Kindle class action claims 'future of book banning' has arrived

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The company remotely deleted traces of books by George Orwell, Ayn Rand, and J.K. Tags: Books Copyright Litigation Web/Tech By Eriq Gardner Amazon ate a high school student's homework. That's according to a new class action lawsuit filed in Washington District Court. Rowling from its.

Why a 'Twilight' plagiarism lawsuit won't suck much blood

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That's our philosophical thought of the day after reading this cease-and-desist letter sent to Hachette Book Group's general counsel (and TMZ) by an attorney representing Jordan. Tags: Books Copyright By Eriq Gardner Vampires are obviously parasites. But what about authors of vampire novels?

Man fingered in Roger Clemens steroids book sues for defamation

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Why is there a Google Books? Part 1: Machine Translations and Customer X

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It’s worth taking a longer look at exactly what Google Books is and who it may be meant to serve. book on Peter F. Perhaps dozens. 

Radical lawsuit hits comic book powerhouse

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By Eriq Gardner In the comic book world, there are heroes and evil-doers. In the real world, it's sometimes hard to tell the difference. Just in time for Comic-Con comes allegations that Radical Comics owner Blatant Entertainment, the company behind.

Hollywood Docket: Warhol child porn?; Hasselbeck book infringement?; NY Post discrimination?

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Entertainment law news this morning: A New Jersey individual and his family are suing the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and director Paul Morrissey over a film produced by The Factory in the 1960s called "All Aboard to.

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Jury finds libel in fictional character

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Midem 2009 - Day 2

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Here's a brief update from Cannes. The bad news is that the attendance is definitely down. Some of these may not survive till the next Midem.

Google Books vs. Library Books?


Under the agreement, a Book Rights Registry would be set up to allow publishers and authors to register their work and get paid for their titles.

Controversy Still Surrounds Google Book Project


to move forward with its plan to scan millions of books and make them available on an online database. That’s a problem.&#. Image Source.

It’s Their Web: Google’s land grab with the new gTLDs,film,movie,book

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Now will you be surprised to know that Google has filed applications to control over 100 gTLDs,,book,movie MUSIC.

Blawg Review #213

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31 - Norm Pattis is on a journey to “heaven&# , which for him is a Welsh festival devoted to the used and antique book trade. Why a towel?

SAG & Studios Agree to Tentative Deal

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If you work in tech, check out my new book How to Write LOIs and Term Sheets. The deal will probably be approved by the SAG board today or tomorrow and ratified by the membership by mid-May, but the hardline MembershipFirst faction has vowed to fight the deal, so ratification, although likely, is not assured. bump on June 30 of this year.

The Asshat in the Rye

The Legal Satyricon

If you don’t know which book that is, then you’re a moron. That might piss you off, if you are one of those who don’t know which book Salinger wrote, being called a moron and all. Salinger wrote one of the most influential novels in modern history. All morons hate [.].

Do Hollywood studios own rights on Mars?

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Fifty years ago, no attorney demanded digital rights to books, movies, TV shows, and the rest. By Eriq Gardner Throughout space and time, industry lawyers have been caught flat-footed by new technology. These days, they compensate for this lack of.

Termination rights: music to artists' ears

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By Eriq Gardner The rights of artists to terminate copyright grants has received a lot of recent attention in the wake of news that the estate of comic book legend Jack Kirby sent 45 notices of termination to Hollywood studios.

Will Marc Toberoff be the last superhero standing?

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Besides sending out 45 notices of termination on behalf of the children of comic book artist Jack Kirby, the Hollywood studio nemesis has also. By Eriq Gardner These past couple of weeks have been a busy time for Marc Toberoff.

Google, Hollywood and the 'moral panic' of copyright law

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His book, "Patry on Copyright," is widely quoted by legal scholars and has even been cited by judges in important. By Eriq Gardner William Patry, senior copyright counsel at Google, is one of the most respected lawyers in the field.

Warners wins round in Superman litigation

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By Matthew Belloni What if a judge tried to figure out how much Superman and all the major comic books were worth to the studios wanting to adapt them into movies? Sounds nuttier than the average Comic-Con passholder. But that's.

SAG TV/Theatrical Contract Ratified Overwhelmingly, 78%-22%

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June 10, 2009 and expires June 30, 2011. In a stunning defeat for the hardline Membership First faction, SAG's TV/theatrical contract passed overwhelmingly, by a 78%-22% margin (almost 4 to 1), those numbers according to the guild. Variety first reported the story, prior to the guild's announcement, with a 1% difference in the numbers.

The Google Books Settlement and music publishers: EMI opts out.

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Chris Castle over at the Music Technology Policy blog has posted an insightful piece about EMI’s decision to opt-out of the Google Books Settlement. Here’s the link: [link] Did you know that music publishers would be affected by the Google Books Settlement? Did you know that publishers with large catalogs are supposed [.].

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Winona Ryder and Depeche Mode Subpoenaed as Part of World of Warcraft Lawsuit

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Salinger book The Catcher in the Rye, which Estavillo also has a common interest in. Here is where Ryder and Gore come in. 

