: Ten Best Lists

Thompson On Hollywood

A film historian of the 60s and 70s sent me his best guesses at what ten best Oscar lists would have been between 1967 and 1979. This was difficult.