The NEW Bluebook

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It is the only book in existence that actually makes the world a shittier place. The BlueBook is the only book in the world that I believe should be banned, all existing copies burned, and it should never published again. This is the citation guide I use in my law classes. Clients don’t give a shit. We don’t need it.

SAG TV/Theatrical Ballots Later Than Expected; SAG Litigation Continues; and More

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If you work in tech, check out my new book How to Write LOIs and Term Sheets. The ballots for SAG’s recently approved TV/theatrical contract won’t be going out until mid to late May, a source tells me, several weeks later than the early May target that the Guild stated as recently as a week or so ago. It’s expected to pass easily. What next?

Class Action Filed in Response to Amazon e-Book Deletions

JetLawBlog’s efforts to prevent copyright infringement have landed it in hot water. A to view, use and display. So much for copyright protection.

Hot Girls, Lawsuits, Defamation, and Douchebags


These pictures were then posted to a website sharing the same name as the book. –Jamie Lynn Kern. Image Source.

Book review: "Moral Panics and the Copyright Wars" by William Patry

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He says he’s in favor of “effective” copyright statutes, and I opened his book hoping to learn what those might look like, since the divergence of public behavior and existing copyright laws makes it clear that something has to change. If you work in tech, check out my book How to Write LOIs and Term Sheets. Alas, not.

Washington Post: '© 2009? Wishful Thinking, Perhaps, as Backlog Mounts'

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The author was trying to copyright a children's book. The Washington Post has taken a look at the copyright registration process, and discovered a major backlog as the Copyright Office struggles to cope with the mountains of new registrations, both paper and electronic: A serious logjam in the U.S. copyright system.

SAG Presidential Candidate: I'll Seek Strike Authorization Next Year if Elected

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If you work in tech, check out my book How to Write LOIs and Term Sheets. In an open conference call today, SAG VP and presidential candidate Anne-Marie Johnson said she will seek a strike authorization next year, before the mandated early negotiations next fall, if she’s elected. don't have my SAG agreement close at hand). What a fizzle.


A Book on Detroit TV

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A new book of interest: Tim Kiska's A Newscast for the Masses: The History of Detroit Television News (Wayne State University Press, 2009). Mr. Kiska teaches journalism at the University of Michigan, Dearborn

Independent New Media Productions

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If you work in tech, check out my new book How to Write LOIs and Term Sheets. There are casting notices out there for SAG new media productions under the “SAG New Media Contract.” A few notes may help clarify what these are, and help performers enforce a few of their rights. California ’s is higher— $8/hr. You can also call SAG.

The Google Book Settlement and Antitrust Concerns

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Picker, University of Chicago Law School, has published "Antitrust and Innovation: Framing Baselines in the Google Book Search Settlement," in GCP: The Antitrust Chronicle (October 2009). The Google Book Search Settlement has received a Randal C. Here is the abstract.

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Google Books Transcript Excerpt

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District Court for the Southern District of New York October 7, 2009 10:00 a.m. That is a deadline by which class members must claim their books in order to receive a cash payment for books that Google has already scanned. Tags: fairness hearing google books Mr. Green2 google books settlement FYI U.S. Before: HON.

“Octomom the Musical” Opens in LA to Sellout Crowds

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If you work in tech, check out my new book How to Write LOIs and Term Sheets. A play loosely inspired by the LA-area mother who had octotuplets opened last Saturday to standing-room only crowds in Los Angeles. The show has garnered enormous publicity, even including a segment on the CBS Early Show, and generally strong reviews. & 10 p.m.

Clooney Wants to Play Clancy's Jack Ryan

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Tags: Ben Affleck Books Boxoffice George Clooney Ben Affleck franchise George Clooney Harrison Ford Jack Ryan Tom Clancy

Entertainment Law Update Podcast, Epsiode 5 – of Hobbits, Lamps, Photographers & Google Books

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Episode 5 of my Entertainment Law Update podcast is now available. Visit the site to subscribe using iTunes or your favorite RSS Reader.  Attorneys can get California MCLE (Continuing Legal Eduction) credit, too! Ellen Degeneres doesn’t roll with licensing

“Woodstock” At Lewisville “Texas International Pop Festival”

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Go to the official event website to learn more and view the event program, see more photos, and learn about the book that is in the works.

Analyzing the Google Book Settlement

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Matthew Sag, DePaul University School of Law, has published "The Google Book Settlement and the Fair Use Counterfactual." Here is the abstract. This Article compares the pending settlement between Google and the representative author and publisher plaintiffs to the most


SAG Files Motion to Dismiss Rosenberg Appeal

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If you work in tech, check out my new book How to Write LOIs and Term Sheets. Although their requests were denied by both the trial and appeals courts, the lawsuit nonetheless continues in both of those forums (Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC406900 and Second Appellate District 2d Civil No. B214056). You can read the motion here.

Google Books: Implications for Ex-US Rights Holders

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New Zealand joins Germany in opposing the Google Books Settlement, largely for the same reasons. Tags: creepy google books google books settlement creepy eric schmidt